Thursday, December 08, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Come See MovieBob At ARISIA '12!

...And, hey! Did you see the NEW "Game OverThinker?"

Anyway, I can now announce that I'll be out and about at Arisia '12 - a big Boston Area scifi/fantasy/fandom convention running January 13th-16th you can learn more about HERE. At this time I can't officially announce where/when you'll be able to see me appearing in an "official" capacity (i.e. panels, speaking, discussions, etc;) but I'll also be around "the floor" so feel free to say hi if you happen to be onhand as well.

I'm also planning on being at PAXEast again this year as well, though details on that are still aways off. Stay tuned!


Ezenwa said...

Wish you were at MAGFest. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I gotta say, most of the time I don't enjoy the story you stick onto your game overthinker episodes(especially the antithinker, except for the "heh, too easy." joke). However I think you have found a nice balance now between story and commentary. Especially if you're having fun doing.

All that said, the deep ideas you keep coming up with to discuss about gaming culture as a whole is the reason I keep coming back. I like that your topics aren't things that anyone person can do anything about. They're things that everyone involved as a collective needs to consider if they want to see where this medium can go. So to you I say thank you for the insightful and thought provoking show.

Anonymous said...

If you can stomach the academic jargon, I think you might find this article interesting. I think it hits on a lot of the points you did in your most recent overthinker video from a different angle.