Thursday, November 10, 2011

Someone will have to explain to me...

...Just what the FUCK are people rioting about at Penn State? I mean, yes - I know that they're ostensibly there because coach Joe Paterno was (justly) shitcanned after it came to light that he (and, apparently, what seems like the entire governing aparatus of the school AND the state) covered up multiple cases of child-rape over a period of several decades... but WHY the rioting? How can any thinking human possibly look at this scenario and be angry about about anything other than the fact that he didn't get the axe sooner?

I mean, I can almost understand why people wanted to go head-in-sand-denial when the Catholic Priest abuse scandals started to break - almost. After all, if you take religion at all seriously there's this kind of mystic "human representative of God" aura attached to The Clergy; so I get why that might've been a hurdle for some people.

But this guy? He's not a priest, or some kind of world-leader, or great civic figure, or uber-important doctor or engineer or something... he's just a fucking College Football coach - even without the child-rape scandal, his having or not having a job is literally the least important thing you could POSSIBLY pick to riot about. What the HELL is wrong with people?

Look... the most important thing - the ONLY important thing - is getting justice for the victims here... but if anything else can be taken away from this monstrosity; maybe it should be that the disgraceful lack of perspective being shown by the Penn State rioters is one of the clearest examples EVER of the shameful over-importance placed on the bloated, funding-sucking, resource-diverting institution of College Football. You want a picture of everything wrong with America? Look at these riots, look at what they're rioting FOR... and then look at how much is SPENT on what they're rioting for versus everything else at what are supposed to be institutions of Higher Learning.


James said...

Anyone expressing support for Paterno, knowing now what he did, is a fucking moron.

Lonerogue (Twitter) said...

Wanna puke?

Marc said...

They are emotionally attached to Joe Paterno. He's been a Penn St icon for nearly 50 years. But he failed to do the right thing and has no good excuse. The students and other rioters need to look past their loyalty towards him and let it go.

It's ridiculous that Paterno is getting way more press and attention than the people who were REALLY hurt by this.

Sahasrala said...

Couldn't agree with you more Bob. Those people are out of their damn minds.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the scenario went like this (if any of this not true, feel free to correct me):

1. Joe Paterno didn't commit any direct acts of abuse to anyone at any time, much less the heinous and, in my opinion, unforgivable crime of molesting children. (Bob, I know you aren't implying this at all, but the story has been misconstrued by many people, who believe this actually happened.)

2. An assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, was discovered committing acts of abuse on more than one occasion in the fairly public space of the Penn State football team's locker room/shower. Sandusky was discovered by a student assistant to the football team, who, strangely enough, didn't DO ANYTHING upon discovering Sandusky RAPING A CHILD.

3. The student assistant went to Paterno with this news. Paterno then went to his superiors (school officials) with these allegations.

4. The school officials approached the student assistant, who actually denied seeing anything inappropriate, claiming that what he saw could only possibly be classified as "horseplay" between Sandusky and the child.

5. The school officials dropped their interest in the case.

I think Paterno did exactly what he should have at the time - he was approached with very serious allegations against someone who I assume was a close colleague who he trusted and valued. Teachers in schools are always told to approach their superiors with any news of harmful, atypical, and/or inappropriate activity occurring with the school - they are rarely, if ever, told to contact police as a first measure of dealing with an allegation. If anyone is at fault for a cover-up scandal, it is the number of Paterno's superiors who did not further investigate Sandusky and the student assistant who firstly did not immediately, physically interrupt the molestation, and secondly did not contact the police - since he saw the events occurring directly, I think it was his DUTY to contact the police, it was never an issue of hearsay as it was in Paterno's case.

This is a horrendous story, and I am shocked. I am not American, I am not a football fan, and I did not know who Paterno was before hearing this story on the news. However, if what I have gathered is correct, Paterno cannot be held at immediate fault for this crime.

THAT BEING SAID: THIS INCIDENT AND PATERNO'S GUILT OR INNOCENCE DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS BEING A SUCCESSFUL COACH. IN FACT, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM BEING A FOOTBALL COACH AT ALL. It has to do with Paterno being employed by a educational institution and the failure of that institution to address a serious crime allegedly occurring on its campus.

Taylor said...

Bob, you are completely and entirely wrong about Paterno covering up the abuse. He went to his superiors and informed them about it. The accusation is that he should have gone to the police, which is the claim that he didn't do ENOUGH to stop it, not that he did.

It's ultimately a case where people demand more punishment than is necessary to sate their moral outrage at a crime. Paterno is being scapegoated because just punishing the people who committed the crime doesn't fit people's demand for punishment.

As for the rioting, I think the complaint is that Paterno has had issues with boosters, and boosters are only using this as an excuse to push through his termination and that it really has nothing to do with his crime.

Also, ask yourself, is the entire governing apparatus of the school and the state being shitcanned? Or is Paterno being singled out?

Link3680 said...

One of my friends posted this.

For those of you following the Penn State Scandal this is a point of view from one of my friends there... its an interesting take:
"Dear Non-Penn Staters:
These are my final points on this matter. I have seen a lot of people who are not part of the Penn State community make comments about the Penn State scandal. They think it is ridiculous that students and alumni are pissed off. Let me try to explain. If you clearly read the Grand Jury report, you would know a Penn State GA (Mike McQueary) witnessed Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting victim 2. Instead of calling the police, he reported it to his supervisor Joe Paterno the next day. Joe Paterno then set up a meeting with his supervisor, Tim Curley. The meeting took place on a Sunday in Joe Paterno's home. Paterno also reported what he knew to the campus police. Tim Curley and Gary Shultz then met with Mike McQueary to discuss what he saw. Curley and Shultz never reported the incident further. Their reports to the grand jury were not credible. No where in the report does it say anything about Joe Paterno knowing about the crimes and not doing anything. So why are we mad? We're mad because the media found a scapegoat in Joe Paterno. We're mad because they blamed him instead of Mike McQueary, Tim Curley, Gary Shultz, and Jerry Sandusky. Were mad because when you search "Penn State scandal,” Joe Paterno's picture comes up. We're mad because after 61 years as a Penn State employee, the Board of Trustees fired him over the phone. We're mad because they admit that all the facts are not present yet. We're mad because the school let Tim Curley take a leave and stay on the payroll, Gary Shultz resign, and Mike McQueary keep his job. This issue is bigger than football; Joe Paterno is bigger than football. He is man that has raised millions of dollars for my school. He is a symbol of the community. I have literally felt awful during all of this. I feel awful for the kids that had to go through something that nobody should endure. I pray for them, and all children that are treated poorly. I feel awful about how people are portraying Penn State, and The Second Mile. I pray for the victims, and hope they find peace."

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Moviebob, somepeople just take thier College football waaaaaay too seriously. Take my state for example: Nick Sabin was our prize, award winning coach who led us to Championships, then left for the pros, and when he came back, he decided to go with Crimson Tide instead of LSU.

And NOW, Sabin is considered a traitor of the highest order and what was just an old wound with Crimson Tide from the 80s is nothing less than a BLOOD FEUD between LSU and Alabama in the early part of November every year.

Mind you neither diddled any far as I can tell. but I;m with you, there's nothing to riot about. Accessory is just as bad as guilt in these situations. Hell, in MY state, knowing about elderly or child abuse and NOT reporting it is considered a crime you can be charged with.

Chris said...

PSU president Graham Spanier probably has a little more culpability than Paterno, but it does not mitigate the disregard and immoral judgement exhibited.

Anonymous said...

what irks me is that mcqueary get to keep his job after failing to stop a child from being raped. that is something to riot over. "what fools these mortals be."

Zacqary Adam Green said...

Every riot is a picture of what's wrong with the culture in which it takes place. If rioters are against shit being fucked, it means that shit's fucked. If rioters are in support of shit being fucked because they're stupid or ignorant or brainwashed, well, shit's pretty damn fucked in that case too.

A riot is one of those things that never, ever makes sense in the context of individual rioters, but in the broader context of a culture being fucked, it makes perfect sense. So I'd say you hit the nail on the head by calling it a picture of what's wrong with America.

Aiddon said...

No fucking shit, this is the very picture of misguided rage. JoePa is one of the people who is the LEAST guilty in what might be the biggest scandal in NCAA history, but his failure in acting is pathetic negligence. These riots remind me of people trying to stand up for Vick talking at how great a player he is. Dear Buddha, it's one of the most vapid arguments in history

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a YouTube video I saw around the time Comic-Con (or some similar convention) was taking place. I forget what the title was, and I might not be remembering it correctly, but basically, some hypocritical bitch of a newscaster was commenting on how much money people spend going to the convention and condemning them for it because apparently that's all money that could be used for needy causes. Meanwhile, all the smart people in the comments bring up how the money blown on college football is a LOT worse, as well as Emmy award shows and families who go to Disney World.

Elessar said...


Smashmatt202 said...

My accounting professor is a huge Penn State nut and was distraught about the news of Joe Paterno retiring.

My tax professor, on the other hand, thinks the whole scandal is distracting from the real issue going on, that is, that it was the college's decision to keep it a secret. You see, he told us that the college I go to tells them that they SHOULDN'T call 911 during emergencies, and that they should call college security instead. They claim that it's so they can respond quicker to the emergency, but he knows it's really because they don't want certain things going public, or that they don't want outside forces messing in internal affairs.

Also... I'm sorry Bob, but this time, I can't get on board with you're usual "it's a football coach/player" rant. Joe Paterno, even though he IS indeed a football coach, is more-or-less the face of Penn State, and is as iconic as the Nittany Lion. Yeah, he might not have made huge advances to the human race, but he holes a special place to anyone who's gone to Penn State, including my professor... and my two sisters.

Anonymous said...

wow never thought I'd see you agreeing with Drinkingwithbob. like ever.

Sylocat said...

You wanna know the best part about this?

The DA who was investigating the case years ago disappeared mysteriously in the middle of the investigation. His laptop was fished out of a river, with the hard drive removed.

It's not just Paterno. Every last senior staff member at that fucking college knew about this for years. If the world was even the tiniest bit fair or just, the streets would be running red with their blood right now.

Azure Sky said...

I'm not really savvy about this case but yeah it seems completely absurd. You get this crap everywhere though...Here in the UK the whole rioting over police brutality, *cough* Self defence */cough* Sometimes I swear people just want something to be angry about and the system often is the one that never fights back.

Dav3 said...

MovieBob, you still want some explaination? Here goes:

Anger stimulates response, but in a situation like this there is no logical response. I mean, if you're a Penn State student who finds out children were assaulted on campus, the college knew about it, and now they're firing a public hero who was only marginally responsible.

Like Sahasrala said, they are literaly out of their minds.

Try to put it in more familiar terms. I don't know if you're a basball fan, but imagine if this was happening to the Red Sox. Imagine some nobody assaulted a child in Fenway Park, the management found out about it and did nothing, then the news went public and they fire Terry Francona, and while you're at it, try to imagine he's been manager since 1965.

vamast said...

everyones getting raped

Anonymous said...

Joe Pa's just a scapegoat that everyone's decided it's okay to hate this week. (It reminds me of the 'two minute hate' from Orwell's 1984.)
I think a lot of the frustration from Penn Staters comes from the fact that anyone disagreeing with Paterno's firing is "a fucking moron" (as Lonerogue put it) or "just college kids unable to understand the gravity of the situation" as ESPN says over and over. There is an alternate view on the Paterno firing but instead of discussion all I hear is ranting and the gnashing of teeth. It's the lack of real discourse that's the problem in this instance not weight we put on college athletics.

Aiddon said...


I read about that creepy little story at Deadspin

Jack K said...


Funny you should mention child molestation in the Red Sox organization.

Dav3 said...

Wow, I honestly had no idea about all of that when I posted. I guess it's still true about everyone having skeletons in their closet.

Sylocat said...

Having taken a second look, I THINK the riots might be "because" Paterno might actually have tried to report Sandusky, and was ordered by the PSU brass to keep his mouth shut.

Which doesn't explain why he OBEYED that order, so yeah, unless the rioters are demanding that the entire PSU board be shitcanned instead, the riots are still bullshit.