Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jackson's "West Memphis" Doc Has a Trailer

Day one at Arisia went swimmingly. Now to breakfast and trying NOT to make an ass of myself at the Gender & Gaming panel.

Anyway, here's a trailer for Peter Jackson's "West Memphis Three" doc:

There's a minor controversy surrounding this one, of course, as it's seen in some quarters as taking away from the OTHER recent doc on the same subject by the filmmakers whose earlier two pieces on the subject more-or-less turned the case into an international cause; but Jackson and company are no mere latecoming interlopers: Upon the recent release of the three men, it was revealed that they (Jackson, Fran Walsh and their partners) had been putting up a BIG chunk of the money that went into the new legal push that finally put things right.


Mads said...

One of the boys was named Michael Moore ?

akkuma420 said...

wow... This looks amazing. Can't wait. Peter Jackson is something else... constantly just proving what an excellent Director/Film maker he really is.

From Dead Alive to the Frighteners to LOTR to King Kong to The Lovely Bones to this and then The Hobbit.
So many different Genre's and they are all amazing in there own way.
Gotta love the guy.

Koopa Stomper said...

I know this is kind of a random thing to be focused on, but why did the guy at 2:32 let himself be bitten by a turtle? Man, that looked painful...