Friday, March 30, 2012

Did a Republican Candidate Just Almost Call The President a "N***er?" (NSFW)

The below-embedded video is all-but-washed-up Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum speaking in Janesville, Wisconsin this past Tuesday. It's a long video, but the important part comes right around 34:25 - when Santorum rattles off a series of descriptives of Barack Obama, but stumbles a bit over one part: "...the anti-war, government nig... uhhh..."

You can go directly to that part by clicking HERE. Refresh it a few times. Listen carefully. He obviously almost said something, and then stopped himself. Negotiator? Negativist? How many words could it concievably have been?

"Nig... uhh..." "Nig... uhh..." "Nig... uhh..." "Nig... uhh..."

Nig WHAT, Rick? Nig. What.


Natalie (DSQ) said...

Wow, just WOW. If this doesn't finnish his campaign then nothing will.

You cannot recover from something like this.

David (The Pants) said...

I had respect for him calling bullshit on that word-obstructer, but this recalls it.

Also, that guy at 0:50 kinda looks like Ricky, doesn't he?

And nice job hiding that in the middle of an hour-long speech. Nobody would find it! But then, somebody did!

Kalek said...

No no you guys don't understand. This "N-word" is merely a term of affection and endearment.

The Offender said...

This is both hilarious and sad. It is a hilarious a man running for office would let something like this slip. The sad part is that he has supporters, and this didn't make one of them leave.

A. Ivan said...

When I read your post here I assumed it was just going to be an unfortunate slip of the tongue or something you had to be really trying to hear, but nope. He fucking genuinely goes to say it.

Anonymous said...

Why would he want call the candidate Obama a "government nigger"?

Make no sense, he never intended to say it.

James said...

More proof that Santorum should not be president. Hopefully this kills his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he said "government-nik".
Conservatives are known to mock Liberals with "Russian-sounding" words to imply ties to Communism.

Daemon said...

Even if this was just an unfortunate tongue-slip and he meant to say something different, this just shows how completely asinine his anti-teleprompter tirade was. You see Rick, when you're going forward to speak in front of tens of thousands of people, it's a good idea to plan things out beforehand, if for no other reason then to prevent THIS EXACT SHIT FROM HAPPENING.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry all you santorum supporters out there, but this guy almost said the N-word. Its pretty clear.

Wow, thats so sad. The saddest thing is, since i doubt that was how they actually wrote the speech (atleast i hope not), that shows that in santorums head, nigger is actually a word he normally associates with black people. Heck, thats why it slipped out, he didnt even think about it. SO. DAMN. RACIST.

On a lighter note, his backpedalling is HILLARIUS.

"The anti-war, government nigg-AHsubbadah uh ahhhhh, SO ANYWAY, moving on..."

antecedentless said...

I seem to have an issue posting... I wonder if it is the new spam filter or something restricting links? So I simply put what I wanted to say in its own blog post. You can get to it by clicking my user name. I won't try to link here.

Wendy said...

And Barack Obama said there were 57 states.

And Michelle wasn't proud of her country until her husband ran.

And Joe Biden called a man who asked for lower taxes a smartass. (Thanks, Joe. Nice to know you're on our side)

And Bill Mahr calls women cunts and twats and no one bats an eye.

And Maxine Waters calls conservatives demons.

Ed Shultz called Laura Ingram a Talk Slut.

Bob, until your hypocritical ass denounces YOUR side for the blatant, brain dead stupid, and hateful things THEY say, I don't want to hear your boo-hoo butthurt, whiney baby crying over something Rick Santurum did or didn't say based on a flurry of tongue twisted nonesense i nthe middle of an hour long speech.

At least Santorum wasn't dependent on a teleprompter to speak like our illustrious president is dependent on it like a baby dependent on a titty.

antecedentless said...

We all slip up Wendy. I do not think that is the issue here. It is the nature of the slip up that is concerning. They do not call it a Freudian slip for nothing. He has done this once before (cannot link, just search for "Rick Santorum Black People")

Yes, Bob defines ignorance and bigotry narrowly, and has a strong stereotype of us, but you know what:

When a man from South America was driving very improperly and putting our lives in danger, I said "I try not to be racist by they are not helping." Yes those words came out of my mouth. I fully confess to racism in my blog post. What Santorum did is the same thing the South American did for me: give further proof for his biases. We have a weak field of presidential candidates this time around (Obama included), and what Santorum has said is indicative of that weakness.

Let's see: can I even paste a youtube url?:

Tony said...

Notice Wendy didn't even attempt to argue Santorum didn't mean to say the N word.

Just used a whole lot of false equivalency,

antecedentless said...

Wrong video
We won't argue that Limbaugh said "slut"... but we will argue that Mrs. Fluke is a liar.

Aiddon said...

The Republican party candidates in general are just bonkers this year. And if Santorum was really meaning to say that, hoo-boy, he has some explaining to do. Santorum's comments about black people in general are just highly disturbing

A. Ivan said...

Wendy's one-woman crusade to confirm every negative stereotype about Republicans continues! I can't wait for next week's episode.

Angry Man said...

Although I hate Santorum with every fiber of my being, I'm not convinced that's what he said. I actually can't figure out what the hell he was trying to say. It was such an odd slip and didn't sound like he stumbled over anything that would make sense in context. At the same time, it didn't really sound like he was going to say the N word to me.

Mads said...

Even if it had been what he said, it wouldn't make sense...and even if it had been what he had said, it may still have been a mistake.

A mistake, by the way, if it was what he was about to say, he nipped in the butt by not actually saying it.

I agree that this is attention worthy only in so far that it's hillarious, and in so far that Santorum is a massive prick.

But you know, I think we can live with one half-utterance of a word he clearly did not want to say but almost said by mistake...coming from a man whose last name has been turned into a disgusting association by lingual activists, mind you. Being called a nigger is clearly pretty darn bad, but so is being called santorum, is my point.

LeVar said...

People are saying the term "Government N--" does not makes since in context, but, would not a person in politics who hates a President of color refer to him behind closed doors or in the company of like minded individuals refer to the President, not as President but a just a "Government N****"

Gareth Simpson said...

He says nik, not nig.

Anti-war, governmentnik.

Just like, peacenik and refusenik.

He stumbles because he's lost the thread of his sentence when he tries to make out Obama blamed America for causing division around the world.

I hate Santorum as much as the next guy, but really this is pretty dumb. Anti-war government nigger doesn't even make sense as an insult. It's not something you'd say.

T4_was_here said...

Oh boy!
I cant wait to see what political cartoons this will spawn.

T4_was_here said...

Oh boy!
I cant wait to see what political cartoons this will spawn.
And if I was an Amarican I would vote for him.
Because there is NO WAY he can beat Obama.
On less the US is worse them we sweds think.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of intentional things coming out of Santorum's mouth that are perfectly capable of ruining his presidential bid. It's a double-standard to go after something that he might have said in while at the same time ignoring the bombardment of hate speech coming from the other side.

C'mon, Bob. You're smarter, more analytical, and more professional than this. Tear him apart using clever factual analysis instead of a hasty assumption. Jumping to conclusions is what Hannity does.

Megabyte said...

no... no Bob's not... not in politics, anyway. (Sorry man, but do you have any idea how often I shake my head when I see you wrote up something like this? It's never actually about an issue, it's about someone upsetting you about an issue.)

antecedentless said...

Let's see if Links work now

Mads said...

@ LeVar
Potentially. He might also call him penishead for all we know.
I get that it’s a sensitive issue, but are we really going to sit around playing shrinks trying to determine whether he might be a closeted racist off of something he didn’t actually say and clearly intended not to say?
Furthermore, what people do on their own time is what they do on their own time. Of course, nobody wants a racist to represent them, that much is clear…but he’s amassed considerable power already and wields it in accord with his convictions. If he was a racist, then his public record, his speeches, his votes and the issues he champions would illustrate it clearly.
The idea that he’s a secret racist and _this_ is what finally clues us in? That’s preposterous.
I’m not saying that it’s impossible, I’m saying we should act as though it isn’t true because it seems incredibly unlikely, and acting on it would be incredibly judgmental.