Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New(ish) Game OverThinker

I try not to cross-post the blogs too much, but it's kind of bugging me that the most recent TGO is getting somewhat "buried" coming out in the midst of E3 so I feel justified in giving it some space here, too.

For some reason I can't embed this one right now, but those interested can see EPISODE 71: EULOGii on ScrewAttack by clicking the links in this post.


Eze said...

Interesting episode and mindset, to say the least. Although, I think you could have stretched out the whole concept of the death of this generation of gaming and such, by talking system by system. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You missed an opportunity to talk about how Hollywood isn't exactly cycling in new auteurs to replace the old. It's probably related to their total complacency towards creating new IPs; they used to sell movies based on stars, now they just sell them based on built-in marketing saturation.

Also, ever notice how the standard for breaking into the business these days is to make something thoughtful and interesting before getting the privilege of working on Twilight or some other bullshit? It's the reverse of how you had to slum it up with a Roger Corman type before a studio would finance your ambitious art project.

Phil said...

I'm not a gamer but I have caught a few of your Game Overthinker episodes. Very interesting and thought provoking stuff.

This one isn't an exception. Good work, Bob.

BookwormOtaku said...

Do forgive me for posting my question on this blog, Bob, but I have had no success doing so on screwattack since the site won't accept my validation. My username is DarkFusion and I should be G1; if you need anything else to prove it then please say so and I'll provide it as I really want to ask you this question.

My question is this:
In one of your videos you mentioned games you like and games you didn't like much; for likes you mentioned visual novels for not likes you mentioned dating sim games. As someone who plays both I have to ask, where does one begin and the other end for you? The dating sim genre does fall into the visual novel category and is really a very large part of it, and there's quite a bit of diversity to that. Here are some examples of what could be considered dating sims but are also quite a bit more than that.

Kara no Shoujo:
Barely qualifies as a dating sim as the main point of the game and plot is to solve a series of murder mysteries and finding how they're connected to another case that seems unrelated at first. All the same your character, Reiji, does develope relationships with some of the game's heroines in between investigations. (below is a link to the game's demo)

Dengeki Stryker:
In this game while you are ultimately going to have your character form a relationship with one of the two heroines, the main story is basically about a boy who naively sacrifices all his memories to become his idolized superhero, in effect sacrificing his identity which then leads into a story that questions what one's identity truly is.

The Growlanser games:

Fate/Stay Night
While each heroine has a route to be followed, each route has its own in depth analysis of heroism from extreme self sacrifice as a hero, whether all the hardships a hero endures is worth it in the end, and what could happen when faced with a contradiction to one's heroic ideals that there is no way around other than to go against them or follow them but lose one's soul in the process.

BookwormOtaku said...

Sorry, about the Growlanser example, I meant to describe another game with a similar premise but the more I thought about it, it didn't quite fit into the visual novel category and forgot to fix after deleting it.

Basically in Growlanser games you have your MC interact with the party members in order to build relationships with them similar to Bioware's games except in Growlanser's case this focus is given more to the heroines.