Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Many congratulations are in order to fellow Boston film critic Wesley Morris, who just won this year's Pulitzer for criticism. The occasion reminds me that a few other local associates of mine have things going on worth promoting - something I generally don't do too often on this site but will gladly make an exception for in these cases:

Daniel M. Kimmel - onetime head of the Boston Society of Film Critics, genre film/lit expert and teacher - is nominated for a Hugo Award this year for his published collection of essays "Jar-Jar Binks Must Die ...And Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies." Well worth your time.

And while I'm here, I also reccomend checking out Ian Pugh's academic examination of "The Dark Knight," "The Faces of Gotham" - now available in e-book format.

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Daniel R said...

Awesome, I've been meaning to find a good book on sci-fi films. On account of a script I'm writing.

And yeah, that Gotham book looks very interesting, curious to see just how deep he goes into the film.

Oh and, congratulations to Morris for the Pulitzer, haven't read his reviews but definitely will now.