Friday, December 16, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "The Adventures of Tintin"

Very, very good.

Wondering where my feelings on the (extremely mediocre) "Mission: Impossible" and (shockingly terrible) "Sherlock Holmes" sequels are? Right here...


Danny said...

Seriously Bob? You liked it?
Were you not bothered by the main character not being remotely interesting?

IMO it was Indiana Jones, just with a really dull protagonist instead of a really exciting one.

Sylocat said...

Why the hell did The Escapist title it "Tin Tin?" His name is ONE WORD, for fuck's sake.


Anyway, I hope they didn't make Captain Haddock too tanglefooted in this movie... the character is endearing because of his temper, not because he's incompetent. I'm glad to see the Thompson Twins (okay, Thomson and Thompson) are there to pick up slapstick duties, so that's reassuring.

KevinCV said...

I've already heard from several of my friends in Europe how awesome this Tintin movie is, and that I should see it ASAP. Given that I used to watch the cartoon of it when I was a kid gave me some cautious optimism for seeing it. The fact that current "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat as well as Edgar Wright contributed to the script and that Steven Spielberg was directing certainly helped, too.

I'm pleased to know you like it, Bob. I hope to God I will, too. Definitely gonna persuade my mom to see this with me. :)

Anonymous said...

You say that the Tintin series never really got major exposure to American audiences, but what about the Ellipse/Nelvana-produced TV series in the early 90s? It was picked up by Nickelodeon and that was a pretty amazing adaptation.

Brady said...

MovieBob - Ghost Protocol was great!
Me - Ya, Abrams was good to get Brad Bird involved
MovieBob - wait J.J. Abrams was involved... nvm terrible

Thoom said...

G.I Joe: No Marlon Wayans, looks like Channing Tatum is only in the beginning of the movie, The Rock Adrienne Palicki and Bruce are featured, Cobra Commander and Snakes look like Cobra Commander and Snake Eye. Storm Shadow is still in here.
Stephen Sommer isn't directing. Yeah, this should be good.

I enjoyed the previous G.I. Joe flick except for the end of the movie, Baroness and Cobra Commander's personal story arcs, and Wayans and Tatum. But it looks like none of those will be focused on in this movie, so we are all good.

Sylocat said...

Is it just me, or is The Escapist down?

Anonymous said...

@Slycoat Yeah, I haven't been able to get on anything but the main page since it upgraded or whatever. But I can still watch moviebob's videos here... weird