Friday, July 13, 2012

Letterman Shitstorm

It's 6am on this coast, I've been repairing old video games and recording audio all night, time to crash, etc., but I wanted to have something about this up since a lot of you are probably waking up to the news:

During an interview with Anne Hathaway on The Late Show last night, David Letterman may or may not have blurted out a major, MAJOR, MAJOR spoiler for the "The Dark Knight Rises."

I'm not going to post the clip, a link to the clip or information on where/how you can get it. I will say that, for what it's worth, Letterman immediately started walking it back as a "joke;" but Hathaway's reaction/expression went from "I have momentarily left my physical body" to "someone offstage has just dropped their pants" to "oh my god Christopher Nolan is going to have me WACKED on the way back to my limo."

Make of that what you will. People HAVE seen the movie so the spoilers ARE now in the wind; supposedly, Christopher Nolan threw some kind of fit at a press event when one of the questioneers asked a spoiler-y question while everything was rolling.


Popcorn Dave said...

Oh that's just brilliant, now I'll have to bury my head in the sand for a week to avoid ruining the film for myself. Fun.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...

Nolan needs to get over it: we live in a spoiler culture now. Things are going to get spoiled one way or another, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Wasn't there a study a little while back that spoilers actually help the audience focus more on the pure storytelling instead of specific events in the narrative?

I think it said that it shifts the audience's attention away from the WHAT and onto the WHY and HOW, if that makes sense.

I don't watch Letterman, so I didn't hear it, but it wouldn't bother me if I had.

I want it to be a good movie but I'm expecting a mediocre one, to be honest.

Bane sucks, Anne Hathaway is laughably miscast and there's simply nothing there that's getting me really excited.

But oh well. Guess I'll see how things go next week.

paronomasiac said...

After some beginner-level Google-Fu, I found the clip. Let's see if I can phrase this without spoilers...

Is there anyone who's been keeping track of this movie who doesn't completely expect that to happen? It's not gonna keep me from seeing it to have that bit confirmed.

Alright, that's about as much as I can say without revealing the possible spoiler, and even that might be too much.

By the by, @Sam Robards, Comic Fan, "Anne Hathaway is laughably miscast"? Is that as bad or worse than casting Heath Ledger as Joker?

Sam Robards, Comic Fan said...

paronomasiac said, "Is that as bad or worse than casting Heath Ledger as Joker?"

I'm not picking on you (as a LOT of people have done this), but I think it's funny when people throw this up as some kind of "gotcha" maneuver whenever someone like me dares question a Nolan casting choice.

The thing about Heath Ledger was that the second, and I mean that literally, we heard his Joker laugh in that first Dark Knight teaser, we knew he nailed it. The proof was right there on screen.

With Hathaway's Catwoman, Warner has had more than enough opportunity (through extensive trailers, sneak peeks, etc.) to show that she was right for the part; however, they've all fallen fallen flat on their face and given me no reason to doubt my feelings concerning her casting, especially when I watched Batman Returns recently and saw Michelle Pfeiffer knock the role out of the park.

*As a disclaimer, this is my opinion and my opinion only. I shouldn't have to explicitly state that to make it obvious, but, as we all know, internet "discourse" is weird.*

ANImaniac said...

Its all just a ruse to keep the real surprise hidden, and that surprise is; they are using new CGI technology (not unlike that used for to bring TuPac to the stages of Coachella ) To bring Heath Ledger's Joker back. At the beginning of the second half the Joker escapes Arkham and manages to kill Bane and in the process takes over Bane's 99%'s army. The movie ends with a one on one (and very homoerotic) fight between the Bats and the Clown, the final shot of the film they finally stop fighting and Batman and the Joker embrace and passionately kiss each other (this scene is made with the help of old Brokeback Mountain footage)
Cat-woman stand awestruck off to the side, JLG aka new Nightwing begin rubbing himself and starts audibly moaning.

Jump Cut: Meanwhile (in a bit of meta-fiction A la Blazing Saddles) Somewhere deep in the bowels of a New York city theater Frank Miller sits watching DKR, he begins to joyfully weep and spontaneously (and uncontrollably) he ejaculates in his pants.

The End.

Anonymous said...

@ ANImaniac

How dare you misrepresent the ending of that film! You left out that Harley Quinn also makes an appearance, fights Selina Kyle while Batman and Joker fight, and they also decide to make out. It's then implied with off-camera reactions that it's futanari.

Several months from now, some footage will be leaked explicitly showing that and the MPAA will have to re-rate the film NC17. It will rival the Grand Theft Auto "Hot Coffee" controversy.

Anonymous said...

Letterman's a rerun tonight - is he in shit right now?

Sanunes said...

The sad part is I think Letterman could have just pulled those comments out of thin air, for I have been predicting those events that since Dark Knight.

Dominic said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. This? This is what people are in a furore over? He was CLEARLY playing it for shits and giggles, and Hathaway was clearly in on it and playing the disapproving-mother tone for laughs. "Dave!" she said, with a grin and a "why you gotta go fooling us" tone, followed by a mouthing-to-the-camera "I'm sorry Chris" routine. It was a JOKE. This idea that he let a cat out of the bag is only that of hyper-sensitive, obsessive geeks.

And let's say for a minute that what he blurted out is what actually happens. Why should you be at all surprised, let alone spoiled of the moment's impact? It's been foreshadowed and spelled out since the LAST GODDAMN MOVIE. Look at the poster for this movie, for Chrissakes. Look at the tagline. Look at the TITLE. How many ways can Batman "rise", that he hadn't done in the previous two films? It's right in front of our damn faces. Ridiculous.

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