Friday, February 24, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "Act of Valor"

I liked it.
"Intermission" sez The Oscar Are Going To Suck.


TheAlmightyNarf said...

I understand that Stargate SG1 had the official thumbs-up from the Air Force, though I don't know if they used any official equipment or anything like that.

biomechanical923 said...

"Old White Men"
Why would you capitalize the word "old"???
Just kidding.
Really though, I can't quite understand why you're criticizing the Academy for it's ivory tower elitism. You've said in the past that positions of leadership should be comprised of the best and brightest (in politics, anyway) without needing to hold the hands of the non-believers.
Didn't you also say that critics are more qualified to share their opinions on what's good and what's not, because they have seen so much more than the average person? (Maybe it was Hulk who said that).

John Magnum said...

Not every small, exclusive group actually consists of the best and brightest. You can have a small, exclusive group of out-of-touch morons.

Paxton said...


There's a difference between having the top of the profession run something, and having the old guys run something. The MEDIAN age is 62. That means that half of the Academy is older than that. I sincerely doubt that the cream of the crop of Hollywood is older than my father.

As a side note, how does one join the academy?

Phil said...

Since when was Slumdog Millionaire and Crash movies that no one remembers anymore?

Millionaire is Danny Boyle's most successful movie and all I hear is moaning all the time from bloggers and websites on how much Crash shouldn't have one Best Picture (something I totally disagree with). So how are these movies been forgotten?

If anything, no one really talks about The Departed anymore aside from people that don't watch anything other than Hollywood movies or have seen much movies period especially other movies by Scorsese. Even Scorsese himself commented that after he finished the movie he didn't really remember anything about it.

The Departed is easily one of the worst movies to ever win Best Picture and inferior to the film it was a remake of (the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs) with its bloated, unfocused narrative and adding plot holes that the original film didn't have. To make matters worse it that asshole of a screenwriter actually writes a scene where the white gangsters racially insult Chinese IN a remake of a Chinese film!

How telling that Bob finds two Oscar winners that are not predominately white movies (rare in the Oscars) as supposedly forgettable yet championed an undeserved Best Picture winner that was a disgusting remake of a Chinese film that goes on to racially insult Chinese in the same film.

Shame on you, Bob.

Phil said...

Correction: "If anything, no one really talks about The Departed anymore aside from people that don't watch anything other than Hollywood movies and/or haven't seen many movies especially other movies by Scorsese."

Blue Highwind said...

Do we really need to always be so negative about the Oscars, movie pundits? I'm looking forward to the show on Sunday, and I still respect the Academy's opinion even if they have their own baises. I got bias, you got bias, nobody is perfect.

And at the very least, the Oscars are exposing people to movies they wouldn't have otherwise have heard of, movies that would just get forgotten entirely in our Blockbuster culture. Yeah, some of those movies might be Tree of Life or Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close, movies that we hate. So what?

Can't we stop being negative and just enjoy the show?

Smashmatt202 said...

I like that even with movies you like, you have negative things to say about them. The world isn't black and white. You can still like something, but have something you don't like about it.

Andrew Eisen said...

Yeah, I completely stopped caring about the Oscars more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, my family loves doing an annual Oscar pool and I hate to be a party pooper so here's how I compromised:

Happy Oscar Sunday everyone! Me? I think I'll do my taxes instead.