Saturday, May 19, 2012

Silly Season

Below, a trailer for "2016: Obama's America," a political-propaganda documentary that alledges to explain the "real motivation" behind all the sinister things paranoid dumbfuck white people conservatives were sure that Barack Obama was going to do but didn't do so now they're sure he's just waiting to do in his hypothetical second term. The bulk of this particular theory is coming from one Dinesh D'Souza, whose supposed "eureka!" concerning Obama is that he's not a socialist but rather an Africa-centric anti-colonialist who wants to dismantle American/Western power to the benefit of nations/peoples who previously suffered under Western colonialism - the "between the lines" on that, of course, is "White people, look out! Obama is going to take your stuff and give it to brown people!"

D'Souza, incidentally, is the author of "The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and It's Responsibility For 9/11;" which argued that secular American cultural exports like feminism, abortion-rights, atheism, gay-equality etc. are to blame for making Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists decide to attack the United States. So... yeah, charming guy.

Does the Republican Party power-structure (who, let's be clear, would CRUSH this thing if they didn't think it would help) buy D'Souza's batshit psychoanalysis? Probably not - but that's not the point. The point is it offers a faux-reasonable excuse to juxtapose images of the President with footage of black people rioting violently. Y'know, because this is ALL about the economy and has absolutely NOTHING to do with race.

Incidentally, observe the (seemingly) out-of-context, near-subliminal shot of a black family squabbling flailingly over a game of Monopoly starting at around 0:51. You stay classy, GOP.


Kris Russell said...

Now the only thing missing in this trailer is Michael Bay's own director title card to EXPLODE into frame.

Anonymous said...

I took some advertising classes and one of the most haunting, enlightening things I ever read came from a textbook about branding: "racism is not dead". It said that on average, an explicitly ethnic name drives business, sales, and casting opportunities way down compared to a bland Joe or Jane Smith type nonentity. Maybe it's not cool to say "I hate black people", but it sure does affect people's behavior regardless.

Also: in before James.

Merrick_HLC said...

I truly enjoy that hardcore right-wingers have convinced themselves "Well, he didn't take away our guns, outlaw religion, and force everyone to get gay married THIS term, because he wants to lull us into a false sense of security so he can do it NEXT term"

Because, that's such a wonderful sound strategy, to NOT do it when you actually have power so you can wait to MAYBE have the same amount of power (or less depending on makeup of Congress) to get it all done.

biomechanical923 said...

@ Merrick
True, but Obama didn't do much of ANYTHING in his first couple of years....back when he actually had a house majority able to do so.

Megabyte said...

"The point is it offers a faux-reasonable excuse to juxtapose images of the President with footage of black people rioting violently. Y'know, because this is ALL about the economy and has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. "

...a little early to pull the "if you don't like Obama, you're racist" card, isn't it, Bob?

But I guess it will be time to dust it off soon... because trust me... the O-man doesn't WANT it to be about the economy.

Anon1 said...

Wow, as a person who would identify themselves as left of center, there are SO many amazing and weird scenes in this trailer. Did I literally just see what looks like a slap fight over Monopoly? Would people not be able to play a board game civilly with a second term from Obama? Also is that supposed to be B.O. in the jeans and sneakers grieving at his father's grave? Am I supposed to be frightened at this scene? Cause I actually kinda empathetic for the guy now.
Will there be a Fox news segment where they lay into this guy as hard as Michael Moore for this obvious bias film direction and fear mongering? Or is it okay now that he is on there side?
Even with Mitt R. and some of the other republican candidates, I can't imagine End-of-America-and-the-world bullshit that these types of people are trying to associate with Obama.

Elessar said...

Well to be fair to his book, isn't the fact that America is free and open to gays, atheism, feminism etc. all included under the blanket explanation of 'they hate our freedom'? So therefore, every time we outlaw gay marriage, the terrorists win?

Also, so he's basically trying to make Glenn Beck distilled into film form? Could be hilarious, in the same way that The Undefeated was (the shitty Sarah Palin doc, not the Oscar winning one). I mean, come on The Undefeated, you do know she LOST the VP race, right?

antecedentless said...

Your "giving money to brown people" argumenet would have more weight to it if Dinesh D'Souza was not born in Mumbai.

Nevertheless, hard anti-conservatives will continue to find reasons for my party to be the party of progress opposing closeted neo-confederates... but my party is doing little to help matters. Us conservatives should be deeply ashamed of the fact that the republican primary was a whitewash... instead of just writing it off as (current) minorities being "bought and paid for."

antecedentless said...


MovieBob said...


I'm aware that D'Souza is of Indian descent (and incidentally, what kind of crippling self-hate must be at work in an Indian-American who frames "anti-colonialist" as a negative sentiment?) I'm also aware that whatever his own background he has cheerfully waded into the minority-villainization game many times before; usually by propping up the affirmative-action boogeyman myth.

Anonymous said...

James, you are dumb. And apparently very bored most of the time.

Sssonic said...

@ James: It really should tell you something that I, who also finds some of Bob's perspectives and conclusions questionable, or churlish, or misguided some times, find your increasingly obsessive behavior towards him a little disturbing.

I get how you feel, really and truly I do. But I think you're seriously crossing a line with just how much you're hammering away at this, on literally everything Bob posts, repeatedly, and contributing literally nothing new, time and time and time again. For your own well-being? Knock it off. There are unquestionably better, more effective things to be doing with your time, because nothing you say or do here is going to make the kind of significant, objective difference that some might say justifies this sort of harassment.

Anonymous said...

You're stalking his twitter too? Christ dude, get a girlfriend.

Hammbone said...


harassment is illegal. online or off, and it being "deserved" doesnt make it any less illegal. as of right now, you are only protected by the annonimity of the internet and not being able to track who you really are. (at least for now) so please take a chill pill (or what ever pill your psychiatrists say you should be taking)

PS: want to know why bob didnt rail of the stupid anti-bush propaganda film at this very second? they happened years ago. and got massive amounts of media coverage (if you can call fox news media, otherwise it got "some" mainstream media coverage) this "film" has not pulled much press at this moment...

Aiddon said...

Well, that's disgusting

Merrick_HLC said...

I wouldn't say the "Bush was behind 9/11" crap was really 'liberal'

Lots of people on the right believe that crap too.

Far levels of conspiracy theory bullshit are like a party of their own.
and I have to say I love the blatant hypocrisy someone who actually routinely calls people who disagree with them "sheep" bashing someone for being arrogant, narcissistic, and/or intellectually dishonest.

Do as I say you should do, not as I do, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Could someone just hack James ip adress and arrange an intervention?

Anon2 said...

James, Libertarianism is something that by definition will do its best to not do anything. It will send the world back into the dark ages out of fear that it might destroy someone's right to be an abusive, 1%, corporate pseudo-monarch.

I won't say how good good Romney or Obama will be, but I know that Gary Johnson getting paid $400k a year to not govern will be much, much worse.

Also, no one deserves harassment.

Anon1 said...

Okay, lets just break down everything you said
"I don't care if it's harassment. Bob deserves it for his arrogant, narcissistic, hypocritical, intellectually dishonest attitude."
Arrogant-Like when you come onto his personal blog and essentially say he has no right to speak his mind on anything unless there is also a "but the other side is just as bad" statement for everything. For you to come onto his blog with this attitude is almost like you going butting into a conversation that you have no interest in just to start trouble.
Narcissistic- How many times have you made posts not only expecting to get a reaction but feel like you DESERVE one from Bob? If Bob refuses to acknowledge you every time you post, it doesn't mean he is a dick. It means he doesn't have the time to deal with you.
Hypocritical-Your first post said that both parties are filled with hate and don't deserve anyone's time, almost every time you post something it is just filled with hate towards Bob. Is it okay for you then cause if some else is a hypocrite you can be one too?
IDA-Here is the big problem with you. You come on here all time with the guise of wanting to debate and hear other opinions. But in reality you come on hear to start arguments, derail conversations, and use it as your own personal soapbox to insult Bob because this is the only place you are heard.
As for the whole harassment and he deserves it thing. I know you would be all over Bob for saying something like that. You always come on here with this persecution complex and feel like Bob is being a jerk for his abrasive opinions. But with that statement, it is 100% clear what your intentions are every time you post.
At least with posters like Wendy who disagree with Bob a lot, they actually come on here to discuss ideas with people and point out flaws in Bob's stances on things without turning it into just name calling. I used to get mad at you James, but now I just pity you because it is clear that you spend way too much time stalking Bob.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Okay, so James obviously thinks the closest online equivalent to sheer blunt force is the way to change the opinion of F-list internet celebrities. Well, let's offer a chance of putting real blunt force into the equation.

James, go buy a stack of concrete bricks and stack them up to about five and a half feet or so. Dress it up like Bob, print out a picture of his face, and stick it on the top. Now, using nothing but your hands, feet, and head, crack open Concrete Bob's skull. No sledgehammer, no lifting and dropping blocks, just crush it with your awesome karate skills. Make sure to record the entire process (so we know you didn't use styrofoam) and upload it.

If you do all this, Bob will have no choice but to concede to your worldview because otherwise, he'll have to worry about you murdering him at Escapist Expo.

Saarai'ari said...

@James: Dude, I've looked at MovieBob's comments on Eugenics you linked and he doesn't support it. He was making a joke. A bad stupid joke probably, but a joke none the less. Either your mind is too clouded by anger to see that, or just don't understand kriffing sarcasm at all. AND NO, HARASSMENT IS NOT OK TO DO REGARDLESS OF THE REASON. And calling MovieBob and others sheep for supporting Obama?! That's quite something from somebody whose twitter I've seen spends almost all day messaging people to vote Gary Johnson when he's not harassing them. You yourself are quite the sheep. I once considered myself a libertarian long ago, and perhaps a little bit still today, but it's people like YOU within certain circles within Libertarianism that made me see it wasn't worth my vote and go liberal/democrat. James, your harassment of MovieBob and behavior toward others doesn't help Libertarianism at all, nor Gary Johnson. Like Anon1, I used to be angry at you and others like you. Now I just pity you and them.

Laserkid said...

I was going to just make a co9mment about how idiots like this don't help at all, because believe it or not most of those right of center are not thios ridiculously loony (just as those left of center are mostly not as loony as the extremes that claim bush was behi8nd 9/11), and here we have James being abusive for no good reason.

Sir, I know you mean well and are upset - I often myself get upset with Bob when he ends up needlessly dismissing viewpoints he disagrees with, but you don't change that by doing the same thing abck to him.

You aren't helping yourself, anyone who might afgree with some of yur sentiment, nor are you going to impact any change you maywb ant by acting like this. Ypu're acting like a child whose favorite toy ahs been broken and needs attention from anyone who could possibly give it.

I know how you feel, I love bob's entertainment videos and even became a screw attack paid member just to financially support the game overthinker production because I b4elieve he is a very itnelligent person whose videos on entertainment I greatly enjoy, but when it comes to politics I end up hitting my head into a wall half the time with him. So I totally get where you're coming from James, but freaking out because some random guy online derided you is just really childish.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, James, everybody on this blog knows who you are. Please post a picture or a detailed description of yourself. Rule 34 demands it.

patrick.b.healy said...

D'souza is brown, thus cannot be racist in my Anglo-American understanding of the world.

MovieBob said...

Folks may have noticed this thread is now 7 comments lighter. That's what happens to trolls here now - my house my rules.

P.S. People who REALLY want to help keep trolls away and prevent me from having to go to approval-based commenting (which will be as big a pain in MY ass as it will be in yours) would probably do well to stop acknowledging bad behavior when it crops up. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...
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Nixou said...

"Does the Republican Party power-structure (who, let's be clear, would CRUSH this thing if they didn't think it would help) buy D'Souza's batshit psychoanalysis?"

You see Bob, that where your analysis falls a little short: of course the upper-class parasites ruling the GOP don't believe a word from D'Souza's bullshit. What you don't see is that the so-called "paranoid dumbfuck" GOP voting base does not believe a word from it either.
They know that Obama does not want to wage a revenchist holy war against white conservatives, because they know that if that had been his goal, he would already have won it.

The thing is, if what you think deep down is "the system is rigged in my advantage, I am rather prosperous because the system is screwing over millions of people more talented and more hardworking than I am therefore my ongoing personal prosperity demands that the system remains rigged", it is in your best interest to look like a paranoid dumbfuck: even the most infuriated screwed-over prole will hesitate before bringing torches and pitchforks to the door of an imbecile.


Also, Bob: the D'souza are portugese aristocrats who settled in India: this is not self hate which motivates him: he's the descendant of a blue-blooded colonialist family which oppressed the people it colonized.

Wendy said...

Moviebob, your hypocrisy is the worst. You scream for tolerance, yet give none of your own. you wouldn't look me in the eye and give my opinion an ice cube's chance in hell without damning me in your mind.

I've had it with being called shit by someone intelligent enough to know he should treat others with at least a touch of humanity. I'm done with you. Fuck you, Moviebob.

Paul said...

This sort of stuff makes me feel glad that I'm not eligible to vote (in this country). Of course it's also really annoying because I class myself as the sort of person that votes based on policy, not propaganda and the more voters who ignore this stuff the less of it we'll see.

Of course I also get to wheel out the no taxation without representation card when people decide to play "hold the English guy personally responsible for 1776"

But seriously as a Brit I find American politics bizarre in the extreme. UK politics argues policy (at length) not personalty and religion is kept well out of the entire thing. Back home everyone plays to the center ground and the swing voters and lets the fringe parties appeal to the extremes.

Anonymous said...

Its like Whack-a-Mole in here. James leaves, and Wendy picks right back up from where he left off.

Avistew said...

Atheism is a cultural export from the US? I thought you guys had almost no atheists and that it was a mistrusted minority.

Rory said...

Jeez, every time Bob post ANYTHING political it always degrades into a obnoxious pissing/cock-measuring match. I don't even think The Daily Show gets as much rage as someone's personal blog like this. Do people really need to feel like they've accomplished something by screaming at individuals who don't have the same opinion as they do!? To quote a greater American then that Randy...

"It's ALL A JOKE!" -The Comedian