Friday, March 16, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "Casa De Mi Padre"

Es muy bueno.

"Intermission" sez Happy St. Patrick's Day.


David (The Pants) said...

This is good news. I want to see some genuinely good comedies in theaters.

David said...

Yeah, I know what you're talking about.

In Spain we have been receiving Latin American "telenovelas" since the 70s (I think maybe before that, although I'm not sure, with Franco's dictatorship and all), and they have a niche yet very loyal fanbase. In our case, specially telenovelas from Venezuela.

Also we've been mocking and paroding them non-stop in media. Hell! Latin Americans themselves mock and parody them non-stop in media too!

So in Spanish speaking countries maybe this movie won't have much of an impact beyond the fact that this time an American is doing it.

However, I'm glad to see that Latin American culture is having its impact on American culture, which means the country is still the "melting pot" it's always been proud to be (well, non-extreme-right Americans at least, I guess).

By the way, Bob. Nice try with that "¡Hasta la próxima!". lol

Blue Highwind said...

¿Donde esta el chiste? No tengo no idea por que Will Farrel hablar espanol es cómico. El no habla espanol. ¿Por que apriende hablar? Estoy aprendiendo espanol. Es facil, pero es bueno. Espanol es un lengua muy hermana. Americanos nesicitan apreciar otra lenguas y culturas.

Esta pelicula mira estupio y racista.

(Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm learning. But this movie looks really awful.)

Daniel R said...

I'll definitely be checking it out, although I'm not sure if it'll manage to get a release down here in Mexico. I hope so.

As David said, telenovela parodies aren't that unusual here so some of the novelty may be gone for most people. Ironic isn't it?
Then again, it stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal so that aught to be enough for most, including me.

I'm just glad it managed to be more than simply,
"Mexicans LOL"

Or conversely,
"Vean al gringo tratando de hablar español LOL"

Looking forward to this.

"Bob de la Pelicula" translates directly to "Bob of the Movie"
If you want a more literal translation you could go with "PeliculaBob" or "Peli-Bob"
Peli being 'slang' for movie, at least around where I live in.

Oh yeah;
RIP Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

Phil said...

I'm not exactly sure how the whole "white lead in a Latin American" comedy gimmick is anymore unique then let's say, Nacho Libre.

And the whole spoofing of Mexican soap operas is hardly new. I remember SNL had a skit a couple of years ago with Christina Aguilera and Joel McHale on The Soap constantly spoofs them practically every week.

The whole, "Look! A white guy speaking Spanish as a comedy" has already been done by Fred Armisen in his several SNL skethces.

The movie is directed and written by white guys so I don't see how their "spoof" of Mexican soaps is going to be as genuine as if it were done by those of Latin American descent that were exposed to that programming growing up. Considering it's aiming to have a cross over appeal I suspect it's more aimed at Anglo Saxon Americans and what they think Mexican soaps are about not necessarily spoofing with a knowledgeable eye.

I wonder if this is nothing more than just a covert way (by being a supposed "parody") to have a white guy lead a cast of nonwhites and gets the "exotic" girl. Like I said, Nacho Libre already was that.

It should be alarming to people that this movie would probably not have gotten this much attention or interest or even have been released by a major Hollywood studio (a Lionsgate division is releasing this) had it starred an actor of Latino descent instead of Will Ferrel. Would it even have gotten reviewed by Bob?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I'm mildly curious to see this, the first time I can say that about a Will Ferrell movie since...well...I count Zoolander as a Ben Stiller movie, but still. That's about it. Great on SNL, but producers and writers have no idea what to do with him. A shame, he's clearly a genuinely funny guy.

P.S. You included Jamaica (green, black yellow Saint Andrew's cross), Trinidad and Tobago (red field, black bandolier), and Antigua and Barbuba (rising sun) as Latin countries. I think you need to move closer to the border, Bob, because they are not.