Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Commercial For A Commercial For "The Avengers"

Yup. Marvel has released a preview of their "Avengers" Super Bowl ad, which gives us a brief glimpse of (maybe?) bad guy flying-machines (the main one is still Loki on some kind of jet-bike, though) and The Hulk:


Ohne Skript said...

that will be a hell of a movie.

and thx for the post

Taylor said...

All I can say is that this better not be a bunch of stuff that's really going to get wrapped up in Avengers 2.

Danny said...


IIRC, Whedon was very clear on that not being the case, saying that he had seen a lot of blockbusters that failed due to just being "part 1s".

Mads said...

yeah, well presumably they recognize that the avengers aren't going to be a trilogy; it's going to be a decimology...or whatever the word is for 10 movies.

They've built up the characters, they're in a shared continuity, and they deal with "villain of the movie" in all of the other movies in the avengers saga.

So long as the movies are profitable, and they will be so long as there is badass superhero action and a decent amount of recognizable faces from other movies, it'll keep on going.

If they did a trilogy thing here, it would go heywire, like pirates of the carribean did, where the 4th movie was a horrid mess. They've got the eye on the money, and they'll turn this into an ongoing movie series like james bond...except with the focus never squarely resting on any one actor or character, they can adapt things as they go along.

These guys want you coming back to watch a shared-continuity flicks for the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...