Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Picture: "Oscars: The Grouse"


Blue Highwind said...

I really have no problem with the "Oscar Season" quote-on-quote. As a matter of fact, I rather like knowing that the movie world is segmented in certain ways all across the year, its a comforting notion that every Fall there will be Oscar Bait and every Summer there will be Michael Bay. It gives some order to the chaos.

What I don't like is terrible Oscar-Bait. Like say, J. Edgar. Yeah, there are movies that exist only to win awards, but I'd rather they be good movies along with feathers in a studio's cap.

Triple7Media said...

I also don't inherently have a problem with "Oscar Season". But I do have a small issue with the notion that all Oscar movies are released in September-December and that no "mainstream", non-Oscar movies get released in that same period.

3 of the 9 Best Picture nominees this year (Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, and The Help) came out before September. Given the awards that it seems those movies will inevitably win (even if it's not Best Picture itself), Oscar nominees don't have to be "Oscar Season" releases.

As for non-Oscar bait being released in "Oscar season": December 2011 had Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (critically acclaimed for the most part). December 2010 had Tron Legacy (not as critically acclaimed, but not typical Oscar bait either). December 2009 had Sherlock Holmes (favorably received both critically and financially).

In the end, I do have some gripes with the Oscars, but "Oscar season" isn't one of them.

Lee Kalba said...

What bugs me is when critics like Peter Travers proclaim, "good movies are back". Shouldn't they at least pretend not to be snobs and hide their bias?

Coconut Buyer said...

Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris both came out in the summer "blockbuster" season.

Underworld came out in the winter "awards" season.

Kinda kills your point, huh?

Angry Man said...

I actually have always wondered why I don't hear of any of these movies until the oscars. It's pretty obnoxious. That rule about the one week/theatre/LA thing also clears up some things, like how a movie is nominated for an oscar that didn't come out where I live until, well, right now.

Andreas said...

Hey Bob, while I do agree that the whole "seasons" thing seperates the audience in half even more (although, like Coconut Buyer pointed out, there are exceptions), I have to admit, the added promotion of award season lets project get the green light that often wouldn't.

Lee Kalba said...

There are exceptions to everything. Like how a genre movie can be well received enough to sweep the Oscars, like Lord of the Rings did.
They occasionally give you little tastes of "out of season" movies, usually because they don't expect it to do well "in season" so they put it out when there's little else in theaters of that kind.
Do try to keep up.