Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Picture: "Words for Nerds"


Peema said...

Heh, for some reason Batman discussion always reminds me of the Reginald D Hunter commentary on same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFFDdgRj3nE (Just leave that there? I believe I will!)

The other little facet of self-labeling is the embracing of the inner-geek as a measure of how much smarter you/I/we are than the little people and therefore how insignificant other people are.
Sure, give yourself credit, but there's lots of it to go around and occasionally other people are entitled to some to.

C.M. Waters said...

I admit to being guilty of your Batman and TL;DR topics. I agree with you on basically everything else. Console wars are actually part of the reason why I don't play video games as often as I used to.

Anonymous said...

People on the Internet did not come up with the console war and if they did the only reason this war continues is because of game reviewers that incite this kind of behavior. Greg Miler is the best example i know with his Ps3 religion .

Sssonic said...

Y'know, I realize most of the time I comment around here it's to disagree with Bob. And I'm not ashamed of that, either. But part of being an honest critic is acknowledging when someone gets it right too, and I think this episode qualifies. These are all valid points worth considering, and I very much appreciate how Bob explicitly lets us know he's talking as much about himself as he is anyone else. It's a solid piece of work overall that makes an important point. Well played, Bob, well played.

Strings said...

Very nice episode Bob, loved the Chuck Norris joke.

akkuma420 said...

Great episode Bob. I really like the fact that you made it known multiple times during this episode that you where and are talking to yourself just as much as everyone else. i think that makes these topics alot easier to accept, rather than just pointing fingers at people and accusing them of wrong doing. I agree with pretty much EVERYTHING that was said here, especially the piece about the console wars... GOD DAMN is that getting old. People get so fucking angry/defensive/and close-minded when it comes to debate... Most of the time the word "debate" isn't even in there vocabulary and it feels like your trying to talk to a brick wall... completely un-willing to listen or TRY and understand where you are coming from. Anyways, just wanted to commend you on a job well done Bob, easily one of your best and most thought provoking episodes of the Big Picture yet. The Big Picture is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to watch on the net. Good stuff. Thanks for addressing this stuff too, it needed to be said.

Popcorn Dave said...

So it's bad to write long-winded arguments in a comment thread, but it's ALSO bad to link to someone else who's already made the argument for you? Seems that if we want to say anything more complex than a few sentences, you've put us (and yourself?) between a rock and a hard place there!

Personally I HATE the phrase "I'll just leave this here" but more because of the sheer arrogance than the fact that it's lazy. I have nothing against linking to something that you agree with, but the implicit declaration of victory is totally unwarranted - 9 times out of 10, "this" isn't the grand finishing blow it's supposed to be, but some idiot blogger talking out of his arse.

Anyway, this was a good episode, and I agree with the second half wholeheartedly. It saddens me to see so much bile thrown around by people who claim to be "good guys". The worst example is that special "women are idiots for not sleeping with me" brand of misogyny, what kind of arsewipe writes that shit? Then there's the ridiculous amount of rage against the Wii, iPhone and anything that's not "mature" and... well, I'd link to Game Overthinker video at this point, but I guess that would be "lazy"? ;)

I know we shouldn't let a few bad apples spoil everything but still... it's hard to share a hobby with so many dickheads.

Smashmatt202 said...

I WOULD comment on why Bob hasn't said anything on PETA, but then again, he probably realizes, like I do now, that they're clearly using the whole Tanooki Suit thing as a scapegoat, to get more publicity. After all, the argument is asinine, makes no sense, and timed almost EXACTLY to coincide with the release date, even though the Tanooki Suit has been around for over a decade.

Aiddon said...

it's because in the current age nothing is forcing anyone to actually listen and be proper. People can select what they want to hear (which happens to be congratulatory)

Dave said...

Bob, I'm disappointed. You could've made this a video about the damage that is done when nerds take their personal senses of entitlement too far, both socially and in terms of some of the really childish behavior when nerds don't want to face some of the realities which face the industries they worship and pontificate about.

Instead, you wasted five minutes of our lives bitching about tripe and internet memes that bug you.

If you choose to open your videos with a thesis (i.e. the first 40 seconds of this video), make sure the details of your video stay relevant to that thesis or pick a different topic to whine about.

That being said, your whole blabbering on the internet message boards just seems like you encouraging morons on the internet to not exercise reading comprehension skills instead of using that thing they have called a brain.

As always, Bob, you're a mockery and a disappointment.

Elessar said...

I sincerely doubt The Avengers will be better than The Dark Knight, for reasons that I won't go into, beyond saying that as much as I like Sin City (the comic) it's not, objectively, as good as Watchmen.

Good episode otherwise though.

Deirex said...

Bats are not rodents Bob =)

galwww said...

there's about 2 kinds of "nerds" when it comes to being perceived as smart:

the first is the guy/gal that makes you feel like your talking to a really smart person, listening to this people talk inspires you to be better yourself.

then there's the prick.
the "prick" tries to make himself seem smarter by making you feel dumber,
his arsenal consists of insults, hurtful sarcasm and asking you questions he knows you can't answer purely for the opportunity to answer them and by that proving his "superiority" once again.

Mike said...

We can be bullies in our own way. I have to watch everything I say online and offline to make sure my self-righteousness doesn't blind me to being too much of a jerk. Oh, I AM a jerk, but keep it under wraps until someone else throws the first ignorant insult. Then it is on.

Also, right on the Batman. The point of Batman is that he is just an obsessed vigilante. You get admiration for the dedication to a cause and innocents protected. Counterbalanced with sorrow for a life ruined by grief early on, followed by a life not lived because he wasn't able to move beyond that need for vengeance.

That is why Nolan's movies(and Burton's 2) were so good. Also why the Arkham games have been good thus far, he is just a man. His mortality and fallibility make him relate-able.