Friday, October 07, 2011


SHORT VERSION: Please consider going here and signing up, if so inclined.

Full disclosure: Yes, this is basically an advertisement. I don't love doing that, but I love being broke even less. Also, I'm no-bullshit very enthusiastic about "special benefit" subscriptions like this as the proper path for professional websites. So, here's the deal:

As of today, "The Game OverThinker" is part of's "Advantage Program;" which allows subscribers ($3.95 monthly, $40.00 yearly) to see a largely ad-free version of the site and to see certain videos earlier than non-subscribers. Here's how this applies to THIS show and how, if you so choose, it can apply to you:

When/if a user signs up for "Advantage," which you can do RIGHT HERE, there is a drop-down menu that allows them to pick which series has primarily motivated them to sign up or visit the site in general. Whichever show you pick (you only get to pick one and ONCE, so be careful) gets a cut of the profits from the subscription fees. So... yes. If you're a fan or supporter of the show, this is a concrete tangible way for you to show it directly and get access to cool stuff from one of the web's better gaming sites. I'm thrilled to be part of this, and I would truly deeply appreciate any and all fans who'd consider signing up and being part of this.

REMEMBER! It's very important that you select "The Game OverThinker" from the "PICK THE SHOW YOU WERE REFERRED BY" drop-down menu, and it cannot be changed afterwards so click carefully!

Don't worry - you will still be able to watch the show if you don't sign up, though eventually it might be a few days after subscribers do. I want to preemptively thank any fans who DO choose to sign up, and all fans in general who've helped get the show to this point. Thank you ALL :)


Marcellus Wallace said...

Isn't the entire website ad-free if you use ad-block?

biomechanical923 said...

I'll subscribe because I look forward to TGO every month, but I have a question.

Doesn'tt this cause any sort of conflict of interest with the Escapist?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not overly happy about this.

Laserkid said...

As long as we'll still get GTO at some point or another free (with or without adds) I have absolutely no issues with you doing this - and even if you did I wouldn't be upset at you - the economy sucks and you're throwing free entertainment that has to be loads of work at us.

Moviebob, no, Mr. Chipman - I thank you for making all of the stuff we follow here and given the choice to support you or not given the ridiculous overuse of your material I get into, it would be my honor to give something back. :)

Anonymous said...

Not planning on subscribing, but good for you. I expect some controversy, most of it unwarranted. You provide a great service to us, and I really hope you eventually see enough money from this to quit your day job (or have you already done that?). Either way, you deserve whatever monetary rewards you can squeeze out of this thing, nd I'm fine with waiting a few weeks for my game overthinker if it means you don't have to eat ramen every day.

Andrew said...

Wow, I actually can't believe the nerve of Screw Attack... It's actually not that great of a site at all, and yet it has the gall to offer a membership program at TWICE the price of a halfway decent website (a not so subtle reference to The Escapist, and not at all surprising that Screw Attack omitted them from their tacky comparison graphic).

Yes, I know that lots of websites offer subscriptions for more benefits at a cost, but IMO Screw Attack has severely overestimated its value and worth.

I would never sign up for this; I don't frequent Screw Attack and I quite frankly think that website is terrible. However I'd consider supporting Moviebob directly by tossing a few bucks into his tip jar every now and then, as I'd encourage everyone else to do. At least by supporting Moviebob this way, you're not indirectly supporting Screw Attack for such an awful program.

Djymn said...

This is undoubtedly a a good thing. You make these videos at your own personal cost and I think you fully deserve a cut from them. And a note to anyone thinking of kicking up a fuss. Someone making money from their videos will most likely use that money to improve said videos. If you whinged about the quality of the effects in some episodes then you DEFINITELY need to sign up for this.

Good for you Bob and I look forward to you new Other M episode. (And the resulting embarrassing flame war.)

Popcorn Dave said...

I agree that this kind of VIP subscription service is probably the best thing for a website such as Screw Attack, although Andrew has a point that they might have overvalued themselves a little. Most of their content just isn't that great from what I've seen. On the other hand, it's nice that they let you specify which show you want to sponsor; it's a lot more direct than just throwing it into a big communal kitty, and it will hopefully help Screw Attack to separate the wheat from the chaff and figure out what kind of shows they should be making.

Hmm, well, maybe I'll think about it next time I have a, um, job.

shadowhikari said...

Pay forty dollars for low quality made films and video game news that's available everywhere else?

Yeah right. Doesn't surprise me there will be gullible, I mean willing people to do so.

P.S I already view Screwattack without ads now. Its called Ad block.

john said...

Feh, I gave up on TGO when it started being about some amateur filmmaker beating up a straw-man version of his high-school bogeyman instead of quirky, thought-provoking ramblings (one might call them "over-thinking") about gaming.

Booloo said...

Bob I fully support you trying to get paid for the hard work you do but I can not support this ridiculous Advantage system. It's price is ridiculous compared to similar services (cough Escapist Publishers Club cough) and it offers services that most people already have thanks to things like Adblock in Firefox.

Really though the only part that bothers me is that it appears the only reason people not paying are forced to wait is due to the lack of content for the Advantage. So they manufactured another bonus by just adding a 1 week delay to every video they put out. To encourage sales you're supposed to create positives for the Advantage not create negatives for those without. In the end it just seems like a really shitty way to sell this.

Even so I still hope this brings in a bit of cash for you Bob you deserve some financial recognition for your hard work I only wish Screw Attack did a better job of it.