Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cobra Commander Looks Like Cobra Commander

I'm "that guy" who really liked Stephen Sommers' first "G.I. Joe" movie. Yeah, it was far from perfect - mostly thanks to having been a "strike script" victim - but from where I sat it more-or-less delivered a faithful-in-tone adaptation of the animated series and comics (read: aggressively silly scifi-military nonsense as-envisioned by 8-year olds playing with action figures) and I maintain that most of the excessively-negative reactions would've been greatly reduced if it had been the same movie but with more source-accurate costuming...

...which more or less seems to be what the out-of-nowhere AWESOME debut trailer for the sequel, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," is offering:

The new director is John M. Chu, who's mostly made dance and concert movies up to this point. At some point he'd made some noise about this one going "dark and gritty," but this looks like anything but: It's the same basic look and feel as the first one, just with bigger action heroes in the cast (The Rock is "RoadBlock," who is apparently our new lead, while Bruce Willis is supposedly playing a retired soldier named "Joe" from whom the organization derives it's name) and characters like Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes and Jinx (Jinx? For real?) looking more like they're "supposed to." But does that make it look "better?"

...Yeah, kinda. I'll admit it: Seeing Cobra Commander in the blue uniform with the mirrored-faceplate is all kinds of awesome, I'm always a sucker for color-coded ninjas and the 'money shot' of the Cobra Flag flying over the White House is sort of incredible.

I wonder how "seriously" to take the storyline implications in this particular trailer, though - are they really so committed to the "sorry about the last one" angle that they'll kill off everyone from the first one except Snake Eyes, which is what the trailer is implying?


rigelx said...

I also really liked the first Joe movie. It was just pure fun and it was certainly better than the recent Transformers movies. This one looks like a blast too.

Eodrid said...

This looks pretty awesome. The only thing I'm bummed about is how few of the original cast are returning. Yes, I liked the first one too.

Joe said...

As a big fan of the toys and comics, I was a bit nitpicky about a few elements of the film--mostly the parts where it was like a typical modern action film. But I had to admit it was probably less ridiculous than a typical plot of its source material, so I was able to enjoy it. And the fight between young Snake-Eyes and young Storm Shadow (in flashbacks) alone was worth the price of admission. Two 12-year-olds had one of the most convincing and brutal onscreen brawls in years.

As for Bruce Willis' character: During the Marvel comics run, there was a one-off issue to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original 12-inch GI Joe figure. The plot involved the GI Joe team helping a government agent named Joe Colton stop COBRA from stealing US military secrets. The joke was, Colton was the "original" GI Joe, the 12-inch figure who preceded the 5-inch toyline by about 20 years.

This plot seems loosely based on a story arc from the comics, where GI Joe is made the scapegoat of some corrupt Pentagon officials' dirty dealings. Most of the team are arrested, leaving only Roadblock, the GI Joe ninjas and a handful of others free to clear their names.

KevinCV said...

Looks kinda cool. I'm honestly surprised You haven't commented on this yet, Bob: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/1165629/first_trailer_for_men_in_black_3.html

I will say this: Josh Brolin is pretty convincing as a young Tommy Lee Jones. :)

Dave said...

@Bob: I'm a bit surprised they didn't go with Chuck Norris for Joe Colton. Fun fact: the comic book iteration of Joe Colton was designed to look just like Chuck Norris.

I'm just glad they got rid of Snake-Eyes' stupid live action mouth.

Lavaros said...

I think this looks a loud and dumb action movie like the last one, but it still looks as FUN as the last one, and that's what I like to see :)

Jim Bentley said...

Your review of The Rise of Cobra convinced me to check it out (I was going to steer well clear of it), and I'm glad I did, it rocked. This looks all kinds of awesome. Keep up the good work Bob!

Unknown said...

its based on the renegades cartoon. think anothermindbender is gonna be in it portrayed by stephen summurs and act all 1337?

Blue Highwind said...

Well, there is NOTHING I don't like about this. Did they actually kill off the horrible cast of the first movie to make room for the Rock? HELL YEAH. They should remove Channing Tatum from all movies. And they killed off Marlin Wayans too! That's a decision the whole family can enjoy.

And the Rock needs a better career. He's too awesome an actor to be reduced to his usual crap. The Rock teaming up with Bruce Willis to fight Jonathan Pryce? With ninjas? Nothing I don't like.

Robert Garlen said...

It does not seem like a good G.I. Joe film to me. Yeah I liked the first one but it would've been better to reboot, this trailer had no real impression on me it seems very boring why couldn't they just reboot it recast duke and all so we could get a real Joe movie.

Daniel R said...



Erhem, Sorry I lost my composure there. Anyway;

To me, this looks A LOT better than the first one and it has me extremely excited to see more.

Partly because of the authentic costumes.
(Not because of Nostalgia, GI Joe was before my time but I can tell when something looks good on screen and those looks definitely work)

Partly due to the fact that; while the first one was a fun popcorn flick, this one is fully aware of its status as a fun popcorn flick. In other words, I feel the first one tried to be more than it is.

Partly thanks to the Seven Nation Army remix that hits just the right notes at just the right moments.

Partly because of the colorful, balls-to-the-wall ninja action.

But mostly because; Most of the time I try to play the part of precocious, wise beyond his years wunderkind teenager by getting into these pretentious rants about cinema or by inviting my friends to see a new foreign art house film and well... Sometimes, it feels good to act my age. :)

Tom said...

I really dug Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing a creepy Cobra Commander voice in the first one, especially since I saw G.I. Joe the same day I saw 500 Days of Summer, extra layer of meta-funny.

Looks like he's out, as is Christopher Eccleston (AKA Doctor #9), so I'm not particularly interested anymore. Looks ok though.

Andrew said...

I loved G I Joe ROTC, I didn't care about the costumes because I am British and wasn't exposed to the toys, comics or cartoons.
I thought it was great fun.

The only thing I really hated was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's English accent. I thought it was terrible.
I looked him up on IMDB and it turns out he is British.
Colour me surprised.

Anyway the trailer looks good, the rock looks good.

I'll probably see this.

thecrimpdude said...

after seeing this trailer it looks to me like their going for the story plot of The Hub's G.I Joe Renegades.

Kyle said...

The first movie is the reason I know who Rachel Nichols (played Scarlett) is, and for that I am truly grateful.

prankmaster said...

Now im hyped.

Anonymous said...

That epic shot of the White House got me hooked. And killing off [almost] all of the original cast members?? Awesome. The Rock really seems to fit here, it's not too serious for him, but not too stupid.

Isator Levi said...

Dammit. According to the Wikipedia aricle, Channing Tatum is in fact coming back as Duke, and is one of the survivors of the attack.

I had to rewatch that trailer about three times to get what I think were about two shots of him.

What does it say when the trailer is cut specifically to conceal his presence in the movie, and even when you see him you're not quite sure who he is?

Andrew said...

Not sure on that one, I spotted him straight away.

Mind you the film was on on TV here a week ago so it was fresh in my mind.