Saturday, January 07, 2012

Why Don't Republicans Want YOU To See a Movie About Killing Osama Bin Laden?

Believe it or not, it's possible for something to be so shamelessly, tranparently cynical that even I'm impressed.

Blustering bigot congressman Peter King has been leading the charge to use trumped-up accusations of Pentagon-leakage impropriety to taint the impending release of Kathryn Bigelow's tentatively-titled "Kill Bin Laden" movie (summary of charges: the filmmakers may have had access to details about the mission earlier than non-military personel were supposed to) and is now bragging about having prodded the Department of Defense to investigate the matter.

You don't need to be particularly politics-saavy to grasp what's at work here: Of all the things tangible or otherwise that the Republican Party hates, one of the most potent is the fact that the mastermind behind 9/11 got his ticket punched on Obama's watch. No impending 2012 campaign commercial strikes as much terror into their hearts as the ones that will feature Obama's circa-2008 "we will capture and kill" declaration, followed by right-wing pundits and talking heads snarking about it, followed by last year's "we got him!" press conference... and they REALLY don't want movie trailers for what amounts to "We Got Him: The Movie!" running all over the place, either. So they're flailing around madly in search of a way to discredit it.

It's particularly galling to see the wastes of humanity at Breitbart's madhouse creaming themselves over the prospect. I watched that gaggle of goons pontificate for eight years about how there weren't enough present-set heroic-military movies getting made, and now that the ULTIMATE "happy ending" War on Terror movie has the green light they HAVE to come out against it... because it MIGHT make their arch-nemesis look good.


Taylor said...

You know Bob, I usually am fine being pissed at Republicans, but I don't care here. I don't care here, because it's so obvious that Democrats are clearly hoping that they can implicitly get credit points for "Obama killed Bin Laden" behind they're facade of "Uh, no, we just want the truth to come out"

Seriously, pretend all you want that you're on the high ground here, but you're trying to make the Republicans the horrible censors here when democrats are the horrible propagandists. Give it up, there are no heroes here.

(Oh, and to all Republicans who are about to agree with me: Go get screwed I hate you you racist homophobic morons)

Mads said...

The difference is, the democrats wouldn't be caught dead holding the current republican position, nomatter how much a republican president would attempt to assume credit.

The destinction is probably that democrat voters are much more fickle than republicans....that so long as certain key issues are cornered by the republicans, there's no way those people would ever vote democrat nomatter what, but when the democrats mess up, their demographic tends to become jaded.

Democrat politicians probably don't have many more moral scruples than their republican counterparts, but they have a lot less wriggle-room.

But there still needs to be a push-back against that kind of republican position. They get away with doing bs that's just way too self-serving to let them retain any kind of "country first" patina, and so it's the job of whoever has a soapbox to try and wash it off...

Hammbone said...

There once was a day not too long ago. i considered my self a republican. back then, i was considered a more moderate conservative, but the face of the rebublican party has changed to that of some of the worst aspects of humanity that i can no longer, in good conscience, call myself a republican.

Im not the biggest fan of democrat politicians, but when my choices are bad and worse, I know who i will vote for.

Anonymous said...


The movie was being made before Osama was found, forcing it's creators to change the ending when he was killed, so I'm not sure how much the Democrats can make propaganda of it, at least any more than Republicans have been making propaganda of 9/11 after all these years. And credit where credit is due, Osama bin Laden had stopped being a top priority under Bush and it was Obama who decided to increase their efforts into finding him.
Not going to lie though, after 10 years of Republicans using the 9/11 victims deaths for the justification of unnecessary wars that used illegal tactics, the questioning of others about their patriotism, and the living hell they put people of Middle Eastern descent through in America, I am more than happy to see them pissed off about someone else getting the credit.

Wendy said...

This movie will be shit no matter what they do or say or reveal, so really who gives a shit? Hollywood doewsn't know how to do a war movie anymore because they're so in love with the idea of ambiguity in war now as opposed to crazy fucking religious zealots hate us and want to kill us. Clearly, very ambiguous.

Ryan said...

Yep, a lot of Republicans are reflexively hateful people. That's what happens when most of your party's policy positions are window-dressing covering a core belief in protecting straight white male privilege.

The more pressing issue, it seems to me, is how convinced people have become that there's something called a "Democrat Party". There's a "Democratic" party, but the other thing is something Republicans made up to annoy me with.

Blue Highwind said...

In all honesty, I don't think this is a movie I want to see anyway. This should be a video game, dude.

Nixou said...

The telling thing is that it shows that Republicans' arch-nemesis is not Bin Laden
That's what happens when most of your party's policy positions are window-dressing covering a core belief in protecting straight white male privilege.

Correction: the core belief is protecting straight white upper-class male privilege: the day when every non-rich white dude in America will stop denying that the Romneyids despise and fear them at least as much as they despise and fear Blacks-Gay-Muslims-[Insert Boogeyman du jour here] will be a day worth celebrating.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

The Republican Party is as much a party for hateful, ignorant bigots as the Democratic Party is a party for hateful, vandalous rioters.

I'm less than convinced any side is any more or less in the right anymore.

Anonymous said...

come on bob, they were going to do a complete script re-write, shoot, edit and release in less than a year so they would, completely by accident, drop the film right before the election. seriously, you know the movie business better than any of us, can you say with a straight face that the release window wasn't politically motivated. has any project in the modern age, Indy films aside, ever moved at such break neck speed? your bias is showing

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that what no-one is saying is: what is wrong with people that the result of an election in the world's most powerful country, is likely to be determined by which side can best claim responsibility for an assassination. Yeah, the man was utterly vile and repugnant and the world is better off without him. But that doesn't make revelling in his death any less macabre.

antecedentless said...

I find it funny that there are repeated jokes here about (non-white)-gay-muslims.

Those who are (yes, overly) concerened about islam and what it teaches get labled as blustering bigots; yet it is islam itself that has a much larger pharisee:geniniune follower ratio than christianity ever will. How many Islamic nations allow people to be openly gay at all?

Also do note, as others have already stated
*This movie was being made before bin Laden was dead.
*This adminstration is not even willing to release the tapes yet; yet this adminstration was willing to release info to a movie studio
*If the rumours prove to be true, Obama sat on his hands for hours while Team 6 was left waiting needlessly. Yet when the kill finally was announced... I do not think Obama has made a speech with so many first person pronouns.

Personally, so long as it is properly redacted, I have no problem with this movie being released; but it will not do Obama or his party any political favors. As one who has been brainwashed ;) by right wing pundits and talking heads; I have heard nothing along the lines of them "snarking about" the "we will capture and kill" line. What they have been snarking about is that the Bush forign policy (for better or worse) has been continued.

Anonymous said...

I dont really care about anything else right now, politiclu. I will vote for whoever promises to get rid of that ghastly new defense bill that allows for indefinite detainment of us citizens. I dont care if obama swears never to use it, he has broken to many promises (it doesnt matter why) for me to trust him anymore. Heck, even if he doesnt use it, can he be so sure of the next administration? or the one after that? give this much power to the government, and the possibility of abuse is far too high.

Its almost weird how this bill has made almost no splash, despite how evil and retched it is. I smell a conspiracy.

Jake said...


You be trollin'

But seriously, I'm Republican, and I don't hate gay, and I'm not racist. It must feel comfortable to live a fantasy world of stereotypes.

MisterCap said...

@ Jake

I would say don't feed the trolls, but this doesn't look like a troll at all. I'm safe to assume that you understand it's pointless to try and reason with some people. People like Taylor are content with judging people based on a set form or stereotypes.

"Oh, and to all Republicans who are about to agree with me: Go get screwed I hate you you racist homophobic morons." In many ways Taylor's comment is an unbelievable oxymoron.

Let's forget the fact that there are Republicans of different races and sexual orientations. Or attempt to grasp the fact that there are *gasp* racist and homophobic democrats because he/she sure did.

Don't bother saying that just because your a republican doesn't mean you're racist, homophobic, or moronic. People like Taylor don't care what you have to say. They don't want to attempt to understand. Nor do they want to examine things in a different light. No, they are perfectly content with their hate-fueled outlook on an entire group of people due to their various affiliations whether it's a race/s, sexual orientation, political party, religious beliefs or lack thereof. You have your reasons for being associated with the Republican party, but do people like Taylor care? No.

In the mindset that Taylor shares with so many your not a person. You're a collection of stereotypes that conform to his/her presuppositional viewpoints reinforced by those that share his/her opinion. The same would apply if Taylor was associated with the political party that was insulted. Yet I could be wrong about Taylor being hate-fueled and close-minded. Actually, in Taylor's mind, he/she would probably make a great Republican.

Jake said...

Yeah, I guess it was futile. It just made me cringe, and I had nothing better to do.

Descartes said...

Ok, this is disturbing. I read the comments range from "No matter, it's a happy ending will be a great film" and "It will go to be bad because is not about of heroic white people massacring evil brown people that i do not understand and I will not bother to understand" (Wendy).

Do you really think people in the U.S. that's the happy ending? People were dying by thousands before the death of bin Laden, now he's dead they are still dying by thousands

Is the whole point of the war was to kill a single individual? A collective vengeance to feel good? Something is very wrong over there in the north.