Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is "Act of Valor" the Movie the "Call of Duty" Generation Has Been Waiting For?

Here's a production-backstory that will make some people kinda queasy and others kinda thrilled:

"Act of Valor" supposedly began life as a bigger-budget-than-usual, up-to-date Navy SEAL recruitment film; but was reworked into a "traditional" feature film (one has to assume public-interest in the SEALs following the killing of bin Laden played a part, yes?) and is now being released in February by Relativity Media. The Navy still seems to have "signed off" on the project, though - so all the gear, tech and tactics are as authentic as possible and (most interestingly of all) the main hero-cast are played by actual SEAL members.


Taylor said...

The single most telling moment of this trailer is that it ends with an in-trailer ad for Battlefield 3.

And I could say that this is jingoistic and shameless propaganda with no plot, but immediately everyone who has ever had any connection to the military will hit me with: "How dare you! This is real! Who are you! Support the troops!"

But whatever people say: This movie is not the Navy. This movie is not the Navy seals. And if you think that it's impossible to dislike propaganda without actively hindering the troops abroad then you are wrong.

lordy said...

I think it's a bit unfair to say it has no plot. I mean, it might well turn out to be shit and have no plot - but just because the trailer didn't show it, doesn't mean it's not there. Trailers which give away plots irritate me.

HolyJunkie said...

I couldn't help but notice that the majority of the scenes shown in the trailer do not have unnecessary camera-shake... except for that one quick cut of that one truck.

Otherwise, I'll probably watch it if only for my college newspaper. Military respect aside, I doubt the good men and women out there would want us to worship them akin to gods and instead work on making sure their home country is in a less messier mess than when they first left for whatever operations they were sent for to begin with.

I'd make my point on Call of Duty, but screw flame-wars.

And somehow I get the feeling that the comment I just wrote might come across as ignorant...

CalDazar said...

This looks downright amazing.

I'm a huge fan of B-grade action movies, the many flaws they often possess do not get in the way of my enjoyment.
This looks like exactly my kind of movie, provided it doesn't get preachy or anything else. That is an issue for me with this sort of thing because outside the theater, or away from the couch and DVD I'm not a big supporter of military action and think my nations military forces deserve better than being out fighting where and why they are.

Anonymous said...

Somebody finally realizes that "The Lightning Strike" by Snow Patrol is an awesome song and it gets wasted on this trailer.