Friday, April 06, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "The Raid"

It's good. Go see.

"Intermission" talks with the director of "Detention."


Ralphael said...

I took my Indonesian co-worker to this. His English wasn't very good. And before this movie we didn't speak that much. We were both blown away by this film.

After the "big boss fight" part of the film ended. We both pounded fists and at that moment I knew why movies like 300 had the box office numbers it had.

But this is no 300.

Take away the chest puffing bullshit and pointless sex scenes from 300, and you have a waaaaay better movie.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more (about The Raid, not about Scream). I hope they film does really well because we need more films like this.

Not the action to non-action ratio but this kind of action. Blew my mind. Everyone loves it, every friend I dragged to it fell in love. There's a huge audience for this; if only Hollywood could understand we we all love it.

Nic said...

I believe you meant to say "If only Hollywood could understand why why all love it."

C.M. Waters said...

No, I didn't expect a review of American Reunion (In fact, I didn't even know of its existence until recently.), nor did I expect this. I actually expected a lookback review of Titanic similar to your Phantom Menace review two months ago.

antecedentless said...

>Why they added "Redemption" to the title?
Allegedly, Tom Kalinske had sega rebrand the Mega Drive as "Genesis" to help in the so-called bible belt.

Maybe marketers are trying to get the "Passion of the Chirst" crowd into an R rated movie, being Easter season and all.

Anonymous said...

I'm not expecting to be at all impressed by "Ted." It looks like it's just going to be the one-note joke of "the teddy bear does something vulgar" stretched out across a whole movie.

Top Comedies said...

I haven't seen this movie yet. My husband and I want to go see it; we just have to find time to get away from the kids. Don't want them to see an R rated violent movie!