Friday, January 27, 2012

Escape to The Movies: "The Grey"

Go see it. Now.

"Intermission" finishes the convention-rundown.


TheDVDGrouch said...

I love Joe Carnahan I love Liam Nessson & I especially love hearing Moviebob talk about a good movie so all and all its been a good friday.

Anonymous said...

You said cloud-pleaser. Oh you.

Jaymie said...

Would've gone to see it tonight but a portion of the movie was filmed on a mountain in my hometown and people are so stoked it's ridiculous. Not sure how early I would've had to get there in order to get a seat.

Kyle said...

The first Expendables movie was PG-13 too, they were just dishonest about it.

(From what you've said, Bob. I haven't seen the movie.)

AlanSmithee said...

if they ever going to make a movie of "The Dark knight Returns" Liam Neeson is the guy to go to. He would own the roll as an older Batman.

Just my tought.

magic word for today: Coriesse

Brasil said...

The presence of Liam Neeson is main reason that I wanted to see The Grey. I've become an even bigger fan since I bought Taken and saw that he could even bring depth to a character in an action movie. Neeson seems authentic in just about any role, even if he's just providing the voice for an animated character.

In The Grey, Neeson is clearly the main character. We see him contemplate suicide at the start of the movie, before deciding against it. The story involves a group of oil workers stationed in Alaska. Ottway (Neeson) is a marksman who keeps the workers safe from wolves when they are at work. He carries a rifle and is always watching for possible attacks. He has a low opinion of most of the workers and doesn't enjoy having to spend time with them.