Monday, February 27, 2012

Brad Pitt's Gargantua Memory

The lone bright-spot of the otherwise excerable 2012 Oscars was when Brad Pitt momentarily broke up the gooey solemnity of the evening's weirdly-unfocused "Stuff You Like About Movies I Guess I Dunno Look We Had Like A Month To Throw This Shit Together After Ratner & Murphy Imploded Hey Look Popcorn Girls" theme by waxing straight-faced nostalgiac about an obscure giant monster movie in one of the interstitials. The movie? "War of The Gargantuas" - but, then, "Big Picture" fans already knew that:

Yeah, sorta "scooped" on this by BAD - but then again this episode IS from last October...


Daniel R said...

Definitely one of the best parts of a disappointing show.
Even disregarding all of the unfair snuffs and undeserved wins, the ceremony was just awful.

Although, here are my highlights:

- Cohen dressed in full Dictator costume at the red carpet was funny.

- The Nostalgic Interviews in general, some of them said some pretty touching stuff.

- I actually Stiller and Stone's segment to be fairly charming.

- Christopher Plummer's speech.

- Hugo winning a surprising but still deservedly impressive amount of awards.

- Bret McKenzie winning Best Original Song. Its always great to see one of the Conchords get some recognition

Arturo said...

A highly respectable actor getting even more respectable (among movie geeks).
Further cementing why Pitt is one of "the good guys" in Hollywood today.

Smashmatt202 said...

I know what you mean, I was smiling with delight when he brought up War of the Gargantuas, too! :D