Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Silliest "Avengers" Rumor (That I Kinda Hope Is True But Almost-Certainly Isn't) Yet!

WARNING: I'm running this because the circumstances of it's silliness are kind of hillarious, BUT if any of it does turn out to somehow be somewhat true it would constitute damn near the biggest "Avengers"-spoiler since the announcement that they were MAKING "Avengers" in the first place. So if you're committed to 100% non-spoilage, you should not only NOT read the rest of this but also avoid clicking the links or even hovering over them as the headline itself would even qualify.

Don't say I didn't warn you.








/ will pretty much run any story, even high-unlikely or obviously-fake. On the up side, that means they actually average out a genuine scoop once in a blue moon. I don't think this is one of those times, but there ya go.

Short version: A "scooper" for CBM got hold of a shooting-schedule that described scenes wherein The Avengers do battle with something called "Leviathan." Now, that in and of itself would be potentially cool movie-gossip - "Leviathan" is the name of the Beast of The Sea in The Bible, and is frequently used as a shorthand for "Sea Monster" and/or "Giant Monster" in general, and the prospect of a Kaiju of some kind showing up to make "The Avengers" just that much geekier would be pretty awesome on it's own.

In any case, CBM's guess is that "Leviathan" is actually going to be a less-silly-named version of Giganto, a perennial Marvel Universe sea monster. Why didn't just jump to Fin Fang Foom, Marvel's most famous monster (and associate of Iron Man foe The Mandarin as a bonus) instead? Well, because he ALSO thinks this plus a bunch of background details in "Iron Man 2" equals the answer to what is either the source of Loki's yet-unidentified army OR a surprise secondary Big Bad...

...Namor. The Sub-Mariner.

Now, to be fair, the circumstantial evidence that Marvel has Namor on it's "to-do" list has been solid for awhile - mostly notably, Nick Fury's big map of "hot sites" glimpsed in "Iron Man 2" had a spot circled in the middle of the ocean. Plus, he's also pretty popular in his own right, and it'd be fun to "punk" Warners/DC out of the chance to make "Aquaman" first. CBM, however, thinks the have another piece of the puzzle: The Stark Expo in IM2 included multiple references to "Oracle," the name of a company that Namor ran during his "I'm also a Turner-esque activist CEO" phase. Whoa. How did we all miss that?

Well, probably because the "Oracle" stuff in IM2 was actually the real-life Oracle Software, who had a tie-in product-placement deal with the film. Oops.

So... a giant monster in "The Avengers?" Maybe, would be awesome. Loki and Namor leading an Atlantean army in "The Avengers?" also awesome, but probably not going to happen - and definitely not because a real-life software company has the same name as a made-up company at one point related to a character that Marvel Studios may not currently own the movie-rights to.

Sure would be something, though...


Bryce said...

Wouldn't Namor's movie rights be held by Fox? He's pretty much an X-Men character these days.

Adam said...

Whoever the true bib bad ends up being, I'm just hoping it's someone other than Loki.

Drunken Lemur said...

Well, besides the Oracle thing, he does bring up some good points. Though the idea of Loki having multiple races in his army might feel cluttered. It's still too early to say if the Skrulls will even be in it like so many people are suggesting, let alone an army made of Atlanteans as well. Hell, I'd be satisfied if Loki teamed up with the Abomination, but I haven't heard anything about that. Personally I'd have expected him to have an army of Trolls and possibly Hydra soldiers more than anything. But that doesn't explain those guys in mocap suits Cap fought, unless the trolls would be using alien guns.

Robert Garlen said...

I say that the Mo-Cap Monsters (Mokapula) kind hints at it being an otherworldly creature, i just don't think they would mokap something easy make up can fix. I'm sticking to the confirmed no-skrulls-but-original-monster statements Whedon has made. But all in all personally I'm not excited for this as i am Dark Knight.

seraphmaclay said...

Let's make the leap that the runners of Oracle knew this, and even possibly suggested it (they're a computer company after all), the deal for the product placement would've gone through about the same time Whedon was attached to direct.

That said...Whedon is the kind of guy who would pull this shit if any director or writer would have. Favreau maybe, but Whedon you better believe more than makes sense to have pulled this out.

Now, my issue with this is pretty simple though. The only time these two characters have ever met, they've been working directly against one another. Granted, they've both been enemies of the Avengers, but never actively at the same don't know how likely this is, but it would be incredible.

Povel said...

X-men character? has Marvel really nailed down once and for all that he's actually a mutant? Otherwhise I would have thought that the Sub-mariner would come with the Fntastic Four licence.

Bryce said...

His current ongoing is called Namor: The First Mutant. Hell, he's on at least one of the X-Men teams.

error1 said...

Leviathan is the name of an evil group like hydra, created recently in secret warriors. That's almost certainly what this is.

tinksmom said...

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