Thursday, March 22, 2012


You watch now for making of happy.


KevinCV said...

Cool vid, Bob. I thought about submitting a question, but I couldn't really think of anything good to ask. Of course, if you make the mailbag a regular thing, I may come up with a few. Keep doing what you do, man! :)

Phil said...

Surprised you feel positively about Ang Lee's Hulk. Nice to see someone is as well although I feel much stronger about that film than you do. Not only do I think it's underrated but it's for me easily one of the best superhero movies ever made.

The reason it got so hated and bashed was due to the inaccurate marketing that made it seem like some sort of dumb popcorn film and people were expecting only that. As soon as they walked in and saw a movie with brains that took it's time to tell its story many unfairly lashed out on in it and it's a damn shame.

However, unlike you Bob, I find the Marvel Studio Hulk movie to be bad. A lame movie that is dumb and uninteresting in every way. The only positive thing about it is that it was needed as a piece of the puzzle to make Marvel Studios' Avengers movie.

It's just a real shame that Ang Lee's Hulk movie was misread by audiences. Hopefully the movie will be rediscovered in the future as the great movie it is.

patrick.b.healy said...

@Phil I think everyone's aversion to Ang Lee Hulk is that Hulk's father was the villain. In the same way that Joker killing Batman's parents was dumb in the Burton movie. In the same way Sandman killing Uncle Ben was really stupid in Spider-man 3.
As if the only way to make the villains interesting is to connect them to every single event in the hero's life. Lazy writing really.

Also, Giant. Mutant Poodles.

@Moviebob I've asked before, but I think an episode on the legal battles between the Siegel and Shuster estates against Warner Brothers and DC comics for the rights to Superman would be really good. Unless that's on your don't know list.

Phil said...


That theory doesn't really hold water because Burton's Batman film is held quite fondly by many people.

I'd argue that there are bigger and worse acts that Spider-Man 3 commits than the Sandman thing (e.g. completely undermining and mutilating the character of Venom).

And that complaint about the mutant poodles is tiring. The fact that some mention it as some sort of big stumbling block says to me that they don't have much of an argument to say why they think the movie is bad.

Paul said...

Bob, I gotta say that I view AngHulk(this is how I always refer to it becuase to me THAT'S NOT THE HULK) the way you view the Green Lantern movie. Hulk is my #1 all time favorite fictional property(and I mean the comics, not the TV show) and so for it to come out and be as awful as it was and fail as badly as it did was bar-none the worst cinematic experience of my life. Thankfully my #2 &3 all time favorite fictional properties (Iron Man & LOTR) turned out superb so that made the pain ease a bit.

JeffBergeron said...

"High school. IS. HELL. And most people who try to say otherwise were probably the reason it was hell."

I now have a new favorite Bob quote.

Popcorn Dave said...

Hey Bob,

Random question but I'm not sure where else to ask: Can you fix this blog so it displays a proper mobile layout? When I log onto the Game Overthinker blog on my phone it shows a mobile-friendly layout, but this one just shows the regular page which is pretty clunky on a mobile screen, especially when you want to type a comment. Since they're both Blogger blogs, can you make it so a mobile layout appears for this blog as well? It would make it a lot easier to read your blog on the bus!

Lord Slithor said...

Oh, Junior High School is WAY worse than High School. For me and my fiancee, that was hell (or more accurately, it was like prison).

Now yes, for me my freshman year of HS was murder, to the point I begged to be taken out and put in a private school. It was a little bit better, but didn't do well enough to be invited back. However, when I went back into the public system - and attending the school I was meant to go to in the first place (municipal politics) - my junior and senior years were fantastic! I did well in all my classes, had plenty of friends, and was hardly ever picked-on. Even got my first girlfriend! I wasn't exactly one of the "popular" kids, but I did okay for myself back then.

I've said this before in another thread, but lately I really haven't liked where the nerd/geek culture is heading. I know it's been sort of like this for many years now, but between the reactions to the ME3 ending and Bay's TMNT, it's at a point of critical mass and I don't like what I see. The bullied have now become the bullies, and that shouldn't be. We should be more inclusive: reaching out and embracing the mundanes who are getting curious about our hobbies thanks to how they're now part of the larger popular culture, not shutting them out and treating them with scorn and ridicule just because they don't understand a particular movie/TV show/comic/book/game right off the bat.

I believe that because we consider ourselves to be smarter, we should help to educate and enlighten others where we can. In other words, I believe in peaceful coexistence. Which I guess, if Bob sees himself as Magneto, would make me Professor X. But I'm perfectly willing to play that role.

Conrad said...

England does not 'hate' France, in fact diplomatically they have been on our side of most matters for the past 150 years, post Napoleon really.

But its sort of a defacto rivalry, i don't think it tends to be reflected in our media with any seriousness (except some conservative leaning papers, but by no means total.) But beyond that it would be more akin to a gentle ribbing with France, than outright hatred, you know, cheese eating surrender monkeys and all that... just banter.

counterpoint said...

come on, bob... High School is purgatory at worst.... MIDDLE SCHOOL is hell.

Jake said...

@Lord Slithor
If you spend $60 on a game, you have a right as a consumer to complain if you don't like something.