Sunday, April 15, 2012

Japan's "Amazing Spider-Man" Trailer Doesn't Suck

Hat-tip: Latino-Review

Seriously! Take a look:

No, but for real the actual one is finally the piece-of-marketing-that-doesn't-suck I'd been waiting for on this movie...

MUCH better, no? There's still plenty I'm not sold on here - Spidey's terrible new costume, the webshooters as guns, the tone, the missing-parents mystery, hints of heroic predestination, the too-tidy "everything leads to OsCorp" plotting, the on-the-nose casting (Sally Field as a concerned mother-figure? Way to think outside the box!), the whole lost-parents backstory, The Lizard still looking incredibly crappy, etc - but at least this is a well-cut trailer for something that might look pretty decent... if only I could forget that it's a pointless, licensing-rights-driven, bean-counter-mandated reboot of "Spider-Man."

I can't quite place the male voice of who that is telling Peter he needs to "look within" for answers about his parents/self/powers(?) etc. It doesn't sound like Ifans, Sheen or Leary; and we already know that J Jonah Jameson isn't a character in this, so... who is it? Quickie guess: It's a yet-to-be-officially-announced Norman Osborn, and this dialogue is coming from his nigh-innevitable "Joker Tease" reveal at the end of the movie.


David said...

Gosh, the Japanese subtitles do cut away stuff... and ADD too.

When Gwen says "Oh! I'm in trouble...", the subtitle reads "henna hito wo suki ni", which roughly translates "I'm falling for a weird guy".

Now we know which kind of "trouble" she's refering to...

Oh, well, translating from English to Japanese for subtitles is really hard.

The King's Rook said...

Bob, remember your post a while back about the possibility that the lizard might only have four fingers on his right hand? I'm sure you saw it, but right at the end we got a good glimpse of his hand and it had 5 fingers on it. A shame cause that would have been really cool.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a much better trailer than all of the previous stuff we've seen combined. So, since you pretty much said "this would look okay if I wasn't completely biased against it from the beginning," I can safely and without hesitation say that this movie will at least be "okay," will probably be "good," and if we're lucky, it might even be "very good." Sometimes "good enough" really is "good enough."

Still disagree with everything you say. "Terrible costume?" Matter of preference, it looks fine to me. "Tone?" Yeah, it's darker, but that doesn't automatically equal "bad." Besides, it looks like at least some of the jokes are gonna land; I thought that the "your doorman's intimidating" line was kinda funny. "Hints of heroic predestination?" Yeah...and? Why does that equal bad? Sure, the spider-bite was a total accident in the comics, but I don't remember the fact that it was accident playing a HUGE role in any interpretation of the character. Playing with the idea of fate is more fun than just ignoring it alltogether. "Everything leads to OsCorp is too tidy?" Uh, this isn't comics, Bob. They've only got 2 hours here, having 12 different companies and organizations makes things too complex and takes up too much stuff. I don't even like the overly complex stuff in the comics; is it wrong to ask for something self-contained? "On-the-nose casting?" Yes, let's cast actors with no experience into roles that don't fit them! Great idea, Bob! "Lost parents backstory?" As far as I can tell, this is actually pretty new for Spidey; his parents have never really gotten much spotlight (outside of the Ultimate comics, at least.) Living without a mother and father, even if you have an Aunt May and Uncle Ben, is going to affect a kid, and exploring the effects on Peter is something that, as far as I can tell, almost never happens. "The lizard looks crappy?" Again, looked fine to me, and there's still a few months left before the movie hits theatres for them to fix up the CGI.

So...yeah. Still not seeing how this movie is going the be the train wreck you think it is.

John.E said...

I dont know. Still not particualy impressed.

Daemon said...

Disregard Japanese Spiderman and American Spiderman, acquire Italian Spiderman.

Joe said...


Because it's a thoroughly unnecessary film.

Also, fate and destiny are generally the lazy writer's tools, but especially so for Spider-man. He was accidentally granted superpowers because the whole theme of Spider-man's origin story is what should a random teenager do when given such powers? First he uses them for selfish reasons, until he has to pay an unbearable cost for such behaviour. Then he embraces his uncle's maxim. The hint of predestination cheapens Peter Parker's whole character arc.


Va bene!

biomechanical923 said...

Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May.....whut????

The glimpses of the Lizard that we've seen so far are pretty goofy looking. He appears to have no snout, or even a nose for that matter... so he looks like some weird combination of Voldemort and the Goombas from the unmentionable Super Mario Bros. movie

Dave from canada said...

@ Joe.

Shindler's List was unneccessary.
All films are unnecessary. That's such toothless chicken shit criticism.

Regarding destiny...don't buy it. Peter was always going to be spiderman. The character only exists so that he can be spiderman.

That whole angle just feels like a made up criticism. One i notice doesn't get leveled at the avengers despite the whole
"Tony's dad made vibranium and just so happened to have stashed the forumla in a model tony had" And the hulk just so happens to be created by the super soldier serum.

I wouldn't be shocked if the so called destiny angle is nowhere to be seen in the movie and it is just something bob manufactured to bitcvh about, like the twilight stuff and the "casting that is too good".

Dave from canada said...

@ anon

The destiny thing is the latest line in bob's various constructed narratives about the film. He tedns to abandon them as they become obsolete and find a new reaosn for people to hate it.

When it started, he kept comparing it to twilight...."because it was set in high school." but really because he knew people hated twilight.

Then came the dark knight accusations...coinciding with his attempt to make people hate nolan by bitching about batman ad nauseum.

And now that footage (and the bloody star) have come out and flat out said it won't be like DK and will have more humour, he's going for the "spiderman is a douche" angle.

Desinty being bad is just the latest. And if they were to use a total comic accurate origin, he'd bitch about them ripping off the original or being too obvious.

No matter what, he'll bitch about the movie and say I told you so.

Which is quite funny when you compare it to his desperate attempts to make man of steel not look like absolute ass.

Mister Linton said...

That was just a mashup of the first two American trailers with a shot of Sally Field thrown in. How did that give anyone a different perspective at all?

Uncle Tim said...

I'm getting the strong sense that voiceover telling Peter to look within isn't actually a character in the movie but generic narration added to the trailer. The way it's delivered doesn't sound at all like an actor reading a line but like a voice-over artist reading copy.

KevinCV said...

@Dave from canada

To be fair, I think a lot of Bob's rage at this movie is stemming from Sony basically screwing Sam Raimi out of the franchise by planning a fourth film with him then deciding to reboot the franchise without his knowledge and tried to report it as the script being rewritten despite fans seeing right through it.

Sony wanted a new Spider-Man film in 2012, and they didn't care what they had to do to get it. Even if it meant screwing over the original director who made it all possible for them in the first place. VERY especially if they didn't want Marvel to get the movie rights back, because God forbid Spidey actually getting a part of this "Marvel Cinematic Universe" thing.

God, I don't even consider myself an expert on film and film making, but even I can't deny that Sony made this movie to make some quick cash, keep the movie rights, and basically say "Fuck you!" to all the hard work Sam Raimi did for them. Sometimes, it's not a bad thing to look beyond the trailers and see what the studio is REALLY doing.

B.L.C. Agnew said...

Mister Linton echoes my thoughts - namely, how is this any different? Still plenty of "dark and desinty" going on, still plenty of "The Lizard by way of the Goombas from the live-action Mario Bros. movie" and still plenty of stuff about Peter's parents.

Honestly, the only thing that's all that different from the previous American trailer is the absence of masked Spidey cracking jokes and no creepy Connors.

How is this all of a sudden less "sucky?" Because while I have issues with the way Sony has handled this film (and with some of the things I've seen), the one thing I can say for the full-length trailer released a while ago is that it is a DAMN good trailer. Leaving aside the baggage I and other comic nerds have in regards to the project/character, that trailer does pretty much EVERYTHING right from a marketing standpoint.

This one does too, mostly because it's reusing nearly all the same footage in mostly the same order.

Dave from canada said...

@ Kevin

It is astounding how little I care.

Putting aside the myriad ways Raimi brought it on himself (and he did) or the ways in which SM4 would have been a trainwreck (and it would.)

I don't care if sony tied raimi to train tracks and raped his dog. None of those things have any bearing on the quality of the picture. But he decided before we saw frame one of the movie, that it would be garbage...just because.

"God, I don't even consider myself an expert on film and film making, but even I can't deny that Sony made this movie to make some quick cash, keep the movie rights"

Oh no. How terrible. A coporation that wants to make money.What a world shaking conspiracy you have unearthed.

Look at what you are saying. NO comment on the relative merits of design decisions of the film, just an attack on the character of the studio behind it do you not see what a mammoth fallacy that is?

hayesjam said...
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Anonymous said...

I take serious issue with the implication of "destiny" and Peter's parents having a role in pre-determining Peter's "destiny" as Spider-Man.

Peter's parents showed up in Amazing Spider-Man/Untold Tales of Spider-Man in the 90s, and didn't serve much of a purpose aside from weaving the continuity of the Marvel Universe a bit thicker. There's actually a pretty cool tie-in with them and Logan that, to my mind, is the most interesting outcome of their appearance. None-the-less, their inclusion into the Marvel Universe and cause of death never changed the circumstances surrounding Spider-Man's origin.

If you ask me, Spider-Man's origin is crucial to his character, because the two most significant events - the radioactive spider bite and Uncle Ben's murder - were events that happened by pure chance. We can easily conceive of a scenario in which the spider nearly misses being blasted with radiation or Uncle Ben's murderer finds another victim. It is Peter Parker's good will and legitimate repentance for his Uncle's death that cause him to want to use his powers selflessly. This establishes Peter Parker/Spider-Man as a good person and sympathetic/relatable character right off the bat.

I think that throwing something "predetermined" into the mix completely changes that dynamic. If Peter doesn't make a heartfelt, personal choice to become Spider-Man and fight evil, his character loses that much depth. Stan Lee created Spider-Man with the idea that he would be a "relatable" superhero, and Spider-Man's origin, as it reads in the comics, is completely crucial to that.

Anonymous said...


yeah, for some reason, a lot of English phrases (or maybe just American English phrases) and one-liners don't seem to get translated into Japanese, with the scripts often opting for a more literal interpretation. I noticed this a lot myself when watching Japanese subs of Angry Video Game Nerd and Yu-gi-oh! Abridged. You'd think some of these subbers could take a cue from Pixel Mari-tan (which seems to be all about explaining random phrases from Full Metal Jacket). Then again, given the prominence of one-liners in English media, they probably wouldn't wanna bother with so many damn footnotes (imagine it being like 10 times worse than your average anime fansub), and in a country where subtitled movies are more or less the norm, I doubt many audiences wanna be bogged down with that type of stuff.

GreatGay said...

I prefer the U.S. version and not the cheap look alike trailers.

B.L.C. Agnew said...

I wonder how bent out of shape Bob REALLY is about the whole "predestined hero" thing. Because. . . well, I hate to be the one to do this, but:

Looks like Sam Raimi didn't get that memo.