Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Big Picture: "If The Oscars Were The VGAs"

What if Hollywood's big award show sucked as much as gaming's?


A Tribe Called Helloween said...

I have to say, I'm glad the Escapist doesn't give you a whole lot of freedom. This is a better Game Overthinker episode than anything you've done this year.

Sounds like us old fans ought to tell Craig to crack the whip.

Sylocat said...

I wondered how you would savage them.

So, what awards would you give? Categories? Winners?

SilverShade1008 said...

The ceremony itself is absolute crap, and the way the winners were reduced to a montage in order to make way for more trailers is just insulting. I wanted to see stuff like Ellen McLain pick up her award for best female performance, or all of the nominees for best song performed live.

However, a lot of their picks for the actual winners are getting better. The fact that they nominated Skyward Sword over any FPS is progress in itself. You said that a Pixar movie would be too artistic to win anything, but what about Bastion? It won three awards that night, more than most of the big "hardcore" games.

Sssonic said...

Kudos, Bob; you went through the whole video without making one crack against the "Transformers" films (all the odder considering one of the VGA's big "trailer" reveals was for "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron"). Couldn't resist taking a dig at the "Expendables" franchise, of course, but I can't ask for miracles.

Anyway. Never watched the VGAs before, never will; Spike TV exists solely for CSI re-runs as far as I'm concerned (and I honestly kind of yearn for the days when it played the various latter-day "Star Trek"s too), and nothing about the way the VGAs are advertised or presented appeals to me in the slightest.

Greg said...

I love the VGAs... well... I love waking up the next day and seeing a bunch of new trailers. I've never seen any of the show since the first one... I trust it hasn't gotten anywhere near watchable since then?

Hasse said...

This is why I have a MovieBob bookmark in the top of my browser.

Blue Highwind said...

Isn't Spike TV that channel that airs all six Star Wars movies once a month? They actually have programming beyond that?

Ezenwa said...

If the Oscars were the VGAs, Scott Pilgrim would still get waxed over as a horrible movie, but Kick-A** would be nominated for plenty of awards, only to get overlooked by the latest clone of the Fast and the Furious

If the Oscars were the VGAs, Twilight would darn near the Titanic of its generation, winning awards....every....freaking....YEAR!

If the Oscars were the VGAs, Sandra Bullock would be winning for best actress, every time she's up there, but not without stiff competition...from Jessica Alba.

If the Oscars were the VGAs, Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Cage would still be relegated to just presenting awards, instead of winning them, only to make way for Channing Tatum to win darn near everything.

Lastly (for now), if the Oscars were the VGAs, best 3D movie would be a category....and everyone's heads would hurt collectively looking at the nominees.

antecedentless said...

I'm surprised nobody mentioned this little addendum.

note: I said addendum; not substitute

aggraham83 said...

I'm kinda surprised has done this one yet:

If the Oscars were the VGAs they'd be called the MTV Movie Awards.

Ok, its a bit obvious, but why not.

Sanunes said...

I agree with aggraham83, the VGAs are the gaming industry MTV Movie Awards. So that leaves me with the thought of why shouldn't the gaming industry create an Oscar caliber event to show their best and brightest.

Anonymous said...

Goddamnit Bob, why can't I like you anymore? It's like every time I get myself to sit down and watch something you made, I have to groan and end up so annoyed that I almost want to dislike anything you like out of sheer spite!

Men in Black 3 isn't a terrible thing. And what's with lumping Rush Hour in with movies like Godzilla? Fuck you Bob, who doesn't like Rush Hour?