Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Post-Movie Podcast: Avengers

I was back on the Post-Movie Podcast with Steve Head and John Black this week, talking about "The Avengers." Here's the link to the iTunes page where you can download this and other episodes; embed is below the jump:


Lido said...

The original Defenders are Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange, and Silver Surfer, the Champions are Hercules, Ghost Rider, Angel, and Ice Man. The Ant-Man film is going to feature Scott Lang and Hank Pymn with Lang being the main character, currently Hank Pymn is the Wasp as Janet Van Dyne died during the Secret Invasion. I'm surprised you missed the subtext that "director" Fury is forced by his council of overseers and funders to ditch his high concept weird idea for a more realistic and traditional concept. Isn't that the same message in Cabin in the Woods. Thor's issue is less fish out of water and more dealing with how evil his brother has become.

McKinney said...

I keep telling people that the best thing they could do would be to make mini-series out of lesser Avengers, like Luke Cage. Isaiah Mustafa has gone on the record as saying he'd love to play Cage. Other's could be done similarly.

And I would LOVE an "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." movie. And a Whedon-written/directed Wonder Woman.

Lido said...

Coulson's death isn't actually confirmed, he's set to be appearing in another unnamed movie in the future, people are saying that either Fury lied about his death or that he will be reborn as the vision, most likely he'll show up in 2014 during the "Summer of SHIELD" with a rumored SHIELD movie, Captain America 2, and a rumored Ant-Man movie that has just begun viral marketing. also Green Arrow is the guy with the boxing glove arrow, the reason Tony wasn't turned by Loki's spear is because his Arc reactor runs on a piece of the cosmic cube after his father discovered in World War 2. The Star Trekkianness of Loki's power is a reference to "Wrath of Khan" when Khan takes over the mind of several federation officers. Mark Ruffalo is slated for a 2015 Hulk movie but won't be appearing in the upcoming TV show that has been floated, he most likely will appear in a cameo in Iron Man 3, there has been a leak that the Maria Hill character in Avengers is named as a Skrull Princess in the script could be nothing could be something.

Joe said...

I always thought that SHIELD had been reinvented in the Marvel film universe--much like in the Ultimate universe--as a US government agency (H is for "Homeland"). But in The Avengers Fury regularly reports to that council consisting of a man with an American accent, a woman with a British accent, a man with a "foreign" accent and a silent Asian man. I wondered if they weren't going with the original United Nations-backed SHIELD, and Fury was reporting to the UN Security Council. That would make sense if SHIELD was being fashioned into Earth's first line of defense against threats from other worlds.

Anonymous said...

@ Joe: In the Marvel One Shot, The Consultant, Coulson is talking to another agent and calls the the Global Security Council, and being that Fury calls them 'The Council' in the Avengers, one can assume that's what he means. So I'm guessing it's not really U.N. backed, so much as, "These guys have been elected to make sure this superhero/supervillain thing doesn't get too out of control"

Anonymous said...

Bob, your voice sounds WAY better in this podcast than it does on any of your shows. You might consider asking them how they do their audio.

Joe said...

@Anonymous 1:58 AM:

Thanks! After some digging, it looks like they were created specifically for the Marvel movie universe. They also have the authority to sanction a nuclear strike on American soil (possibly) without consulting the President or Congress. Scary.

Anonymous said...

I think Loki's staff had the mind gem in it as it was messing with the avengers in the lab

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

I actually believe this movie is way more important than most people realise.
Not just in the marketing things with building up to a movie or so on.

No no, what I talk about is how it's the definition of a FUN movie, and reminded us what these kinds of movies are for.
I've begged for so long for some one to go back and do it simple, because by being simple you got room for the filling, and that's this movie, and no other movie have done that this long decade, they have all been to busy desperately trying to be unique and deep.

AND! the world and I as an internet critic soooo needed this movie!

I needed it, as a point of reference in the future.

As I review Transformers, I can point to this movie and tell what it did right Transformers doesn't.
I can point to how the humour is handled, how the characters are handled, how simple the story line can be, how the fights are handled.
And as I review Fantastic four or Green Lantern, again! I just know that from now on, Avengers will be my point of reference!

I soooo needed this point of reference, it has done every-thing I have been looking for.

If there is some-thing I have repeated over and over in my reviews its. "Do it more simple! be economic, you don't need all this stuff, it doesn't do any-thing any-way!"

Man, it is indeed the movie I have been waiting for for a veeeery long time.

Tom Speelman said...

Fun stuff, Bob!

I saw The Avengers last night in 3D and..WOW. Just WOW. I was giddy and excited for about an hour afterwards. This is for sure my movie of the year.

Brandon said...

I'll tell you EXACTLY what's wrong with 2008 Incredible Hulk:

The Hulk isn't a character. He's just a thing that happens to Bruce Banner. He might as well be a werewolf. So as soon as he comes on-screen, the audience stops giving a shit.

Like, go back and watch that scene in the 2008 movie where Hulk fights super-serum Blonsky on the college campus.

Now try to figure out why Blonsky is the main character in that scene. It'll make your head spin.