Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is "The FP" The Next Great Movie About Video-Games?

From Devin at BAD I learn that said BAD's partner/overlord, Drafthouse Films, has picked up distribution rights to the SXSW-buzzed oddity "The FP;" which I'd previously heard spoken of as "the next 'Six String Samurai.'" The basic pitch is a send-up the "such-and-such-familiar-game-BUT-AS-A-GLADATORIAL-BLOODSPORT!!!" genre and the late-80s/early-90s punk-rock-post-nuke aesthetic that often accompanied it, the comic hook being that the rival clans of The FP settle their issues in winner-take-all deathmatches of... "Dance Dance Revolution" (Here called "Beat Beat Revolution.")

Yup. Drafthouse has announced a limited theatrical-release on March 16th of this year. This is real. Here's a (NSFW) trailer.


Taylor said...


Between this and "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" I have to ask:

Did we learn nothing from Snakes on a Plane?

The whole 'joke movie premise' thing plays okay as a trailer, but as an actual movie it just manages to go long enough to get really tedious.

And that's before you factor in the heavy amount of racism that is present JUST in the trailer.

But, hey, he's got an eyepatch! Do you get it? That's hilarious right?!

Anonymous said...

Noooooo is this a joke! its awesome but really!?

Anonymous said...

i'm actually more curious about the fact that you can apparently post boobs on youtube now than i am about the movie it's self.

i think that says something kind of sad, but i'm not sure if it's about me, or the movie.

David (The Pants) said...

Basically this fell apart when nigga started showing up, then i saw some odd audio quirks, and all in all this looks fake. Or low-budget, but too low budget to be a real movie. Some of that dialogue was more like Thugz Mansion dialogue...but played straight.

Elessar said...

Bob, I'm going to be honest, but that looks godawful. I mean, I'm usually with you on trailers (I loved the God Bless America trailer) but that? Just no.

So if you're asking if that could be the first great video game movie? No, but it could be video game movie's equivalent to The Room.

Joe said...

"the next 'Six String Samurai.'"

I hope that doesn't mean a film that had all the elements to be a quirky awesome cult classic, but was plagued by pacing, comic timing and annoying child issues.


I actually liked Snakes on a Plane as a film that 1) had an answer every time the audience thought "that's stupid" (not always a good answer, but full marks for effort), and 2) had the best portrayal of a scientific expert in recent memory. But otherwise, I think you have a valid point. Then again, the Death Race remake could have benefited if it had tried to be a farce like the original.