Friday, January 06, 2012

The Oscars Have a Trailer

And now, a not-terribly-funny commercial announcing the return of Billy Crystal as host of this year's Academy Awards to anyone mercifully-detached enough from entertainment news so as to NOT already be aware that he'd been brought in to salvage the show after the originally-planned Bret Ratner/Eddie Murphy production blew up in everybody's faces - which, come to think of it, is exactly the audience Crystal's return will thrill the most, so... good call, I guess:

I know, I know, it's trite to bag on Crystal. I actually like the guy as an actor, and he IS good at the "your gracious host" schtick... at least, as good as anyone is.

Come to think of it... anyone else think maybe Crystal overshot his true calling? I mean, it felt like in the 90s he stopped doing standup and transitioned out of regular host-type gigs in a bid to become a Tom Hanks style comedy/drama leading man and it didn't really "take" outside of the first "City Slickers." I wonder if he wouldn't have been better off (to say nothing of better-suited) to getting into something like the Late Night Talk scene? Like, imagine if Billy Crystal had become the host of The Tonight Show instead of Leno? Or, better yet, if Letterman had gotten the Tonight Show like he ought to have and Crystal got the competing (and more-appropriately New York-based) Late Show instead? He would have KILLED at that!


Arturo said...

I can't believe I hadn't pictured hom as a late night host

Elessar said...

A: Is that Robin Williams as the guy on the boat? I'm just checking if I'm crazy.

B: Billy Crystal is, to the Oscars right now, the fallback guy, IE the guy you get when the guy you wanted isn't available. Which is exactly what happened.

C: Trailer is 'eh' but...Yeah, Crystal would kill as a Tonight/Late Show host. Oh well, missed opportunities and all that.

Anonymous said...

Billy Crystal and Dave Letterman, ahhh now that's a dream come true. Everyone in the industry knows Leno is a horrible comedian, now if only the public were so enlightened...... Actually, I wonder in what age bracket do most Leno viewers fall? My guess is that they're older than Letterman.


Yep, that's Robin Williams.

Blue Highwind said...

I thought it was funny. But I didn't notice that was Megan Fox until after the trailer was over.

Eddie Murphy's fall was pretty spectacular. He hasn't been funny since before I was born, the 80s.

David (The Pants) said...

@Blue Highwind HOLY SHIT! Haha I didn't even notice her! I was looking at the other guy because I was like "isn't that that one guy from that one thing?" But fuck me sideways, I didn't know it was her; I thought it was some random blandom hot chick. Which is what she has become since Transformers 1.

I thought the trailer was okay. The setup has been done before but I still kinda liked it.

lemonvampire said...

What business does Megan Fox have being any near the Oscars?

KevinCV said...

@lemonvampire Probably trying to salvage what dignity she has left -if she had any to begin with after being nothing more than eye candy in 2 Bayformers movies as well as the shit that is "Jennifer's Body"- before ultimately deciding to heed her true calling and join the porno industry.