Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Live In a Nation of Idiots

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American readers, do you ever read those wacky news stories about cuss words or cleavage or other random things being "hi-lariously" edited out of movies and TV shows in certain foriegn countries and have nice, good laugh at their silly, backward cultural taboos?

Well, stop it - because YOUR culture is now no better. Telegraph reports that a BBC nature documentary set to air on the Discovery Channel will be edited for it's American broadcast. The reason? The final chapter is about Climate Change - y'know, that thing that the smarties turned out to have been right about the whole time? - and that's considered "controversial" here.

I live in a country where the following things are true:

Knowing what you are talking about is considered a disqualifying characteristic for high office.

"Bruce Jenner's Stepkids Pretend Not To Know They're On TV" is considered a viable broadcast pitch.

The same people who fight for laws declaring that a blob of cell-tissue has human rights fight even harder to declare that adult homosexuals do not.

It is LEGALLY OKAY to bully someone... providing you claim that God told you to.

It is widely accepted as both logical and "moral" that guns be as easy to get as possible, but health insurance should be as difficult to get as possible.

Only 4 in 10 people "believe" in evolution... and almost no one bothers to point out that "believe" is exactly the wrong term to use when describing a proven scientific fact.


It says on this blog, and it remains true, that I am proud to be an American. I am, however, utterly disgusted with what my country too often becomes - a collection of proudly-ignorant, self-righteous dolts who prize "gut feeling" above thought, belief above knowledge and regard a lack of intellect as evidence of some "purer" state of being. Superstitious denialists wishing to ignore facts and reason have, of course, a right to exist... but they should not have the influence that has been afforded them for far, far too long.


James said...

I doubt that only 4 out of 10 people believe evolution to be true. I really think that figure is exaggerated.

yes, idiots are causing problems in this country, but they're in the minority and they can be beaten

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure saying 'no' to David Attenburough is an international crime.

Anonymous said...

Remember when this blog was about movies?

Brian said...

I'm with you on this. The idea that the willful ignorance of the few could somehow shape the projected reality given to the many is frightening. Climate change exists, and while the cause is still rightfully a subject of debate you can't deny that humans are at least some part of it and the impact of it is large, painful, and potentially deadly to many species.

That being said, I don't know anyone who has said health care should be really difficult to get. Nor do I know anyone who said that guns are a "moral" issue. However, I live in D.C., so maybe I'm out of the territories those things get talked about.

Anonymous said...


Too true. Moviebob is becoming a Roger Ebert. Then again, Ebert still reviews movies.

Beaucoupfishies said...

Apparently the last episode was filmed differently than the first 5 by including David Attenborough directly in the shot instead of just narrating over, so they are allowing broadcasters in other countries to leave that episode out.

Now whether or not Discovery is going to leave it out for sure or if that's a valid reason for leaving it out in America, I can't say.

Smashmatt202 said...

Speaking of evolution, check out this rather amusing video of Twilight reaction to a Creationist:

It was funny, yes, but I died a little inside seeing right there in front of me a "scientist" who runs on Insane Troll Logic. It's sickening and disgraceful, it's almost too hard to belief...

James said...

To Bob and the other readers, if you want to fix the problems with the country, vote the GOP out of power. And vote INTO power Libertarians and Independents who actually care about the state of the nation and the rights of the people.

Anonymous said...

@twobitspecialist remember when you paid Bob money for his writing? Oh that's right. You don't do that. Or is the idea that you get to read all Bob's work for free AND tell him what to write? So you have all the advantages of being a rich patron and none of the financial investment or risk? For a writer or artist time is money and Bob's investing far more work, money and time in this blog, than you are, so you don't get a say in the content. Deal with it or pay the writer.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any decent anime fan will "have a nice, good laugh" at the editing of cleavage and such. The infamous history of One Piece's localization will assure that.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:38 pm - Actually, if you subscribe to the Advantage program on, you CAN pay him money. :D

Dev's Media Reviews said...

I agree with everything you posted here. I was thinking about why do we live in a world when a celebrity can go through 72 days of marriage and not have karma nip her in the butt. It's a shame that there are people who continue to be fans of Kim Kardashian. It's not helping matters that Tyler Perry's adding her to his latest film next February.

I would love for this country to develop stronger laws to go into effect to prevent more bullying from slipping past the adult figures who are supposed to keep their students safe at all times. It can worry about small matters about blocking what's being said on the Internet later or, from what I've read about the purpose of today a.k.a. American Censorship day, not at all.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I can remember when the morality of gun ownership overrode the morality of access to health care. Remember the 9/11 First Responder's Bill last year? Here's a depressing Daily Show segment on that incident.

Danny said...

Dear Americans,

We want to stop making fun of you, we really do. But you keep making it really, really easy.

Yours Sincerely,

The Rest of the World

john said...

On the other hand, some of us don't give a damn about "controversy," we're just fucking tired of hearing about it all the God-damn time.

Nixou said...

Come on: your country would be a "nation of idiots" if climate deniers actually believed their bullshit: Climate denial is like 9/11 truthism: truthers do not believe their stupid conspiracy theories, but they hate Junior and Cheney so much that they're willing to invent outrageous lies to justify their desire to tear them appart limb by limb. Same thing with climate deniers: they merely hate Gore... and Obama... and pretty much anyone who's not already completely in the Kochs' pocket, so they invent outrageous lies of their own to justify their brand of hatred.


"It is LEGALLY OKAY to bully someone... providing you claim that God told you to."

look at the bright side of things: one day a gay school kid, bigger, stronger and meaner than average will beat down and turn the life of homophobes into a living hell while saying "God told me that they are full of shit".

Alfredo 'kuomon' Berguido said...

"American readers, do you ever read those wacky news stories about cuss words or cleavage or other random things being "hi-lariously" edited out of movies and TV shows in certain foriegn countries and have nice, good laugh at their silly, backward cultural taboos?"

I thought I must have been missing out on a joke or something, since I don't live in the US, because the country I know is most prone to doing this very thing is none other than the United States of America, most overtly when it comes to importing foreign material.

That aside, even though I disagree with all your "evidence" (because it falls into the same traps as the people you are accusing), I agree whole heartedly with the title of this post. The USA is a nation of idiots; entitled, gullible, and terribly prone to fanaticism.

Alder said...

Hey, we live in a world where this nation of idiots is the most powerful political entity on the planet. Don't think you get a monopoly on despair over this matter, dude.

vamast said...

no wonder you like mario

Aaron said...

I'm all for abortion, but this comment is pretty stupid:

"The same people who fight for laws declaring that a blob of cell-tissue has human rights fight even harder to declare that adult homosexuals do not."

Right to life != Right to marry

It's a pretty fucking ridiculous comparison.

Jutaris said...

@Bob, I agree on this one all the way.

@Aaron: No, it's not. Human rights should be human rights. If some dude wants to marry some other dude, or some chick, some other chick, what the hell does that have to do with you, your neighbor, the pope or anyone else who isn't them?

Just because some thousands year old book, written by who the f*#& knows, and translated across a bunch of languages by again, who the f*&# knows, decrees something is bad suddenly means that Steve can't add Joe to his works medical insurance, they can't file their taxes together, and if Joe dies, Steve has no f&*#ing say in the handling of the estate, or Joe's affairs.

How is that fair?

Eamonn said...

Hold up a minute. How is any form of bullying legal? Now, I may be from Canada and thus not have a proper grasp of the United States legal system, but my common sense tells me that any form of bullying must be illegal. Can anybody elaborate on that one?

PS: Nice job and everything else Bob.

Anonymous said...

@Jutaris: to be fair, the condemnation of gay marriage isn't necessarily restricted to religion. Across practically any culture, marriage was formed as the basis for creating and societally-recognizing a (hopefully stable) environment by which two (or more) people can reproduce, raise their kin together, and continue the species. Of course, in modern western culture, nobody seems to give a flying fuck about that any more because for the past half a century, people have been abusing the concept of divorce and treating marriage as little more than some experimental fool-around period (this being an issue that all these "sanctity of marriage" types SHOULD be addressing rather than targeting homosexuals). Most other countries, however, probably see marriage simply as what it was always intended for, which is probably why several of them have yet to legalize same-sex unions regardless of how high-strung said countries are on religion and morals (this includes Japan, of all places).

TheAlmightyNarf said...

Discovery has never has any problem showing global warming before, so I call BS on this.

...Never mind. Just read the article and they're not cutting it. The content's just getting edited into the other episodes because Discovery only had space for 6 instead of the whole 7.

Seriously, Bob, I know it doesn't take much for you to go off on a bitter rant against the American right, but you could have at least read the whole fucking article that first.

Dustin Hiser said...

Hey, people-being-sarcastic-about-Bob-addressing-political-issues, remember this blurb from HIS FIRST BLOG POST EVER?

"In any case, my name is Bob. This will be a blog of musings on film and all things related to film (often swinging back around to politics, you have been warned.)"

So, yeah. Stow it.

Dave said...

@yamato-0: What you wrote on marriage is 100% incorrect. Marriage is a civil arrangement that was largely arranged by families for the purposes of ascertaining land, wealth, etc. In other words, it was financial/economic in nature.

It has chiefly been within the last couple hundred years that love-based marriages have become far more common, though arranged marriages do still occur now and again, and also for the mutual benefit of the families, irrespective of how the married couple may feel.

The reason why religion rears its head when it comes to the issue of marriage is because there was a time before the separation of Church and State when the Church had dominion over civil matters such as marriage and land ownership. The separation of Church and State was actually formed to protect the Church and its interests from the power of government, which presides over civil matters and enforces them through laws, etc.

Therefore, marriage is also civil in nature. Religious ceremonies mean jack squat when it comes to being legally recognized as a spouse, especially when it pertains to financial, medical and land-ownership issues.

Anonymous said...

yes, shame on me for managing to overlook the dowries and such. Still, 100%? Must you use such hyperbole? I'm pretty sure my point about less religious cultures not recognizing gay unions still stands.

Dave said...

@yamato-0: It wasn't hyperbole, first of all. Second of all, you mean "more religious," not "less religious". Third of all, you make the sweeping generalization of "most other countries". Be specific as to which kinds of countries you are referring (are we talking all countries on the planet, including third-world and underdeveloped nations - e.g. those which are too impoverished to even have any formally-recognized legal system - or just developed nations? etc.).

Since 2001, the following ten countries allow same-sex couples to marry nationwide: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden. Same-sex marriages are also performed and recognized in Mexico City and parts of the United States.

Some jurisdictions that do not perform gay marriages but legally recognize ones performed elsewhere: Israel, the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, parts of the United States, and all states of Mexico.

So when you say "most countries," that comes across to me to be uneducated hyperbole in the form of a blanket statement which makes a severely sweeping generalization.

Jojye said...

Come live in sweden, you will fit right in :)