Friday, February 03, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "Chronicle"

Believe the hype. "Chronicle" is FUCKING AWESOME. Yes, even for a 'found-footage' movie.

Intermission: "How To Talk To A Critic (Assuming You Want To)"


9jack9 said...

Correction: Last Broadcast came out in '98. The fact that Blair Witch was accused of plagiarizing it it pretty much the only notable thing about it.

OT: Fuck yeah Chronicle! it's like while everyone was arguing about how watered down the Akira remake was gonna be Trank nicked their catering budget and beat them to the punch!

CB said...

Looking forward to the movie now, also, one. step. closer...;

Anonymous said...

Huh. Escapist is down. I know its not blocking me again, I use TOR, so wtf?

Giant Swan said...

^same as above for me too mate

KingOfDoma said...

*sees the end* Oh... oh Bob... step away from the dark... He who fights (or got bullied by) monsters does not NEED to become a monster...

Daggles said...

monsters was not found footage....

Angry Man said...

Let me guess, is the black guy the one that dies to up the stakes?

David (The Pants) said...

@Angry Man I hope not, but probably.

Bob, you're a cool guy, righteous and, but I like the fact that you might not be a good guy if you were given super powers. Nice aspect to your character. Picture of Magneto at the end complimented that point really well.

Kholdstare said...

This movie really was fucking awesome. It was a GREAT way to start the year.

Jake said...

@David (The Pants)
It's only a nice aspect if he's a fictional character. Bob is a real person, so that worries me.

Jake said...

I'm going to try to say this in way in the most understanding way I can. I'm ten years younger than you, and when I was in grade school, I got picked on (mostly verbally) for being autistic. It sucked, and was a horrible experience that no child should go through, and I have no idea weather your experience was worse.

However, you're 30. Unless the bullying was way worse then what I went through, you should have moved on a long time ago. I can understand you "kind of" rooting for the dangerous kid near the end, there should that part of your conscience that says, "Oh no, I shouldn't be thinking like that too much."

You need to understand, whatever bad other humans have thrown at you, you're a human too, and are capable of just as much evil as every one else.

Your Cynicism will kill you, and I mean that literally.

Anyway I really hope you get better and start having a more optimistic view of the world.

biomechanical923 said...

@ Jake
You need to understand, whatever bad other humans have thrown at you, you're a human too, and are capable of just as much evil as every one else.

No offense to you, Jake. But that makes no fucking sense at all. You're basically saying "forget about the experiences that affected who you are, because you could have done the same thing (but didn't)" and I think it's unfair to dismiss somebody's world perspective as "dwelling on the past" considering that we have no idea what Bob's past is like.

As somebody who was ridiculed for his appearance during socially formative years, I can sympathize with the misanthropy that comes with being a social pariah. (Although in retrospect I can see how I deserved some of the treatment because I was a fucking loudmouth). Be that as it may, it's one thing to be rejected. It's quite another thing to have people pretend to be interested in you because they think it's hilarious that you would fall for it.

When optimism consistently slaps you in the face, you begin to doubt everybody's intentions, which leads to cynicism.

beyrob said...

Bob's cycysism is sort of why I stopped commenting. I mean I was bullied pretty severely, everything about me was torn apart at some point by my bullies and literally beaten bloody on occssaion. Even had a a small number teachers and my own FATHER in my youth call me terrible things to my face I still struggle with my confidence. There was NO safe place for me as a kid.
Did I want to get revenge and lash out back then? Yes I did, but only those few people. Do I still want it? No, I've grown the fuck up, I woudn't want my revenge on them even given the chance. I can be the bigger man. And I'm certiantly not going to damn the rest of the world in my distrain for actions of a handfull of people.
The worst thing is how blind Bob is. A bully is someone with power dominateing someone without. And what Bob wants is to become a bully just like the ones who hurt him. How pathetic.

biomechanical923 said...


"Do I still want it? No, I've grown the fuck up, I woudn't want my revenge on them even given the chance".

I find phrases like "just grow the fuck up" or "get over it" or "just deal with it" to be extremely dismissive. They're also rhetorical, because there's no valid response to "deal w/ it". People just like to throw it in their sentences to feel like they got the last word in.

When you've been living a certain way for 20-30 years, and people have seen you a certain way for that time, that level of conditioning becomes almost Pavlovian. Then ignorant people (or trolls) come along and go "its nothing, grow the fuck up" without realizing there's years of psychological shit there that you can't just "snap out of"

After being beaten by people a few times, even a dog is smart enough to become apprehensive of your intentions when you call it.

Paul said...

Eh, I liked this movie but methinks Bob is letting his identification with the Andrew character skew his prespective a bit. I didn't love it. I just wish this whole found footage way of filming these movies would go the way of the dodo. Cloverfield was about the only FF movie that I can say I loved because it fit so perfectly with the movie. But other than that, I WANT TO SEE WHAT'S GOING ON. This film would've been much better without the FF aspect of it.

Anyway, I'm glad I saw it. I think I like The Grey a tad bit more as far as 2012 films go. This doesn't really scream repeat viewings to me, but as I said I'm glad I saw it once.

But if I want a rewatchable indie superhero film I'll stick with Kick Ass.

All in all I give Chronicle a 7/10.

Paul said...

Oh and I disagree with Bob's assessment of the climax. The Avengers, ASM and TDKR probably don't have that much to worry about in that department. I've seen better finale's in many superhero films.

From listening to Bob rave, you'd think the whole city of Seattle gets leveled in the finale'.

Not even close.

beyrob said...


I just love people who cherry pick a sentence or phrase from a post and ignore the rest. It amuses me to no end.
But seriously, of course I know how it feels. I've been called and treated like an idiot or terrible far too long that even now as an adult with good grades and a job it's hard not to feel like an idiot or terrible from time to time. Calll a man a horse enough times and he'll buy himself a saddle as it were.
But I'm not a little kid anymore I don't let every little thing that happened to me that happened to me as a child dominate my life.
It's not easy, but if you can't do it you cease to function like a normal person. Guess what everyone has to deal with their own shit and move on.
I'm no troll nor am I ignorant. And trust me I only skimmed the surface of what I endured so I know at least partically how Bob or you went through. I can't say what it competely was nor can you to me.

Dave from canada said...

@ bio

It makes perfect sense. It is no achievement to be so cripplingly bitter about your youth that you let it affect you a decade later. He never talks about

So bob was bullied. What nerd wasn't?

I had people steal my homework, from right out of my hands and was mugged by a group of 15 classmates in middle school. IN the same day.

I had people openly harassing me in class in full view of the teacher while they did nothing.

During gym class, 3 times my locker was broken into and my pencil case and expensive graphing calculator stolen. The school needed to adopt entire new rules regarding the locker room specifically to deal with someone targeting me. I later found the stolen items hidden behind a desk 4 months later in the basement of the school.

and like Jake, being autistic through this did not help.

Somehow I manage not to be obsessed about how the "cool kids" are the enemy and I need to keep fighting them even though I'm 27. I don't LIKE what happened to me. But I don't fetishize it like bob does. And yes, he does need to move on, grow up and get over it. Yes it is dismissive, but it SHOULD be. Whatever he might have gone through and I seriously doubt it was anything terribly traumatic, it was over and done with a decade and change ago. I know fucking rape survivors who aren't so obsessed with a bad past experience.

There's a fine line between cynicism self indulgence.

That quality, as well as an obnoxious sense of entitlement that has been permeating nerd culture of late honestly makes me more and more ashamed to be a geek every day. Not because I don't like nerd stuff, but because I don't want to be part of a subculture that seems to have a passion for hating what is different from itself that borders on the erotic.

Dave from canada said...

@ my previous post


He never talks about 'forgetting the past' he talks about having a modicum of perspective that the world is not in fact engaged in a epic showdown between the heroic nerds and the eeeevil popular kids.

Bob's repeated comments about empathizing with the various murderers and psychos because they were unpopular is incredibly stupid and self centered because he knows damn well what it feels like to be persecuted (or at least claims to. I'm not ruling out a liz lemon situation where we find out HE was the bully and was just lashing out at everyone he thought was oppressing him) and yet acts like it is fine and dandy hen it happens to the group he isn't.

Ironhammerstew said...

This sounds like a interesting movie, with an interesting take on its genre.... On the subject of bullying, I was wondering what everyone thinks of this...spending a lot of time training ones kid(s) to deal with the different ways bullies have been known to torment. Im talking not just martial-arts classes, but role-playing exercises so kids have massive arsenals of strategies to use. For example, after dinner, a parent role-plays a verbal sparring match with their kids to help them figure out how they want to react to verbal insults. Do you guys think a rigorous training manual on this subject could make a difference?

biomechanical923 said...
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Dave from canada said...


There are literally thousands of books on each of those. Take your bloody pick. There is a veritable cottage industry in supplying self help for those who couldn't do something that comes to most people naturally without any effort.

Hell if those don't work, pick up one about moving on from childhood sexual abuse and replace "fingered by my swim coach" with 'got picked last for dodgeball'

biomechanical923 said...
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Dave from canada said...


Forgive me for not feeling for people too lazy to do a damn google search for what they apparently believe to be a serious issue.

If you are seriously having trouble letting go of bad high school experiences, and you haven't thought to do anything about it until NOW and it never crossed your mind to google it then it clearly isn't ownerous enough to merit any sympathy on my part.

And if that isn't the case.....why do you even need help?

If you're going to posture, at least put the effort it.

biomechanical923 said...
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Dave from canada said...


Then why are you asking me? Why would you inject a nonsequitur into a conversation as though it were a part of it?

If you are having pyschological issues, see a shrink.

Ezenwa said...

Gonna leave that there for the people. Same person who directed "Chronicle" did this...

Blue Highwind said...

@Movie Bob:

This wasn't a superhero movie.