Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Re-Review Batman Movies

Slow news week, mostly because everything in entertainment is dutifully clearing the deck so that this week's pre-ordained blockbuster can take it's Bat-bows. Was really kinda hoping that the mass-piracy would goad Warner Bros. into dropping the "Man of Steel" trailer early, but no such luck.

So why not eat up some internet-time watching (or re-watching) me re-watch the original four "Batman" movies, now handily collected in this one post?

Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin

My review of the "The Dark Knight Rises" will be up tomorrow afternoon in the usual place (which I'll probably be re-watching tonight for kicks but mostly to see the how Superman trailer plays to the most pumped audience possible); but there will also probably be a rather lengthy non-review piece (partially) about the film going up sometime after midnight later today on this blog, so stay tuned.


Popcorn Dave said...

Arrrrrggghhhh the suspense is killing me... I want to watch this film and start arguing about it but I have to wait 'til Saturday afternoon.

Will your non-review piece be spoiler-free? I'm guessing it's about the crazy fanbase and the RottenTomatoes situation? Sounds good anyway.

For what it's worth, you've been more than fair with this film so far. I took issue with the way you handled "that other film", but I don't believe you "wanted to hate" this one. I feel you're in for another backlash tomorrow so I thought I'd better mention that now before you get flooded with fanboys.

Sylocat said...

Make sure you're sitting down before you read this:

The inevitable Batman film reboot is already showing up on Christopher Nolan's IMDb page. He's credited as producer on the "untitled Batman reboot" (seriously, that's what IMDb calls it), and it's apparently supposed to lead into the upcoming Justice League movie slated for 2015.

So, Bob, whatcha think? Is this actually a thing, or is it some kind of placeholder?

Anonymous said...

I thought I would chime in as well. Saw the movie last night and I was very disappointed with it. Definitely not as good as The Dark Knight. I wouldn't even say it is as good as Batman Begins. Maybe I will write a more in depth review later, but just...yeah. Very disappointed.