Monday, April 09, 2012

Has Superman Gotten New Powers For "Man of Steel?"

Patrick Sauriol's revivified Corona Coming Attractions has a rumor up purporting to describe the trailer for "The Man of Steel;" which many are presuming (still without a shred of real evidence) has been secretly constructed for a surprise debut in front of "The Dark Knight Rises." It reads a little fishy to me, reading like a fanfic made up from guesses about the context of the more well-known set reports and "spy" photos, but if it is legit then the trailer is set to reveal that the film will be giving Kal-el some value-added features to go with the usual Faster/More-Powerful/Able staples.

Learn what it may be (and polish up your "hurr durr Zack Snyder likes to mess with the camera-speed" jokes) after the jump:


The alleged breakdown says that the trailer includes the expected montage of Young Clark Kent learning to use his powers, and that one of these scenes depicts him "...spinning a pencil in the air using telekinesis." Yup, that would be new.

Assuming for a moment that any of this is legit, my guess would be that "telekinetic levitation" isn't so much an entirely "new" power as it is part of a way of explaining the mechanics of one or more of the other powers (i.e. "this is how he makes himself levitate/fly"); a to-be-expected result of having the must-provide-explanations-for-every-damn-thing Nolan Brothers producing and working on the screenplay. Either way... I honestly don't have a problem with this.

Superman's power-set has pretty-much always been ill-defined. Originally, he just did whatever a normal human could do only MUCH better - he didn't fly but rather just jumped insanely high, he could see through walls because his eyes were just that strong ("heat vision" was literally "I can look at you so hard it BURNS!") and he was even super-smart to boot. While over time it evolved into the specific-powers-manifested-in-Kryptonians-via-exposure-to-radiation-from-Earth's-yellow-Sun form we know today, throughout the Golden and Silver Ages Superman would routinely sprout outlandish new powers "just because;" a tradition that carried over into the earlier movies with... mixed results, to say the least:

So, yeah. Telekinesis? I can roll with that. Now let's just see a trailer for the damn thing so we can get a sense if this is going in an "Avengers" or an "Amazing Spider-Man" direction...


Anonymous said...

Actually its all not that new if its a unique amalgamation of Superman and Superboy. The clone of superman and lex luthor Connor Kent had Tactile Telekinesis in the old DCU and in the current new 52. Plus its not the worst out there, he did have a power to shoot rainbows out of his hands and create a tiny version of himself. Yeah.....I'll stick with Telekinesis

Arturo said...

Ok, seriously, enough with the ironic "Internet hates Snyder" writing

Charlie Irons said...

Movie/TV Supes has always been off the charts stupid with his power sets.

Now the animated series from the 90's showed him with some limits; working against weight, gravity, and such. He still got the crap kicked out of him from time to time; not just being a Roman like god in a red cape.

Come to think of it, for both Batman and Superman, their animated series are still stronger models to draw from then anything Hollywood craps out.

patrick.b.healy said...

I just hope his invulnerability isn't a result of his telekinesis. And if he doesn't have lasers coming out of his eyes then there isn't really anything unique about him. Superman is more defined by his overall weirdness. If he's got everything coming from mind powers then he's just a kid from Chronicle.

Dominic said...
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Dave from canada said...

@ Arturo
But if he doesn't preemptively strawman the opposition, people might take them seriously! Can't have that.

Anyone notice that when Bob runs into a situation where his side is the least defensible (IE a superman movie where the powers are wrong), his first move is to make up some attack on the opposing view and keep repeating it even if it doesn't apply?

Remember kids: Spiderman comic accuracy is bad! Comic inaccuracy for superman is good. People are just crtiticizing snyder's obvious genius because they have a grudge and refuse to take the movie on its own merits. And there is nothing ironic about that position at all!

I wonder if he thinks that if he repeats the big lie enough, even he will believe it.

Anonymous said...

Corona's Coming Attractions is back? Holy shit on a stick, Batman! I cannot even hazard a guess as to how many hours of my life the original website took away from me way back in the day.

Anonymous said...

You just had to throw another crack at Spider-man, huh? Just leave the damn movie alone already; if you know you're not gonna like it, then just ignore it and move on. Example: I KNOW I'm probably not gonna like DKR (didn't care for either Nolan Bat-film and the new stuff doesn't really appeal to me either), but I don't scan each trailer, looking for things to nitpick, and I don't throw the movie out there as an insult. Just ignore it and stop pissing people off, please.

Anonymous said...

For real, Bob? Superman having Telekinesis is savvy, but Spiderman having his and the lizards powers come from OsCorp is totes outrageous?

You really do seem to be biased about TAS and I normally argue the whole biased thing about you. I am disappoint.