Friday, April 13, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "Cabin In The Woods"

Go. Go see. Go see NOW.

I'm also very proud of this week's "Intermission."

And hey, here I am on a PAX East panel!


TheAlmightyNarf said...

Lets be frank, Bob... YOU may not think of Star Wars as sacred, but a quick glance through this blog's archive and it wouldn't be difficult to find things you do. And you're just as quick to get livid as anyone else is when something you think of as sacred gets desecrated.

Joe said...

The Star Wars Holiday Special is objective evidence that Star Wars was never sacred.

john said...

And this is why I am damn proud to have been born just a few years too late to be part of that generation, and to have been largely disconnected from pop culture for most of my life.

David (The Pants) said...

The last sentence makes sense if you didn't already state in a previous BP that you haven't watched Dr. Who. I get the concept, but another degradation of society is people wearing shirts of things they don't know and/or aren't fans of.

And I've thought about merchandising in a sense of "let's make shit from the movies/tv shows/video games but real" and it sorta relates to this:

It's like on The Simpsons when Milhouse has a Radioactive Man costume that just has his face on it. I don't want a hat with Mario all over it; I want Mario's hat. GOOD quality!

Arturo said...

Susan Arendt is the MC at the panel, right? I've never seen her in person, so I'm asking. SHe seems like a blast to be around with.

Eze said...

Saw the movie, then saw this review.

My thoughts:

This movie is out of control, and chock full of awesome.

Well worth it, and, yea, I found myself getting pretty freaking scared. The final act was amazing.

Well worth the price of admission.

biomechanical923 said...

I just saw the movie this morning. I thought it was pretty good , but not nearly as mind-blowing as everyone says it is.

The "trailer twist" AND the "BIG twist" are both given away before the opening credits stop rolling.

To me, it was less of an artistic commentary on the tropes and trends of horror movies (considering that anybody taking Cinema 101 needs to be able to do that)..... and more of a snarky "hey guys, look how self-aware we are!!! You gen-Yers love self-aware snarky-ness at cliches to show how you really break the mold, right???"

Good acting, good settings, good story, good special effects, good ending, bad message.

B.L.C. Agnew said...

Loved Cabin in the Woods - walks an interesting line between scathing commentary on the relationship between artist and audience while also pandering shamelessly (and amazingly) to its own target audience. Whedon's usual awesome writing, characterization, and sense of story/action escalation (damn I'm hoping he brings all three to The Avengers) are all in full force, and I adore the performances and nerdy cameos.

As for Star Wars Kinect, I think the problem lies not with it being annoying, shit, and borderline "disrespectful" because it's official Lucasfilm merchandising, but because for over a decade now, video games have kinda been the last haven of GOOD Star Wars. The EU novels have pretty much gone downhill since Zahn stepped out, the new movies are shit, and the remasters of the original films are full of unnecessary clutter and retconning.

But in the games we have Jedi Outcast, Knights of the Old Republic, even the Lego Star Wars games managed to make situations from the prequels enjoyable on SOME degree. Seeing the gaming side of Star Wars fall to the same level as everything else related to the franchise is. . . well it's sad more than anything else.

Even if the concept of "I'm Han Solo" earns a chuckle from me.

Lee Kalba said...

At last nothing is sacred, but the sanctity of one's own mind.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Put less poetically, nothing in culture is sacred. Geoffery Chaucer shows up as a gambling addict who literally lost his shirt (among other articles) in a silly jousting movie with Queen music and people get their knickers in a twist over Han Solo. And you know what? The thing with Chaucer was funny. Meanwhile, ACTUAL sacrilege happens regularly on stuff like South Park, but all the outrage is over a lame joke in a game that doesn't look very good to start with.
Anyway, get over yourselves.

Eze said...

Here's a commentary I got from someone who saw it (my girlfriend):

the organization actually resembles the government or government conspiracies.

Also, she stated that a sequel could be possible if....wait, spoilers. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

I think you two need to have a conversation, how the hell did two well spoken, insightful, etc known critics of cinema arrive at completely opposite conclusions?

biomechanical923 said...


After watching that video of "Half in the Bag", I feel like those guys waffle around the point way too much without saying anything.

"Ehhh I kinda liked it, I kinda didn't. Some things they did worked, some things didn't work."

Equivocating is tempting when writing, because it makes you feel like you were being fair. The problem is that it weakens your main statement (if you even have a conclusive statement) by contradicting it or insufficiently backing it up, and it's boring.

I disagree with Bob's view on the significance of the ending as a commentary. However, I can still respect his opinion, because he makes a definitive, unambiguous statement.

Anonymous said...

hey bob, you said that you would not reveal the assailants of the 5, but you actually did right there in the choise of photos and movie clip.
oh lol gotta crop the bird flying, cause if I say the next word then it would be traceable XD.