Friday, July 13, 2012

It Lives

As part of moving into the new place, I've been looting my parents' house for old stuff I can still use. One discovery turned out to be my original NES and collection of games; which tonight underwent a thorough disassembling, cleaning with rubbing-alcohol (system and carts) and reassembling.

The entire process was tweeted game by game (sorry, people who don't like tweetspam, I was excited is all.) and this is my favorite photo I took of the process - you can't quite see it in this image, but the NES is on a shelf below the Wii and XBox; connected via the HDTV's inexplicable-yet-welcome coax input.

I still haven't fully furnished the place - money is kinda tight right now, to be honest - but I'll be springing for some kind of plug-extender so I can properly get the oldschool big-ass AC adaptor into my surge-protector (the NES was plugged into another, not-always-convenient outlet for this test run.

After that? Let the word go out to every sold, pawned, yard-sale'd, lost and forgotten NES cartridge on the North Shore: I am coming for you, and you WILL live again!


ANImaniac said...

Congrats Bob its always awesome to find an old box of systems/games. I remember almost pissing myself with joy when I found my SNES/N64 boxes

tubesockninja said...

Well done but I always assumed you still had the old boys in service. What about the SNES?

I found great joy getting the old Intellivision running again with a frankesteinian ammalgamation of adapters. Tron Deadly Discs in HD is a sight to behold.

joewardog said...

So Bob do you have a wishlist?

Matt said...

Congrats bob.

Like you, I do love the old Kings of the gaming world, but all of mine were long lost.

So rather then try to find them piece by piece, there is a Bitching Retro game store near my home that stocks almost all the classic systems, and even some of the not so classics.

Since I started reassembling my collection ,I think i'm there Number 1 customer now.

Glory to the old kings of GAMING!

SirRosser said...

Early last year, I managed to hook my old Atari 2600 up to my HDTV by some miracle of having a ton of adapters. Only problem was, the paddle controllers were broken, so I couldn't play Breakout. So I finally find a working pair, and now my Atari is missing. I tell ya, it's one damn thing after another.

Nathan Lickliter said...

Bob, I have a ton of old NES carts laying around my apartment. If you ever make your way to Maryland, I'd be more than happy to donate, yes give, them to you. I don't use them so they sit in a box in my back closet. I do want them to find a good home, though. So, get up with me and maybe we can arrange something.

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