Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I Am On A Podcast And You Should Listen To It

I'm on the Media Sandwich podcast with Chris and Kyle today; which you should be listening to anyway but especially now:


Daniel R said...

Awesome, love you're podcast appearances.

Already listened to the first half, can't wait for the second!

In relation to Ender's Game;
This is one of my favorite books of all time. I love it so much in fact that it really does baffle me its writer could turn out to be such a gigantic jerk.

I've always held that while it not unfilmable, an adaptation would be incredibly hard to pull of visually, especially on a live action film. It kinda works in Graphic-Novel format but mainly because they don't have the same restrictions brought on by film. Simply put, Ender's Game is far too fantastic, fanciful, and abstract in some of it's key aspects.

Such demanding material could be too hard to pull off. Especially considering this entire production seems to be largely studio-mandated.

Although, I'll give them this;
The casting of Hugo's Asa Butterfield, True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld, and Harrison Ford has been genius.

Sylocat said...

It's interesting that Orson Scott Card wrote the only book I've ever read in which naked preteen boys grease themselves and wrestle in the shower.

Blue Highwind said...

Ender's Game: I'm excited about this one. Asa Butterfield is just about the perfect Ender Wiggin. I need to wait until I see the visuals on this one, it really depends on the art design. I can see something very impressive for this film, but who knows?

Also, the rating. Ender's Game is a brutal book, he straight-up murders two people. R-rating, its necessary. Please don't screw up Ender's Game like they did Golden Compass.

Dark Knight Rises: I thought the trailer was awesome. And Bane was pretty intense and pretty freaky. He isn't an eight-foot-tall sidekick to Poison Ivy, he's like an Eastern European boxer dude, completely insane.

Anonymous said...

Why cant I download this PODcast so I can listen to it on my iPOD?

KevinCV said...

I've been Tweeting Chris Pranger about that for awhile, Anonymous 12:52. No luck. At least I have all the eps of the now-defunct Armchair Thinkers Podcast on my hard drive. :)