Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"One Shot" Just Became Worth Watching

Aquaintances of mine who're fans of (or at least familiar with) Lee Childs' "Jack Reacher" books are, I'm given to understand, immensely unhappy with the casting of Tom Cruise as the lead in Christopher McQuarrie's adaptation of "One Shot," the first official movie adaptation of the series about a former Military Police Major turned ass-kicking vigilante drifter; possibly because Reacher is described as a 6'5 heavily-built hardass and Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise.

I doubt the following news will necessarily change their minds, as Cruise still sounds fairly miscast, but the film has definitely jumped to the top of the hardcore film-geek must-see list: Variety reports that legendary director Werner Herzog has signed on to ACT in the film as the main bad guy. Holy Shit!


Sylocat said...
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Sylocat said...

Okay, speaking as someone who thinks Christopher McQuarrie is incredibly overrated and that Lee Child/Jim Grant is mediocre at best... even I'm interested now.

Aiddon said...

I'm pretty sure Herzog is there to keep Cruise's ego in line. Seriously, few people are as NUTS as Herzog is