Friday, May 18, 2012

Escape To The Movies: "Battleship"

How'd did you think it would turn out?
"Intermission" has some other movies based-on/around branded products where the connection was tenuous at best.


Dan O. said...

This was a superbly dumb movie that talked out of its ass every time somebody had to say something witty or hip (whatever you want to call it) and got more and more annoying whenever they cranked the volume up to 100 and made me come close to losing my hearing. Seriously, my ears were ringing and when I came back from a concert on Sunday, they weren’t at all. Something is wrong there. Good review Bob.

T4_was_here said...

And so the dark age of Bay begins!
Or does it?

kevmon1116 said...

"Beware The Batman" indeed.

Dear lord, nothing I've heard about that sounds good. Brave and the Bold warned us about this! Damn you Batmite!!!

Lord Slithor said...

Sadly, this is ultimately what I thought the movie would be as well. And like you, for once I hoped conventional wisdom would be wrong, and that this movie would defy expectations and at least be decent. And that's a shame. I at least hoped that the presence of such actors as Liam Neeson and True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard would have been enough to salvage this movie. And I will agree that Taylor Kitsch doesn't seem to be having too much luck in his movie career (Though I still think John Carter was a great movie). I usually don't like pre-judge a film or TV show until the finished product is finally out there so we can judge for ourselves. Because for all we know, our assumptions could be wrong and it might actually turn out to be good. It's happened before.

And that brings me to...

Beware the Batman "Et tu, Bob?" I really hoped you would have been better than that and not joined in the rush to judgment like other fanboys have and making a knee-jerk assumption of, "Eh, this sucks!" based on just one piece of promotional art that doesn't really tell us anything at all of what the show will actually be like. I really don't understand why people, Geeks especially, are pre-disposed to make snap judgments of a movie or TV show that has yet to come out based on just one photo or a few minutes of footage just because they simply don't like the artwork. It's a shallow, and frankly stupid way to judge anything.

Then again, you've also really had it out for The Amazing Spider-Man, despite that it looks like it'll be better than the Raimi films (There! I said it!) But that could be a case of two people seeing two completely different things.

Personally, I'm willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt until it comes out and I see a full episode for myself. I've seen this sort of thing happen before; people weren't crazy about The Batman or The Brave and the Bold when they first came out. Because in their minds nothing could even touch Batman: The Animated Series. And while they may not ever be as as revered as TAS, those shows did have their moments, and eventually won people over. Same with Spectacular Spider-Man, which wasn't exactly an instant hit with fans either when it first came out. People are even slowly starting to warm-up to Ultimate Spider-Man, even though that faced some negative reaction on its debut (though I think most of that is coming from butthurt fanboys who resent the show because Spectacular had to get cancelled in order for it to be made).

And in your Intermission piece; I'm guessing from your comments about Southern Gothic that you'll probably never watch True Blood since that is also set in the south. And while there are a few characters in that show who fit the "quirky southerner" stereotype, it's mostly relegated to minor or supporting characters. The main ones are fully developed characters. In fact, I think you might like it, as you might consider it to be the "Anti-Twilight," in that it's pretty much all the things that Twilight isn't. Just putting that out there.

Anonymous said...

The thing I hate most about Battleship, without actually having seen it, is, that Sony (I believe) sunk a good 200m Dollars into this. And because of this, they could not afford to do the "Dark Tower" Movies anymore, wich could have easily been the most goddamn awesome movies of all time. So f*** you, Sony, I hope this piece of crap flops really bad.

Lee Kalba said...

Hey Slithor, this isn't about one piece of art, full press kits went out and there's a teaser video (web search is your friend). After about five minutes of looking around, I found plenty to give me a bad feeling, too.
The promo piece alone, gives me concerns. Beware the goofy character design with weird alien heads. Beware a chameleon guy in what looks to be a beret. Beware a guy in a fucking rubber pig mask (named Professor Pyg, no less). Beware Alfred getting straight gangsta, with his 9s, blowin' mothafuckas away, 'cause he don't give a damn.
After watching that teaser video, it just got worse. Crappy CGI humans, lame "bad ass" line, bored-sounding voice actor... and I'm not even going to go into what I read from the press release blurb (anymore than how I know that's Alfred and Professor Pyg).

Lord Slithor said...

And again, Lee, none of that is still enough to make a fully-informed judgment on this show. I saw that teaser too. It told me absolutely nothing about the show. The press releases were sort of vague too. They didn't really say anything that couldn't have been applie really to any other incarnations of Batman.

Oh yeah, the dual-wielding Alfred. That seems to be what's at the center of this whole thing and why the fanboys are going apeshit. :rolleyes: I should point out that Alfred's background as a soldier and a spy prior to working for the Waynes has been something that's already been previously established in the comics. So this isn't an unheard of concept. So consequently I'm failing to work up any sort of outrage or trepidation about it.

I think Bat-Mite's quote from that episode of TBATB put it best: "Batman's rich history allow him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways." So I'd say there's plenty of room for exploration.

Benne said...

It's pretty telling how forgettable Battleship is when more people are talking about Bob's stinger.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Professor Pyg. Brilliant.

I'm actually kind of disappointed nobody says "the line", as cheesey as that would be.

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