Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big Picture: "Most Anticipated Movies of 2012"


Anonymous said...

Y'know for someone who says they don't care about The Dark Knight Rises, you certainly don't seem to be able to shut up about it.

Danny said...

No Cabin in the Woods?

KevinCV said...

Decent selection of movies, Bob. I'm hoping to God "The Avengers" will work, too. I'm thinking of rewatching all of those movies again as a way to get myself ready. I also understand your feelings about "The Dark Knight Rises". I loved "The Dark Knight" as well, and I know that in Christopher Nolan's capable hands it'll probably be a good film. But I'm trying to be a bit optimistic about it, despite what we've seen -and heard- so far. Look on the bright side: At least Bane's protrayal is a helluva lot better than it was in "Batman & Robin".

@Anonymous 12:25, That's because people keep bugging the hell out of him about it. Plus, some of them are mortified that he's not geeking out about it on the same level that he is about "The Avengers" like he supposedly should, so they make the assumption that he's somehow biased in Marvel's favor. I'm not saying Bob isn't, however. I just kinda wish people could understand things from his perspective, even if you don't necessarily agree with him. Plus, just because he's not hyping the same geeky stuff you are doesn't make you any more or less of a geek than him.

Goku50k said...

I'm looking forward to some of the films on the list but to be honest most of them look mediocre to me. But I have to say that i'm most looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises, yea i know i'm probably being overly optimistic about that film but at least for me on a personal level i'm tired of Peter Jackson's middle earth thing and although Ridley Scott's Prometheus looks decent i cant be really excited about it since (in my opinion) he hasnt made a great movie in a really long time.

Chris said...

Wut, no Spiderman anticipation?!?


Brady said...

im so excited to see your hipster ass be wrong about TDKR

Anonymous said...

Bob, you are truly under a delusion with The Avenger's... NOTHING about that movie so far has looked anything better than mediocre. I think at best it will be equal to Iron Man 2 and easilly could be completely forgettable. No way it will be Green Lantern bad, but prepare yourself for disappointment.

With The Dark Knight, say you aren't excited about it all you want, but the first commenter is write, you sure do talk about it a hell of a lot. You may not like what has happened in it so far, but you know deep down you are counting the days till it comes out.

Anonymous said...

hahahhahahahhahah I spelled right wrong... I am TIRED

Blue Highwind said...

Sorry, wrong. Of the Marvel Comics movies so far, let me keep score:

Iron Man - awesome
Incredible Hulk - forgettable
Iron Man 2 - forgettable, mediocre, disappointing
Thor - mediocre
Captain America - MASSIVE DISAPPOINTING, what happened to a Superhero in WWII? No, they can't make that movie, that's too dark for the kids and the geeks

Captain America, to me, was the final nail in Marvel's coffin. It showed these movies cannot be mature, they cannot take themselves seriously, and they will never reach any kind of dark realism that the Christopher Nolan's Batman has. It was a cartoony movie about a hero fighting 80s Saturday morning cartoon villains with LASER GUNS. It was a joke.

Avengers is going to be a sad mess. I don't want to see it. And I would wish MovieBob well, and hope that he enjoys the movie, but honestly, after all his whining about the new Batman, no. I hope he's as disappointed for Avengers as he thinks we'll be for Batman 3.

You could have just not mentioned the movie at all. We know what you think of Batman 3 already, Bob.

Not Batman said...

First comment from "The Artist" Review, after Bob mentioned some movies he was excited by without mentioning the Dark Knight:

> "you didn't put the dark knight rises poster there? Geez, Bob you say you like batman, right?"

First comment from this Extra Credits, when he did mention the Dark Knight:

> "Y'know for someone who says they don't care about The Dark Knight Rises, you certainly don't seem to be able to shut up about it."

You lose if you do, you lose if you don't. Can't a guy just have his own taste in movies? Really, people...

Baconchest said...

Nice work, "Blue Highwind". Way to miss completely the idea that *maybe* movies can be something other than gritty, hyper-realistic and dark.....and STILL BE FREAKING GREAT. There was literally no way that Marvel could have made the shared universe (Thor in particular) work in a Nolanesque clone, and it shouldn't have to. Variety being the spice and all that.

I'm personally really enjoying the fact that not only are we getting multiple super-hero movies each year, we're getting different KINDS of superhero movies, each with a different appeal to them.

Aiddon said...

In all honesty The Avengers' series has been an exercise in self-indulgence for Marvel. Except for the first Iron Man they've all been so-so at best. I'm suddenly realizing why the idea a shared universe doesn't work in film

Kholdstare said...

I'm expecting DKR to be terrible on the level of the other third movies in super hero franchises. It's like a curse or something.

jmg24601 said...

MIB3? DKR, why is Bane wearing a John Denver jacket>

Mr. Gone said...

I'll comment on the actual list, first.

The video game one looks interesting, I'll have to keep an eye out for it. "Space Nazis on the Moon" doesn't hold much interest for me, but I'd consider seeing it if the hype started getting crazy good or I really wanted inside of someone who wanted to see it. Never read John Carter of Mars books, so I'll hold off until I hear about the film itself. "Brave?" Absolutely. I'd see pretty much any movie with the cast "Lincoln" has. "Prometheus" could be good. "Kill Bin Laden" could go either way, but Bigelow does good work. "Django Unchained" is Tarantino, so I'm sure I'll go see it even if I don't like Jamie Foxx. I'll definitely see "The Avengers," but I'm not expecting it to be anything other than a good, not great, tons of fun "awesome" movie. I figure "The Hobbit" will be excellent and I'm a big fan of Martin Freeman.

And of course since this is the internet, I have to comment on the thing on which everybody else is commenting. On one hand, this video is not a Moviebob Blog entry. It's an episode of The Big Picture. References to his take on DKR on any Escapist show have been few and far between, so "Dark Knight Rises? Meh" reference is not uncalled for. Not everybody reads his blog, he would've been hounded about it from all the outlanders, and probably would've had to comment on it anyway. It's not him talking ill of DKR on his blog AGAIN, it's him commenting on it on the Escapist for like the second time.

On the other hand, I'm not sure how much of the mini-rant was needed. "Lemme guess, you're wondering where the hell Dark Knight Rises is. I'm sure it'll be at least pretty good, but I'm just not all that excited about it" was all anybody should've needed, and even if it wasn't your intent, it's going to seem like baiting. Again, not saying you ARE baiting, but this series has quite the fanbase and the answer you gave to the outcry you hadn't even received yet could easily be construed as such.

Either way, arguing about whether or not someone should be excited about a movie that won't be out for months is silly.

"Jeff Who Lives At Home" could be good, "The Hunger Games" seem about as interesting and big-deal-ish as John Carter of Mars (never read either), "The Five-Year Engagement" should be pretty good at least, "American Reunion" should be a nice bit of wait-for-Netflix nostalgia, and "Premium Rush" might at least get Levitt and Shannon more money, which they very much deserve.

David (The Pants) said...

Yeah, I'm excited about TDKR, but I'm not really that excited. I will still watch it and I think it'll be great but I agree with your sentiment. I'm excited to see all the movies on the list there.

Greenmario16 said...

Lincoln, hmm.

Well, never heard of it before, but knowing that Spielberg is at the helm, I'll keep it on my watch-out-for list. Thanks, Bob.

Personally, though, I am much more interested in THIS Lincoln movie at the moment. :)

Joe said...

"Hi, I'm MovieBob. I'm a movie critic, which means by definition I am expressing my personal opinion, albeit a very well-informed one. Here is a list of 10 movies coming out in 2012 that I'm looking forward to, and I'll state up front these are what I personally am looking forward to, even though that's already implied by the fact that as a critic, my views are my own, and not some sort of objective measure of cultural worth which can't be predicted anyway.

"At the end of this list, because some people who don't understand what being a critic means or feel the worth of their own opinions has to be measured against some internet critic won't stop bothering me about it, I'm going to remind people for the bajillionth time that I'm not very excited about The Dark Knight Rises. And because I am a critic speaking from experience and not just some ignorant internet hater, I will make the case for my own personal opinion by stating the entirely valid proposition that the trailer and preliminary material for TDKR haven't been particularly inspiring.

"Hope that clears things up, though it probably won't. Ah well."

[Apologies to Bob for the hearsay.]

Tommy said...


Love your list and it matches well with my own expectations. But my most anticipated film is definitely Iron Sky as I was big fan of Star Wrek and live in Finland :) It is the most expensive film made in Finland until now.

I just today bought tickets to the early screening in Helsinki on 2nd of April. If you ever find yourself wanting to come to Finland you are welcome to stay at my humble home during your visit.

As a fan of your reviews I was hoping to see review of Rare Exports when it launched in the US. But I will definitely want to hear your review of Iron Sky! Please don't let your number one Finnish fan down :)

Also waiting eagerly for new Tarantino movie. And not holding my breath for the Dark Knight Rises.

KevinCV said...

@Joe I can't tell if you were being sincere or if you were making fun of Bob. But if it's the former, thank you for being kind enough to verbalize it for those who keep annoying the hell out of Bob about his lack of enthusiasm for "The Dark Knight Rises".

It makes me really wish Bob could say it aloud without some idiot not getting butt-hurt about it and declaring that he's an biased and arrogant jackass. But unfortunately, them's the breaks when it's the internet.

Anonymous said...

Ok Bob. I've bit my tongue for a long time. Mostly because up until about a month or two ago, I've truly respected your opinions and been quite impressed if not entertained by your posts. That being said, your continuous blasphemy with regards to the Bat Man is inexcusable. Granted, I'm not a huge comic book geek and at best I am an amateur film buff but for you to keep up this anti Nolan/BatmanReboot mentality is now coming across as purposfully anti-establishment to the point where I have to believe you are simply putting forth these sentiments in order to incite some kind of nerd-rage traffic to your blog. Even if it solely out of spite. Now, I'm not normally the type of person to jump on a bandwagon of excitement for a movie just because the previous installment was superior to the upcoming release... But this reboot, from Begins to Dark Knight (and God willing TDKR) has been nothing but a revelation when it comes to comic book or video game movie adaptions. And for you to come in and put forth this seeminlgly forced negative commentary is, to put it mildly, insulting. I don't hold anything against you for not puting TDKR in the number 1 spot ( I personally whole heartedly agree with your top 2 choices) but for a proclaimed comic book and film geek to not even include a new batman film in a top 10 most anticipated list is complete and utter BULLSHIT! I realize that even posting this response is probably just feeding into your goal of retaliatory traffic but hopefully my words have struck some kind of notion of integrity within you and will inform your future thought process when it comes to giving credit to a legitimately important series of comic book films regardless of whether or not you think the new catwoman is as hot as Michelle Pfeiffer (and she's not). Good day.......I said good day!