Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is It Amazing Yet?

So, two weekends ago Sony found out definitively that "The Amazing Spider-Man" is now all-but-destined to be the third-place finisher of Summer 2012's superhero blockbusters. "The money people" are already whispering that "Dark Knight Rises" probably won't beat "Avengers" boxoffice, and there's no way this is opening ahead of that, so... yeah.

Hence yesterday evening's huge multi-channel "special presentation" of a 4-minute preview of the film... about 2 1/2 minutes of which were all the scenes you've already seen in the trailers. The first minute and a half, however, are "new" and appear to be a major action scene that's been awkwardly re-edited/scored into trailer-beats - unless this is actually how they're cutting and scoring this thing, in which case... yikes...

Every problem I've had with every piece of advertising on this thing is still present, so let's just cut to the discussion: 1.) If you're Sony, is it really the best idea to tease what looks unavoidably like a less-interesting version of the big climactic action scene from the first movie as a BIG SETPIECE of your all-new-all-different reboot?

2.) Does anyone think (or maybe "has anyone observed?") the shell game the trailers keep playing about "The Untold Story" - i.e. trying to make this look more like a sequel with a big plot twist rather than a remake to audiences who might not follow this stuff as closely - is actually working? Or that it actually matters?


MerelyAFan said...

The bridge scene Seemed less like a setpiece and more an indication of Parker's character in the film (the giving of the mask to the kid). A taste of the personality of this Spider-Man.

And the latter aspect seems like just that, a take on Peter's parents rarely seen in a lot of media and even some comics. To much of the audience, the story of Richard and Mary Parker is an untold story.

Its an easy way of differentiating from the previous films with while utilizing characters who were technically part of Parker's story.

Given the fact all the trailers have featured a blond Gwen Stacy and no sign of a redhead, I'm not sure how this could even be interpreted as being in the old films' continuity.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Poor spider-man he just can't seem to catch a break lately. I'm gonna go watch an episode of Spectacular Spider-man & think about what could have been.

Wendy said...

I'm with you, Moviebob. I don't hold any hope at all for this movie. You've hit th nail on the head with every post about it and I wouldn't waste my money on it. I'll go see Avengers again and hope one day Marvel gets their rights back

Axle said...

BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA "Summer's Most Anticipated Film"

So for the shell game, I guess that would explain why Uncle Ben is barely in any trailers, and The Line isn't in any?

Anonymous said...

Axle, it sure seems that way. There's no meaning for this to be "possibly a sequel" MovieBob. The Raimi films told a story, this is the untold one. Or whatever.

The summer's most anticipated film is TDK or The Avengers, depending upon whom you ask. That's the funniest line in the trailer. So like films in january saying "the #1 comedy of the year" when it's FUCKING January!

Gavin McQue said...

"Summers most anticipated film!"


Seriously, seriously, I know it's technically just opinion so you can make stuff up, but seriously, The Dark Knight Rises?

How desperate are you when you outright say people would rather watch this than The Dark Knight Rises?

Logan Deckard said...

Okay so I guess I'm the only guy who's gonna be on "like" side huh? Alright I'm kinda used to it.

The idea of marketing is trying to appeal to literally EVERYONE. This includes low common denominator people that (unfortunately) make up a majority of the movie going public. If that means Sony has to market it as a "sequel" when the film is actually a interesting new take on Spiderman mythos I don't give it a shit. After reading numerous interviews with the cast and director I have an good idea with the vision being presented here and I feel really good about the whole project. I wish you could give the film a chance and let your bad blood with Sony go. I find it hard to believe you will ever give this film a positive review.

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

I liked the bit with the kid and the mask.

Aiddon said...

Wake me up when DKR comes out. That doesn't need 3D to break the box office.

Ankhwatcher said...

This is the first time I have been even slightly interested in the this movie, because the the trailer shows spiderman finally having something he was suppose to have all along:

Spiderman is meant to quick-witted and funny, but they ignored it in the last movies to concentrate on moping.

There's still some hope.

P.S. 3d can suck it.

Ankhwatcher said...

@Tom it made me think of Big Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Man, if I didn't know any better this I'd think this movie was shaping up to be awesome. All the blues in the lighting, and the look (poor quality CGI and all) just seems interesting and stylized. Action also looks good, and I actually really like the bit with the kid. Plus, that whole bioterrorist attack thing keeps making me think of Resident Evil (Lizard does look a bit like a hunter, now that I thnk about it), and Spidey's "wit" and personality are shaping up...
But goddamnit the hokey contrived backstory and the destiny angle throw all that stuff out the window.
Ya know, what with all the money they made on Avengers, you think Marvel could use that money to buy back Spidey and the rest?

Lord Slithor said...

Well, the good news is if this tanks, the the sequel plans will be scuttled and rights will revert back to Marvel/Disney.

Smashmatt202 said...

While watching the trailer, how could I NOT notice how they keep hammering down the whole "untold story" or "what happened to Peter Parker's parents?!"

And all I could say in response is "who the Hell cares?!"

What I mean by that is, I'm sure SOME of us might be interested in what happened to Peter Parker's parents, but it's ultimately NOT that important, at least not as important as his relationship to his aunt and ESPECIALLY his uncle.

Popcorn Dave said...

I like it. I'm still very hesitant about this film after those leaked clips a few weeks ago, but the scene with the kid is good. I mean, yeah, I guess it looks similar to that (pretty lame) scene from the first film, but it's clearly a very different scene, and I think once it's edited together probably and has some room to breathe it will be a very effective character moment (and definitely lessens the "Dane Cook" stuff people were worried about before).

Of course it's going to finish in third place - who expected any different? If they thought it would do Avengers type box office they would have spent Avengers type money on it.

Goku50k said...


Your going to have to explain this one to me because I just dont get it. Why is that this film isnt being trashed by the internet community but The Dark Knight Rises AND The Man of Steel are??? I really dont understand the "nerd" community sometimes and I'm part of it.

MerelyAFan said...


Because there's been a growing disillusionment with Nolan (possibly rooted in doubts about this film topping TDK and his hyperrealistic style). Combine that with the mixed reaction to Catwoman the the stuff about Bane's voice, and you have people anticipating a disappointment.

Warner Bros's handling of non-Batman related DC movies has been shaky, even before the Green Latern mess. Combine that skepticism about Zack Snyder's work, especially after "Sucker Punch" and you have a lot of fans wonder how Superman could be screwed up yet again.

Amazing Spider-Man, perhaps because its much more under the radar, hasn't drawn that much overt criticism because people don't know quite what to make of it. Marc Webb is untested, but has no negative reputation either. The film was made quickly and with a smaller budget to keep films rights, but so was X-Men First Class and that turned out great.

The Untold Story stuff seems hokey to comic fans/comic film buffs, but much of the casual moviegoing market could just see it as "Oh they're doing stuff with Peter's parents. Huh, neat I guess." Plus its looking to feature things that just weren't in the Raimi films (witty Spider-Man, Web-Shooters, Lizard) and that might be enough.

Finally its been 5 years since a Spider-Man films and the in the minds of many 8 years since a good one. Just seeing one with some good action, fun character bits, and a decent story, is attraction in and of itself.

El Pibe Progre said...

The Dark Knight Rises thrashed? What community you talkin' about?

As for the Man of Steel.. people only know a few posters and "leaked" photos, so they get a wrong impression of it.
The same happened to X-Men First Class. Everyone was thrashing it (specially continuity obsessed fans) and int ended up being a huge success.

Now back to ASM: I was pretty excited for this movie. But I'm not a fan of the change to Peter's origin story (which I won't spoil here).

Aiddon said...

the one that apparently exists only in people's heads. I think some people are just bitter over Nolan (rightfully) not caring for aesthetic decisions that would look DUMB in live-action.

Goku50k said...

I understand where some of the TDKR stuff "might" be coming from but I have to say there are good third films and at the same time it is Nolan we are talking about, I've heard lots of people say but its Nolan's time to make a "bad" film, but hey, Kubrick never made one, Scorsese never really made one Darren Aronofsky never made one. I just think that good directors know how to make good films. NOW what I do understand is the disillusionment about Nolan style although I do particularly like his style for Batman I can see why some people are tired of it. Plus at the same time people complaining about Catwoman doesnt make any sense to me, truth be told all Nolan is doing is stick to style. Same thing with Bane.

Now having said that this new Spider-Man film looks just aweful, I was defending it at first but this now it just looks bad. Terrible CGI, the Lizard seems like a weird villain to choose for an opening movie and to be honest this whole untold story thing is just ridiculous. It worked for Batman Begins in some ways but that is because there is no definitive story about what he does between the time that he is a boy and the time that he is Batman. I just dont understand this at all.

Plus for the Man of Steel Zack Snyder is proven himself in my book with Watchman and its Nolan and David Goyer backing him up.

Natalie (DSQ) said...

I'm willing to give this film a a chance because there are some talented actors in it however you are right about it being destened to finnish third this summer. here is noway it will beat Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers is looking like it might just keep making money until christmas!

But still Garfield does look like he will be a good spiderman if nothing else.

בזינגה said...

If I didn't know the the ticket numbers in Israel are insignificant, I would think that this is some form of gorilla marketing by sony.
explanation - this is the Israeli version of American idol.