Wednesday, January 18, 2012

STAND TOGETHER - The Gaming Community vs SOPA and PIPA

Short version: In solidarity with and other websites, I will not be attending or directly-posting any news coverage of this year's E3 unless the ESA (which runs E3) rescinds it's support for the SOPA bill. Longer version:

Please link, repost, tweet etc. this video/blog as widely as possible; and I stand with the others in asking that you encourage other gaming/web outlets to join the "boycott" of E3.

HOWEVER! please remember that regardless or what this or that person may feel about SOPA; not everyone is in a position to refuse to attend or cover E3 and should NOT be ill-treated if they opt not to join this particular movement of SOPA opposition - the last thing we need at this time is to splinter and fractionalize, so I don't want to see anyone pulling any "this or that site is still going to E3! Traitors!!!" bullshit, okay? Okay.


JeffBergeron said...

So, let me get this straight - Boycotting E3 is okay, but boycotting people/websites that support/endorse E3 is not?

Anonymous said...

no boycotting E3 is okay, antagonizing those who need a job isn't okay. While you might think that the people at E3 are people who need jobs as well, the people reporting may work in smaller places that are more dependent than a multinational corporation

Joe M said...

Basically, use discretion for how you react. G4/Comcast can take whatever you can throw at them, but a small wordpress site looking for traffic may not. Adjust your rage accordingly.

Also, what Anon said. The actions of the whole does not necessarily reflect the opinions of each of its parts.

MovieBob said...


You can "boycott" whatever website or web-person you like for whatever reason you like, I'm merely asking that people A.) be considerate of professional realities and B.) not be vindictive assholes about it.

Here's the thing: ESA/E3 has a choice about whether or not to support SOPA. Many websites that rely on gaming news coverage to SURVIVE do not really have a choice not to report on that news.

I am voluntarily forgoing traffic I might otherwise have gotten by posting news/vids/trailers/etc from E3 this year; but the only person that effects is ME who, frankly, will survive. I cannot in good conscience encourage people to attack/ostracize/etc people and sites for whom "don't cover E3" effectively means "don't stay in business," "don't feed your family this week," etc.

Pretty-much EVERYONE in this business actively opposes SOPA, but we don't all have the luxury of showing that opposition in the same way; and I don't think it's out of line to ask that people be aware of that fact.

David (The Pants) said...

Shiiiit, I've been "boycotting" E3 since it started! I have a reason not to go now besides "I don't go because it's far away from The Midwest." Haha!

SaLaDiN_5 said...

Did anyone notice that? that SOPA sounds exactly like "Σώπα" the Greek word for for the command to silent, like the English "Be quiet"

James said...

While I understand the importance of fighting SOPA/PIPA, I wish that the gaming and online community would get more passionate about protesting other violations of our civil liberties (like the renewal of the Patriot Act, signing indefinite detention into law, ect.)

Mads said...

But it seems like being vindictive assholes about it was the main reason the reddit godaddy strike was so effective.

If some smaller sites and people still plan to attend E3 and that results in the ESA not relenting, I think maybe those sites closing would have been a smaller evil.

When it comes to making striking effective, you often need to be a bastard about it.

Smashmatt202 said...

So... I take it you won't be attending or covering E3 this year either?

...Well, I won't either. Not that I EVER attend E3, but I won't visit their website or anything, either.

Anonymous said...



Weird thing is Never ever want to email to talk to my senatroy in protest of a bill. I cant help but feel im going to be added to a list of people that will be assinated when the NWO or somthing comes.

But maybe im just really, really paranoid.

Sanunes said...

What I want to see is that the bigger companies that have publicly said they don't support SOPA not go to E3 either, for that would remove the reason for coverage in the first place.