Monday, February 06, 2012

Machete WILL Return in "Machete Kills!"

Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" evolved out of a parody trailer, and now the same thing is set to happen with the first film's "pre-made sequels" joke (teasing "Machete Kills" and "Machete Kills Again," respectively) at the ending: Deadline reports that Rodriguez has closed a deal to make "Machete Kills" for real, with Danny Trejo expected to reprise the title role.

The script by Kyle Ward ("developed" by Rodriguez) apparently finds Machete tasked by the U.S. Government to bring down a Mexican drug-cartel that is somehow tied into a billionaire arms-dealer's scheme to start a world war with a superweapon in outer space. FWIW, Rodriguez has also "joked" in the past that "Machete Kills Again" would have Machete traveling to space, "Moonraker"-style.

Below, my review of the original film on "Escape to The Movies":


Mads said...

Can't wait for this. The first one was made of awesomesauce

Drunken Lemur said...

Now where's Werewolf Women of the S.S. with Nicolas Cage as... DR. FU MAN CHU!

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Werewolf Women of the S.S.

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