Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will Patty Jenkins Become Marvel's (Literal) First Lady?

THR and Deadline both report that Disney/Marvel may have made up their mind as to who will direct the sequel to "Thor," (yes, already greenlit - that's what that monster of an overseas boxoffice gross will net you) and that the selection will be yet another Marvel Studios head-scratcher: Patty Jenkins, primarily known as a TV director (late of the pilot for AMC's "The Killing") save for 2003's "Charlize Theron Needs An Oscar" (released in most territories as "Monster.")

If selected, this will make Jenkins the first woman to direct a Marvel Studios feature. The extremely-underappreciated "Punisher: WarZone" was directed by Lexi Alexander but produced and released by a different studio.

This is the part where we're all supposed to speculate that the script may have a heavier emphasis on the relationship drama and/or Natalie Portman's Jane Foster (the issue of "how did Thor come back to Earth?" will, of course, be answered by "The Avengers" because Continuity Is Your Friend) or that female villain The Enchantress may make an appearance; but the truth is probably closer to Marvel's "Moneyball"-style management (re: right fee, right availability, project is producer-driven enough to afford a directorial risk, etc.)

In any case, it's pretty interesting as a development: Female directors have a tough time in the feature realm unless they're working in the "chick-flick" ghetto, and women getting assigned to big-ticket genre fare is basically unheard of; to say nothing of getting assigned to the follow-up to what is thus far Marvel's second biggest-earning screen hero. Kenneth Branagh turned out to be an inspired choice, so we'll see.


cass said...

yay stuff about movies and not about politicul stuff.

so whats the big deal? i dont get why having a female directer is a big deal.

mabey i am just silly, but to me directors never seemed as important as the script and the acting. i mean, what do directors DO anyways?

Unknown said...

I wonder how likely this means that Charlize Theron might just end up being the villainess of the picture as Amora the Enchantress.

TheDVDGrouch said...

I'll miss kenneth branagh but I'm willing to give this new lady if she can get into Thor's head as well as she did the serial killer in Monster I think we are all in for a good movie.

Dave said...

Actually, Punisher: War Zone WAS released by Marvel Studios. Check your info again, because you're wrong.

Contrary to the "Studios" in the name, Marvel Studios has NEVER had any production capacity of its own, so it has ALWAYS sourced out its films to other studios. It is a misnomer, and refers mainly to the producers, executive producers, and other persons from Marvel who are directly involved with the films (i.e. it is actually just a department from within Marvel Entertainment). The only difference now is, the films are being made through Disney, which is not an extension/expansion of any sort of Marvel Studios, but actually exercises power over Marvel Studios.

Oh, and Punisher: War Zone DESERVES to be underrated, as it is a BLATANT PLAGIARISM of the 1989 Batman film by Tim Burton. It seriously is, and a SHITTY one at that. Not because of stylistic choices, per say, but because of a crappy execution on the director's end. I have no respect for that.

Whether or not you liked the movie, Bob, it doesn't change the fact that it IS a blatant plagiarism job.

Elessar said...

Monster is 'Charlize Theron needs an Oscar?'

Good Lord, is a movie automatically bad in your eyes for being an Oscar winner? Is Fargo now 'Frances McDormand needs an Oscar'? How about There Will Be Blood, is it 'Daniel Day-Lewis needs an Oscar'?

I'm not being mean, I'm asking honestly. Cuz if you see Monster as an 'Oscar movie' (IE a movie about an unattractive prostitute/lesbian serial killer that ends with the main character being sentenced to death) then I'm starting to think Oscar Bait just means 'A movie that won an Oscar.'

As for the news, eh. None of the Marvel Studios films have been director driven since Iron Man, the rest have been producer driven money grabs. Doesn't make them bad mind, just means that the artistic desires of the director will take a back seat to the producers trying to make the movies more crowd pleasing. Simple as that.

patrick.b.healy said...

Cool. This lady knows how to put a good movie together. She has a short list of movies she's directed, but a pretty good one. I'm optimistic.

Mads said...

I liked the killing, both the danish and english versions. Sounds good to me.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

Erh Bob... look.

It's very nice to you to stand up for women like this... But you don't need to.

You.. the reason that there aren't as many female movie makers out there.. is kind of the same reason as why there aren't that many female enternet reviewers compared to men.
It's because there are less women interested in doing movies in the first place, and particularly in these genres!

I am a woman, I have worked as a assistant producer and writer both in tely and independet movies.
And my god, my god have I gotten many weird jobs exactly because I am a woman and they don't have any, desperately searching for just one so they wont be sexiest!
Because I have no trouble working in the horror and comedy genre, I have become a some-what rarity, and people don't even look at my work before dragging me in. It's just. "Oh look! a woman who has no trouble with horror! GET HER!"

Movie industry have no trouble including women, it's the other way around, they are embarrased that there are no women there and drags them in because they are afraid of appearing sexiest.

And in a odd twist, in my mind. That is also sexiest, because as I said.. I got ton of jobs because of my gender instead of prior work and personality.
The mere fact you take time to mention that it happens to be a woman who might be directing a movie speaks its own case when really.. It should not matter!

But hell no, i'm not going to say no to jobs to protect my gender, heck no! this is showbuiss, anything counts!

Now, if I were pursuing a carrier as singer or actress, then I would have been truly screwed, because there is an overflood of females in those regards!

Joe said...


He didn't say Monster was bad (or good for that matter), he just spotlighted the Hollywood trend that was even more prominent at the time of giving the Best Actress Oscar to beautiful actresses who make themselves homely for a role. See also Nicole Kidman in The Hours.

Also, I liked WarZone. Finally an R-rated Punisher movie with the best 80s-action-movie style violence in a long time.

Dave said...

Sofie Liv Pederson's comment hit the nail on the head. :D

That is all.

Uncle Tim said...

Seems like an interesting choice. My only concern would be how she'll handle the high level of action and special effects a production like this would undoubtedly require since her past work doesn't seem to have much of that.