Friday, May 11, 2012

Escape to the Movies: "Dark Shadows"

It's alright.

"Intermission" has Bobcat Goldthwait talking "God Bless America"


Smashmatt202 said...

I'm actually interested enough to check out the original TV series, as well as this movie.

Lord Slithor said...

Nice review, Bob. Pretty much what I thought it would be; not much to it, but still an enjoyable movie to watch. My fiancee and I both thought it looked funny. And if it delivers on that, then we'll be happy. Besides, as soon as I saw the Alice Cooper cameo in the trailer I was like, "SOLD!"

And yes, I've known about Casper's horse, Nightmare, for a long, long time.

Definitely want to check out God Bless America now. May not be quite as clever as Idiocracy, but it still sounds like it overcomes its flaws in spite of itself. I'm guessing it's only playing in limited release.

Funny, Goldthwait said almost the exact same things when he was on Bill Maher last weekend.

Chris said...

While I didn't watch the first Dark Shadows series I did watch the remake that came out in 1991. I liked the show and was disappointed when they canceled it right after a huge cliffhanger... Bastards

KevinCV said...

I honestly had never heard of "Dark Shadows" until I saw the range of stories on the website for the British company Big Finish Productions, who makes these really high quality audio dramas for "Doctor Who", of which I'm an avid listener.

They also have audios for "Stargate SG-1" as well as for "Highlander", "Sapphire and Steel", and Sherlock Holmes. But for the sake of staying on-topic and if you're interested: Enjoy. :)

Anonymous said...

A comment I saw on BAD mentioned Burton's Alice being dull because of the hero's journey. You should do an episode on that story structure and why it has made everything so tedious and predictable the moment you see the refusal.

Joe said...

Film Critic Hulk wrote a definitive essay on the failings of the Hero's Journey. If Bob has something cool to append to that, I'd love to hear it.