Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Think There Might Be A Batman Movie Coming Out Soon

Below, another new trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises." I've gotta say, it really is awesome to see a big studio like Warner Bros. doing both the right and smart thing by pouring all this advertising into small, offbeat, auteur fare like this that actually needs a big marketing push to make people aware of it; instead of blowing it all on some gigantic, bloated, pre-sold blockbuster that everyone on the planet already knows is coming out in a ridiculous scramble to assure that some sort of headline-grabbing-yet-ultimately-pointless boxoffice "record" either gets hit or broken, y'know?


R said...

It almost certainly won't beat the Avengers at the box office (that was less a movie and more a landmark in cinema history: the coming together of 5 years worth of movies and many groups of fans), but hey, at least it should still be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Today box office success is pointless, for The Avengers it was apparently a sign if cinematic revolution. Ok. Whatever.

Personally I enjoyed the trailer, though it didn't get me excited for the film as thus previous ones have. The 3rd one had this ominous tone that really got me energized for the film. This me was cool, but basically just quick action shots with some good music. I'm not complaining, though at this point I'm kinda just ready for the film to get here:D

Also, no comment on the generally positive reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man coming from the UK?

Kholdstare said...

Looks about as boring as ever. Pass.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...

Yeah, I'm afraid this looks a bit pedestrian.

I'm sure it'll be a well-made movie, but, compared to The Avengers, it looks flat-out droll. Yeah, they won't compete at all for audience attention given their respective release dates, but that's what everyone's going to compare it to.

Bane is terrible, and I can't help but laugh at how poorly cast Anne Hathaway was every time I see her in that atrocious "Catwoman" get-up.

Don't get me wrong: I want it to be a good movie, but I'm expecting a mediocre one. Same with Amazing Spider-Man.

KevinCV said...

I've been a bit cautiously optimistic about this movie, but this trailer has me a bit more excited about it. Maybe I'm just easily entertained. Particularly liked that it ended on a slightly comedic note with Michael Caine's sarcasm.

LeVar said...

Its funny, a week or two ago I got asked a question. "Are they making a new Batman movie?' Of Course I said yea and pulled the trailers for him. But there have been, what, 4 TV spots to show on line? I have not seen any on TV, and I watch a lot of TV. If you dont go to the movies a lot and dont use the internet like that, its going to go over your head.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a well jerk Bob, but Avengers had hell of a lot more trailers, TV spots, and let's face it, 120 Minute trailers leading to it, and you did not give it this kind of cynicism. I get ya don't like the grim and gritty crap, no one does,and you probably are hoping that this will be crap so that people will see that comic accurate movies like Avengers are better then gritty reboots like Nolans Batmans.

But, isn't this enough? Everyone knows this is not gonna be as good as The Dark Knight, and everyone is sick of grim and gritty, but can you notch down on the cynicism here?

Anonymous said...

How the flipping F*** do you defend yourself for shitting on dkr's marketing campaign for being too much, yet say nothing for The Avengers just one month ago. Come the hell on Bob. Atleast TRY to show some sort of integrity.

We get it you are a BLIND marvel fanboy. Awesome. The Avengers previews were without exception mediocre, and it turned out fine. Why do you CONTINUOUSLY rail against dkr, after TDK crushed every other super hero movie that came before it and that has come since, including Avengers.

Is it just for the hell of it, to be different, and to get extra hits? Or do you have legitimate concrete reasons to do so? Because so far its just been a lot of snide comments that apply doubly so to your obsession, The Avengers.

I love you Bob, but sometimes your fanboyism just gets obscene.

Anonymous said...

How the flipping F*** do you defend yourself for shitting on dkr's marketing campaign for being too much, yet say nothing for The Avengers just one month ago. Come the hell on Bob. Atleast TRY to show some sort of integrity.

We get it you are a BLIND marvel fanboy. Awesome. The Avengers previews were without exception mediocre, and it turned out fine. Why do you CONTINUOUSLY rail against dkr, after TDK crushed every other super hero movie that came before it and that has come since, including Avengers.

Is it just for the hell of it, to be different, and to get extra hits? Or do you have legitimate concrete reasons to do so? Because so far its just been a lot of snide comments that apply doubly so to your obsession, The Avengers.

I love you Bob, but sometimes your fanboyism just gets obscene.

Phil said...

@Sam Robards, Comic Fan,

"Bane is terrible, and I can't help but laugh at how poorly cast Anne Hathaway was every time I see her in that atrocious "Catwoman" get-up."

I agree, especially about Hathaway. People have been saying how they've been "sold" by her since the MTV trailer and frankly I still don't see it. In fact, that MTV trailer only confirmed how badly cast she is for me. She is trying way to hard to be some sort of a siren that I don't buy it one bit.

It also doesn't help that I don't find Hathaway attractive at all. I don't mean just physically but also as an actress and the way she comes across in interviews. She reminds me A LOT of Julia Roberts and I don't mean that as a compliment.

James said...

Anonymous: Bob has no integrity.

Aiddon said...

Ah The Avengers, the ultimate way for people to measure dicks against Marvel and DC. I also find it kinda funny how people will be measuring said quality owing probably to box office revenues...when it's clear that The Avengers should have an asterisk next to its records due to being in 3D while TDKR is NOT. It'll probably be a better movie than the Avengers, solely because Nolan is a far better director and writer than Marvel's entire entourage.

Anyway, trailer was good and I can't wait for this movie to come out

Phil said...

Nolan is a great screenwriter not a great director.

After seeing the Avengers I was surprised to see that Joss Whedon shows an impressive understanding of cinematic compositions. He needs to direct more as he is better at it than the majority of the clowns working in Hollywood. He is also much better at film directing than Nolan is.

Anonymous said...

James, shut your fucking mouth. Honestly, you are a damn stalker, a pathetic one at that, the absolute worst type of being on the internet. The fact that you go through so much goddamn trouble just to harass Bob is so damn pathetic that it manages to stand out on a comment section about a Batman movie. I may not agree with Bob all the time, but the problem I think you have with understanding his points isn't that you disagree with him it is that you are to stupid to understand said points.

And whatever dumb libertarian dipshit you want for Pres, guess what? He is never, ever, ever, going to get elected. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bob, here's a vital question:

The Marvel and DC universes are based around the impossible task of trying to micromanage dozens (hundreds?) of individual stories in such a way that they could all take place in the same timeline. In order to pull this off, they have to keep the characters bland and archetypical, the stories open-ended and generic, the "physics" (if you will) extremely flexible, and the consequences non-existent. There's no dramatic tension because the context stays the same, nobody significantly changes, and even death, the most important thing that can happen to a character, is so regularly copped out that the only reaction it gets is an irritated "oh, that shit again".

Worst of all, their obsession over continuity above everything else results in a constant circle-jerk of trying to fit together nearly a century of a revolving door of often-bickering writers through the most balls-out stupid methods imaginable. It's the storytelling equivalent of hoarding.

What is so great about this broken model that warrants heaping endless praise upon Marvel for introducing this to film?

Charlie Irons said...

You know, I love batman. Batman was my gateway drug into the wonderful world of comics. At one point Batman was the only cape comic I read. You should know this before you read the next sentence.

The more trailers I see for this, the less I want to see it.

I grew up under the Batman of O'Neil and Adams; a brilliant bit of work that, along with the younger, less damaged, Frank Miller, helped to sculpt a great character that was done its only film justice in the animated series of the 90's.

So much as been compromised to make these movies hip, sleek, and modern that there's very little left of what made this character so wonderful to read in the first place.

Maybe I'm just a victim of my age; tainted by a time when it really took great writing and strong production values to tell a comic's tale. Maybe I'm just spoiled that I got to grow up with comic greats who knew how to capatalize on the material well.

Or, maybe today's audiences are lucky; ignorant of what they missed. And I'm the poor, sappy geeky Batman fan, left behind by current market trends.

DKR won't get my money; not that it'll need it, mind you. But, then, I'm already a little seriously burnt out on Bat-mania, anyway, right now.

Nicholas said...

@Phil: Are you watching the same movies I am, because I really am just not sure... In what world was the direction of The Avengers better than that of the man who brought the world The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Memento, Inception, The Prestige, and Insomnia. Come now.

The Avengers was a great event, it was not a great movie. It was a good movie. I think the movie, The Avenger, has gotten lost amid the event that was The Avengers.

The event was something that had never been done before all coming together nicely after over 5 years of world building that with a single bad move could have fallen apart.

The movie was a formulaic and not extraordinarily well scripted (though non the less crisp) super hero block buster, that while flawed, did not take itself seriously enough for anyone to really care. A good movie, but by no means great.

Nolan has directed no less than 3 GREAT movies, with three others that I would say are on the verge of great, but just miss the mark.

I think the event that is the avengers really needs to be separated from the movie. It may seem like an arbitrary distinction but it is a key one. I think without a doubt nothing will top the event that is The Avengers this summer, however I also think that in all likelihood the superior piece of cinema this summer of the summer blockbuster crowd will be the Dark Knight Rises.

I feel like Bob is one of the biggest offenders in turning a great event into a great movie.

Nicholas said...

@Charlie Irons: your time was the greatest, now sucks. If we experienced what you did we would hate all of this too... I love how certain of this you are. Did you consider that you are the one missing out. That you are living in a world of nostalgia and because the story telling techniques of today are different than those of the 90's you think they are worse, instead of them actually being worse. Because I can tell you having read plenty of stuff from the 90's a lot of real crap came from that decade... like alot. Just like a lot of crap has come from this one so far.

Every time I see someone say, oh everything was so much better when I was younger I really just have to roll my eyes. Of course you think that, nostalgia is easy, it is perfect, and your best memories of the past will always beat whatever shit is going through your life now. But I assure you the writing was no better then than it is now, and the writing now is unlikely to be any better than the writing two decades from now when I will be complaining about the same things. It is different, but not worse, and probably not better. Just different.

Oscar said...

Why do I feel that TDKR is going to be worse than ASM? I know it's a matter of taste, but I get the feeling that the Spidey movie will out do the Batman one.

Personally, the more I see, the more don't like. I don't like Bizarro Bane. I don't like the Catwoman suit. I don't like how the premise seems to denigrate the poor. I hope I'm wrong on the last one.

Phil said...

Telling me your opinion with comments like, "The Avengers was a great event, it was not a great movie" isn't evidence of any kind.

If you want to play that game, I think Nolan's best film is Memento. Yes, even more than Dark Knight And Inception. I really don't care for Batman Begins and Insomnia (although overall I thought the latter was generally better than the original movie).

Anyway, what's interesting is that you completely skipped or forgot the very first thing I wrote, "Nolan is a great screenwriter not a great director."

In fact, the majority of your response to me is talking about how you feel that The Avengers, "...has gotten lost amid the event that was The Avengers." That has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I didn't even talk about what I thought about The Avengers, only specifically Whedon's directing abilities which are indeed impressive and superior to Nolan's.

You should take the time to read other's comments well instead of going on autopilot.

Nicholas said...

@Phil: Only the first paragraph was really in response to your comment. The rest was more my general opinion about the two movies that everyone in this comment section has been comparing.

There is a reason nothing after the first paragraph has anything to do with what you said. I did take the time to read it. The entire world does not revolve around your comment though ;).

On a more serious note, I do apologize if I did not break up my comment enough to make that clear.

Phil said...

It's not that "if" you did not make it clear that your message was split to two audiences. You didn't period.

Anonymous said...

Groovy Trailer, Looks Awesome Can't Wait To See It

Anonymous said...

This film has me just as excited as I was for The Dark Knight. Also I cant tell if Bob is being sarcastic here or not BUT who cares, fans of Nolan's trilogy and fans who like this version of Batman will probably end up liking it unless its just really aweful. Critics will probably be split on it like they were for Batman Begins and people who havent liked Nolan's Batman series up until now will probably not like it, and people who are sick of the grim and gritty will probably not end up liking it. Me I have personally liked the series up until now and have personally liked the advertising. WB and Nolan havent put a lot in these trailers UNLIKE The Avengers.

Also for everybody that has said that Whedon is a better director than Nolan, he isnt. All his movies look like big budget T.V shows with mediocre dialogue and not very good cinematography.

But back to the point, For me personally being a Batman fan for 20+ years now I have absolutely loved the grim and dark Batman. Because to me that is what Batman is grim and dark. I mean look at some of the best Batman graphic novels ever written. The Killing Joke, Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Joker, Batman Year one, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and so forth. They have all been dark and grim and if that isnt your cup of tea then I say thats okay but people shouldnt sh*t on other peoples parade just because "you" have a personal grudge against it. I think TDKR looks like a good a decent film better than Begins but maybe not as good as TDK.

Sam said...

Oh hey look, Bob finding literally /any/ excuse to shit on Dark Knight Rises for no real reason. In the last twelve months or so I don't think you've ever gone two blogposts or videos without complaining about DKR or Nolan. We get it already.

Popcorn Dave said...

Come on now Bob, after obsessively drooling over Avengers marketing for months on end it's pretty hypocritical to complain about DKR getting too much hype.

Anonymous said...

its a shame your still all anti-dkr hype bob. your insight into things your excited about is usually a lot more entertaining and pleasant.

im not a big batman fan boy, but im a big fan of yours, and i think this kinda stuff is draining to skim over.

Or hell.. why not give us a big thing on why this is so horrible? we got plenty of breakdowns on every frame of the avengers that was released.

Blue Highwind said...


Wow, its funny being on Cloud 9 about this movie when everybody else seems really negative about it on the Internet. I'm getting the same mood about Prometheus.

Eze said...

My only Bob gripe:

comparing Avengers to TDKR, and forgetting that, aesthetically, they are practically two different comic book films, that work on two different wavelengths, and can and will succeed on different merits.

I will continue to say that TDK worked because if you took the comic book element out of it, it would still be a solid film on its own merits. Having said that, it shouldn't be the measuring stick for all comic book movies, because not all comic book movies need to be dark, compelling, thought-provoking movies (see the argument had over making Man of Steel, JLA dark films, the dark comics of the 90s after Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns). That's how Batman works.

Avengers works as a great comic book movie that doesn't try to be a great movie first and a comic movie second, like TDK. It is what it is: a movie that brings to life the pages of a comic book and keeps it grounded in that universe. Not to say that TDK doesn't do that, but it does it so well, that you could take the comic out of it. However, that's not to say that Avengers should be the benchmark of all comic films. Not all comic films have to be funny, action-packed, popcorn films like Avengers.

If anything, TDKR has to be and will be compared to TDK. That's its greatest competition. Will it live up to the previous movie? That's the question.

Personally, I want to see TDKR and I will, and I'll probably enjoy it, but I'm not going to say it's better because of one thing or another like its director. It's a different approach. I'm going to say it is good on its own merits.

If there is anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, you should compare the films to, it's how well they use the source material and pay respect to it, without trying to re-invent the wheel.

Now, I'm not saying this to be some "sissy Mary who doesn't want his feelings hurt because movie A is better than movie B and I don't want to admit it." I'm just a fan of comic book movies, who wants to enjoy himself without watching a contest to see which is better and why.

I mean, is it really hard to believe that both movies are in classes of their own?

Just my two cents. Continue the debate.

Oh, and by the way, I'm glad they aren't overselling TDKR, if they aren't in advertising. This way, if it does come out like a boss, like TDK, in all its awesomeness, I will be pleasantly surprised.

See ya at the movies!

Eze said...

Now to be a shill:


My thoughts on the two movies

Gordy said...

Yeah, another trailer is rather silly but I think it's well established now that Warner have some proper numpties at the controls so it comes as no surprise.

Despite this and my own diminishing interest in "grim and gritty", I'm still looking forward to the movie. I'm a Bat-nerd. Always will be.

I have a few issues with Nolan's interpretation of the Bat-mythos (still can't forgive that scene where Bats leaves Ra's Al Ghul to die) but I'm keen to see how he wraps things up.

Anonymous said...

Y'all do know The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are two different movies, right? They just come out in the same year.

Thiefsie said...

Finally a glimpse of Hans new score - and it sounds effing great! Can't wait as avengers was too dude-bro lame for my tastes... Nolan is a way better directer than anyone at Marvel...