Friday, June 15, 2012

Bay "Turtles" Ninja'd

Crack the bubbly and break out the unconventional pizza toppings - Paramount has indefinitely shut-down production of the (awful-sounding) Michael Bay produced TMNT reboot! The reason? Apparently, the script is terrible - who could've guessed, huh?

This is almost-certainly good news for Turtles fandom, and even better news for film critics who'll now have one less Michael Bay movie to endure next year (the film is still on Paramount's "schedule," in much the same way that Warner Bros. is still super suuuuper cereal about "Green Lantern 2;") but it's just the latest in what has been a spectacular slow-motion implosion at Paramount. Just last month, the studio was "forced" to yank it's mega-hyped, highly-anticipated "G.I. Joe" sequel from the Summer schedule for massive (expensive) reshoots and retooling so close to 'last minute" that the merchandise is already in stores. Last week, it was revealed that the already troubled production of the zombie-actioner "World War Z" now includes a ballooning budget and the shooting of an entirely new third-act.

It sucks to be Paramount right now - they had a huge few years in the blockbuster business, but it was for distributing movies made largely outside the studio itself i.e. the Marvel Studios films and the Spielberg/Bay/Hasbro-backed "Transformers" trilogy. When Marvel started being absorbed by Disney (the only reason your not seeing mass-layoffs at Paramount now is that a contract agreement entitled Paramount to a bigger-than-you'd-think share of "The Avengers" massive haul) and it briefly looked like Bay would bow-out of the robot business after "Dark of The Moon;" Paramount scrambled to get new tentpoles set up to take their place... and it looks like the haphazard results of that scrambling are now coming home to roost.

It's likely that the film will still get made, though probably not in the form that was taking shape at this point: The project was set up principally by Paramount's fellow Viacom-underling Nickelodeon, which paid a small fortune to buy the rights from multiple sources including Haim Saban (who, in turn, went and bought his "Power Rangers" baby back from Disney, who suddenly had other things to pay attention to in the "action figure farming" department, and round-and-round it goes...) and is still set to launch a new series this year.

Bay is still supposed to be making "Transformers 4" for the studio as part of a deal to get his Mark Whalberg/The Rock bodybuilder-crimespree project "Pain & Gain" released. I was getting the sense that TF4 was on it's way to falling by the wayside, but at this point they kinda HAVE to make it - it's the only sure thing they've got in the pipe now.


Merrick_HLC said...

I'm still vaguely in shock that GI Joe 2 was recalled to NOT kill off Channing Tatum.

I'm one of those who actually liked the first movie, but he was easily the weakest, least likable part of that movie.

Looking up what other Paramount has upcoming.
Hansel & Gretel should be decent, but I doubt it'll light up the box office.

The Star Trek sequel should make some considerable bank though (I know you didn't care for that movie, Bob, but I did).

Outside of those though, there isn't really much on the plate I recognize by name alone.

B.L.C. Agnew said...

"The only sure thing they've got?"

Someone forgot about Star Trek 2 for a minute there, huh?

But yeah, other than that and Transformers 4, Paramount is in some rough waters.

Brendan said...

What the hell is going on at Paramount? By all accounts the delays for GI Joe were just so they could convert it to 3D at the last minute, as well as shoot some extra scenes with Channing Tatum. WWZ has been a screwed up production since the getgo. Now they're scrapping one of their next planned blockbusters due to a lousy script.

This is all stuff that should have been sorted out well ahead of time. Who's running the asylum over there?

Anonymous said...

Knowing Michael Bay, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't moving forward because the damn script exploded XD

Anonymous said...

This is bitter sweet. On the one hand, I really wanted a new Turtle movie to come out, but I hated that Bay was attached to it.

THOOM said...

Anonymous 9:39 PM

Then why is it bittersweet? The fact that everyone was complaining that Bay was making the movie means that you all "just knew" it was going to be awful? So why would you want that?

And I hate when people say "who's running the asylum" about a successful private company. All they did was scrap the plans for an awful movie, and decide to postpone another one. Don't worry, the movies will be released, and everyone will go see them. And Paramount will make millions.

Nuggett said...

Thank god that movie got shut down. I mean come on, alien turtles... Ruined childhood evaded :P

No but seriously, it's porbably for the best because the script truely did sound horrible

Chris Cesarano said...

The movie got put on hiatus, but that doesn't mean Michael Bay still isn't attached. He could still insist on some really, really bad ideas.

It's a semi-victory, but until we hear more about it I'm still going in cautiously pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

We should probably accept that unless Eastman and/or Laird are specifically brought on board in a major way, the film won't make Ninja Turtles fans happy. Note I didn't say it will necessarily suck (although Michael Bay hasn't had a single fuck to give in over a decade), but it probably won't hit the tone, themes, and style of the series, either.

It is still a good thing this got shelved because once something gets a film, you're not seeing a different interpretation in theaters for at least a decade (Hulk notwithstanding).

Tom Badguy said...

Best news I've heard all day.