Sunday, February 05, 2012

Took Long Enough

In "Osombie" - currently seeking kickstarter funds for post-production - a NATO Special Forces outfit is out to stop Zombie Osama Bin Laden from re-conquering Afghanistan with an army of Undead Terrorists ("The Axis of Evil Dead".)

Naturally, this being an indie horror movie, they seemingly opt to do so with katanas. Sold.


Joshua the Anarchist said...

Osama Bin Laden has officially joined Adolf Hitler in the club of historical bad guys turned into cartoon supervillains by fiction. That DID take a while, Superman was beating up Hitler while the guy was still alive.

Lurker said...

I am definitely intrigued, may contribute to the kick starter if more information comes to light in the next 50 days.

Hoping the actual movie delivers on the promise of the trailer, such z-budget films rarely do.

Lurker said...

Looks like the studio behind the project, Arrowstorm Entertainment, is in the preliminary steps of trying to establish both a brand identity and a fan base.

Little information available at the moment: Facebook page talks of a web series in production, website features 2 films supposedly to be part of some sort of fantasy series.

Curious if this studio will experience any sort of success going forward. Really depends on a multitude of factors including funding, management, distribution, and actual talent. WAY too early to tell.

Much of the low budget sci-fi/fantasy/horror film market is composed of poorly conceived and executed Z-grade films. Actual creativity and ingenuity is frustratingly hard to find at times. It remains to be seen if this up-and-coming studio will actually deliver.

Taylor said...

Let's see, in order
1. Zombies are a played out meme.

2. Katanas are too.

3. Immediately dated headline shock value to disguise a mediocre movie.

4. Pretentious hipster cred for having one of those stupid "gimmick premises" that plays well as a youtube trailer

I'm sure people will defend all its flaws by some mixture of "It's ironic!"s, but honestly it's just another pointless zombie shovelmovie dressed up in tasteless de-facto-ironic shock value. (You do know that there are people still dying in Afghanistan right?)