Monday, May 21, 2012

He Has Risen

The makers of ANCHORMAN 2 know how excited you are for ANCHORMAN 2 - so much so that they've cut a teaser for ANCHORMAN 2 even though ANCHORMAN 2 is still being written.


My only nagging concern about this is that we still haven't seen any indication that Christina Applegate is back. To my mind, she was pretty key to how well the first one worked; and it'd be a mistake (not to mention darkly ironic given the story of the first one) for the original's lone female lead not to return.


Ian T. Campbell said...

Hasn't anyone else noticed the visible age to these actors?

Highman_95 said...

Yea I'm with you, Ron looks a bit older now, along with Brick and I don't know why Fantana has a beard now. Don't get me wrong, I love beards (I'm gonna start growing one in a couple of days) but Fantana was classic with jut his mustache.