Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big Picture: "The New Green"



Joshua the Anarchist said...

I doubt the "drawing Power Girl" thing quite explains it considering by all accounts New 52 Power Girls dresses far more, eh, conservatively than the traditional outfit (shocking, I know).

While I agree that picking a Justice Society character for this was a neat idea, Alan Scott specifically seems like a poor choice, not just because the "weakness to wood" & "flaming" jokes will never die, but because he had a gay son, Obsidian, in the regular continuity for years. Watching old school All American traditionalist Alan Scott have to come to grips with his son's sexuality, clearly not "used to it" but trying to be open-minded, made for an interesting dynamic and some heartfelt moments. The idea that in this universe Todd comes out to Alan only for him to respond "That's okay son! I'm gay too!" sounds like a far less interesting story. All I'm saying is Jay Garrick or Ted Grant might've made for a better choice.

biomechanical923 said...
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Anonymous said...

Unless it's a new character it's always going to feel like a cheap stunt that does not help LGBT causes at all, because it makes instant animosity between heterosexual fans and the new LGBT fans that are being targeted.

biomechanical923 said...

Open question @ MovieBob and the rest of the community.

Is there ever a point at which "making up for lost time" and "evening out the playing field" becomes punitive?

The reason I ask this, is because as a white, male, cis-gendered person, I still witness a lot of proverbial "pearl clutching" and fear-mongering of such. While I've chided Bob for using Fox News and Breitbart as simple strawmen, a lot of their message kind of boils down to "we can't stop oppressing people, or they're going to start oppressing us back to show us how it feels". It's a real kind of "D.W. Griffith"-ish vibe I pick up from conservative members of my community and family that's sort of like "we can't surrender because they're not planning on taking any prisoners".

Has anybody seen anything like this in their own communities?

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...


Obsidian being wiped out in the New-52 was was pretty much the key reason why writer James Robinson decided to make Alan gay.

So it doesn't look like Obsidian (or Jade, his daughter) are happening at all. If they do, it'll either be via a weird plot device or a changing of their identities.

On the main issue, I like the change but feel that it's kind of a cop-out on DC's part.

They can say they made an "iconic"* character gay without it being the one that everyone thinks of when they hear his name.

And really, just a character being gay shouldn't be a big shocker nowadays, if you ask me.

Now, the gay marriage between Northstar and his boyfriend in the pages of Astonishing X-Men seems like a much more relevant story to me, given the current societal circumstances.

But still, I really liked the first issue of Earth 2, and I'm interested in seeing where it's going.

Shark said...

@Sam Robards

They got rid of the gay son to make Alan Scott gay? Don't that open a whole can of Unfortunate Implications?

Joshua the Anarchist said...


Well, so much for progress then. DC has EXACTLY as many gay men as they had before. LESS in fact. I don't think minor gay characters like Tasmanian Devil are gonna be showing up in the New 52 anytime soon.

And I liked Obsidian & Jade, dammitt!! So many of my favorite characters have completely vanished in the reboot with no word of their return. The Doom Patrol, the Secret Six, the MOTHERFUCKING QUESTION!!! GAAAAAH!!!!

Wow, that opened up some old wounds. I thought I was done bitching about the reboot.

T4_was_here said...

Hmm, would Wonder Woman being straight be considerd weird in her "man hating" amazon culture?

But back too "COMICS ARE WEIRD", I hope you cross it over with "VIDEOGAMES ARE WEIRD" and talk about all the license wackyness.
And ofcouce the big one, the Sonic comics.(yes there is more then one)
Its a goldmine of stuff to talk about, like:
How one of the old cretors has become a mad sueing crybaby.
Or how the british Sonic the comic got a unofficial official online sequel.
For not mentioning the up & down 'n twist and turns off the comics them self.

But lastly back to DC I just want to say:
Justice League movie? Nah f that noise, Teen Titans is where its at.

James said...

I have my own problem with DC making Alan Scott gay - was it necessary? Why isn't the company writing better stories with their current roster of LGBT heroes/heroines rather than outing another character just for publicity? Hell, Scott's son, Obsidian, WAS gay and a well-established character... until the reboot erased him from continuity

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...


They got rid of Obsidian as part of the New-52 reboot since they de-aged all the remaining characters.

Robinson, lamenting the fact that DC lost a good gay character (Robinson was writing JSA, where Obsidian appeared, prior to the reboot), simply said, "Why don't we just make Alan Scott gay?"

It could lead to some odd implications. Especially if DC does end up introducing an adult Obsidian and/or Jade as his kid(s) later on down the line.

What would be really unfortunate is if they kill off Alan Scott's love interest in the same issue he's introduced, as some people are speculating.

Lido said...

as a lot of people have mentioned yeah they killed off Alan's already gay son Obsidian, making it seem like Gayness in the DCU is like energy, it cannot be created or destroyed, only change form. Seriously though I think a bolder way better step would have been for them to make Hal Jordan and Barry Allen a gay couple, they already act that way in comics now so just go the whole 9 yards

Razmere said...

I have always felt it was sorta lazy to just tweak an existing hero to satisfy a target audience.

"MEH, we're too lazy to make a kickass black superhero. Just make a black green lantern."

Okay, that was some generalizing but you get the idea. I have no problem with there being a gay superhero, but I just think it was lazy to have it be "GREEN LANTERN FROM ANOTHER SPACE TIME CONTINUITY!" Just seems kinda gimmicky.

But like you said, a step in the right direction!

Lord Slithor said...

Well, this at least cleared-up some misconceptions, as I thought this would be the exact same Golden Age Alan Scott. But apparently, it's just a de-aged, alternate timeline version of him. So, essentially, pretty much a new character for all intents and purposes. All the more reason then to give this whole thing a big shrug.

As someone else pointed out, considering that Marvel is marrying Northstar, who had been established for years already as being gay, by comparison DC's move seems even more clumsy.

Personally, I'm kind of ambivalent of changing the sexuality of an established character. I remember being pretty miffed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when they made Willow, my favorite character, a lesbian for apparently no reason. Aside from her alternate universe vampire doppleganger, there wasn't really anything about the character to indicate she might have had any homosexual tendencies (if anything, her vampire alternate was indicated as being bisexual, if I recall). So to have her suddenly come out and be gay - and totally disregard her heterosexual relationship with Oz, which was a big part of her character's history - just seemed really out of left field and done for no other apparent reason than just to be topical.

I guess maybe if it had been established or hinted at much earlier in the show...or at the very least they made her bisexual, I would have been more accepting of it. But to me, it just seemed really arbitrary. With this Alan Scott being essentially a new character with what amounts to a different backstory on the other hand, I don't have that much of a problem with.

Daniel R said...

Its sad that the reboot erased Jade and Obsidian from the picture entirely.

Its sad that its a character not that many people aren't aware of, an alternate version of said character at that.

Its sad DC won't bite the bullet and make Wonder Woman or even Billy Batson gay.

Its sad that the Big Two are basically playing catch up to the rest of the world. Seriously, fucking Archie beat the X-Men to a gay wedding issue.

But progress is progress, so yeah I'm largely glad about this.

Also; As you said, its kinda neat that its a 'John Wayne Mans-Man" character instead of a pixyish bisexual hawty.
But I still think it would have been awesome if it was one of the Robins. Preferably Tim Drake.

Partly biased because; the idea of a gay teenage crime fighter appeals to me specifically because I am a bi teenager.

But I think it'd work great. Batman could be an example of the proud father of a gay son. DC could 'compete' with Marvel who are usually lauded for Wiccan and Hulkling's relationship.
It would be nice to see the Titans have a gay member (other then Bunker, who at plain sight looks to be a simple stereotype, haven't read the book so I can't say for sure, but his costume is violet and neon pink for God's sake!)
And it would be a chance to take control of those stupid insults and jokes.
"Hur Dur Robin is so gay." "Hell yeah I am, what of it!?"