Friday, January 27, 2012

Ferris Returns?

Yes, what is apparently just a Super Bowl commercial is considered important enough to warrant a teaser trailer. Unless, of course, they really ARE making a sequel (probably not.)

I have what you'd call a "complicated" relationship with "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." On the one hand, it's hard to ignore that it's a movie that essentially treats a narcissistic semi-sociopath - who "get's over" on anyone trying to keep him from doing whatever he wants even though he's a priviliged upper-middle-class white suburban kid who could easily do all the things he's conning his way into WITHOUT the conning part - as a kind of aspirational role-model. On the other hand... maybe it's because I TOO was a mostly-comfortable middle-class suburban smartass when I saw it and really did identify with him. Either way, it's still a fun movie.

Also, something just occured to me: If you took the original film and did some digital-trickery to all of Ferris' fourth-wall-breaking moments so that it looked like he was talking into his webcam/smartphone... it would essentially play out like an ULTRA up-to-date movie about teenagers in the youtube/facebook oversharing age. That's how cool Ferris was - he was VLOGGING HIS LIFE two whole decades before "Vlogging" was invented.


chrispetterson said...

I said it before, but if this turns out to be an ad for Groupon or some shit, I'm gonna lose it.

QSKSw said...

Considering all the decades old movies that are randomly getting sequels nowadays this seems very likely to be a teaser for a trailer of Ferris Bueller 2.

Taylor said...

Hmm, since no amount of pretending could make Broderick seem like a teenager again, maybe they are going to do some kind of Office Space style drifting adulthood ennui wherein Ferris desperately hopes to relive his glory days as a teenage trickster hero.

Honestly, it would actually be an interesting, potentially good movie.

Chris Cesarano said...

I still like the idea of watching the film pretending Ferris is just a figment of Cameron's imagination.

It doesn't work as an alternate artistic interpretation at all, but it gives certain scenes a much more awesome meaning.

HolyJunkie said...

For a movie that was as popular as Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I'm surprised this wasn't made five or fifteen years ago.

Then again, five or fifteen years ago, Matthew Broderick wouldn't look the age for the part in a sequel like this.

Perhaps they timed this perfectly in that case.

Anonymous said...

actually, the idea of an adult buler trying to ditch out on work & adult responsibilities the same way he did as a kid has some interesting possibilities. probably need some really good writing to make it actually work as a film though.

Nathan said...

What would they call such a thing? Use the same name and rehash the story, but with an adult Ferris?