Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Picture: "Sidekicks"

NOT talking about that awful Chuck Norris movie.


Kholdstare said...

THANK YOU for making this. Robin is my favorite hero ever (specifically Tim).

Jwillx70 said...

So Bob, which Robin is your favorite?

Anonymous said...

Bob, I have to know more about Nightwing originating with a superman story. If you aren't going to cover it later, could you provide a link or something so I can find out more about it?

Regicidal Maniac said...

Wait, Bob when you say "Not talking about that awful Chuck Norris movie" are you referring to a movie he made called side kicks? or the most recent awful movie he made?

Daniel R said...

Alright, umm. I'm uh, better now.
I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and advice. Last night I just sorta broke down and just needed somewhere to go about that stuff. It got dark there for a second but I think I'm fine now.

I came out to my older brother. About everything, including how I've been feeling lately, he just hugged me for about a minute straight. I'm gonna come out to my older cousin next time I have some time alone with him.
I'm also going to tell a teacher/mentor of mine at school and maybe see if the school counceling can help me out with this.

Really, I want to thank Bob and all of you for helping me out about this.

Anyway, on to something a bit more gleeful to take my mind of things.
Concerning Robin;

My biggest disappointment with the Nolan films has and always will be the surrounding feeling of contempt its had for anything Boy-Wonder related.
I still cringe every time an article calls Robin non-essential or un-needed. The Robin that had the most influence on me as a kid was probably the one from the Teen Titan cartoon, which I guess would have to be Dick.
Awesome episode, although I'd really like to hear you're own opinion on Damian's tenure as the Boy-Blunder. I've heard others dub him a betrayal to the character, and others call for his head on a crowbar. I myself think he's a great character, one of the greatest issues in the DC reboot so far has been Scott Snyder's "Batman #4" that ends with a small appearance by Damian that I think just defines who he is and what makes him great.

One of my favorite Batman article or media piece's is still this one from ComicsAlliance


It grabs the usual "Batman's gay, hur dur" theory and flips it on its head.


Here's a link to the original Nightwing.


Chris Cesarano said...

Ah, I was looking for the perfect opportunity to see what thoughts you had on my theory of doing Robin in a film form.

I recently grabbed The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, as well as some other Batman trades, as I've decided to finally take the plunge. As these comics take place in early Batman canon, it seemed a good spot.

I know Long Halloween was an inspiration for Nolan's movies, but I feel like the next Batman film reboot should not be the origin of Batman, but that of Robin. We know who Batman is and why he does what he does, but I feel like Dark Victory touches briefly on what could be a good source for Robin.

If I were at Warner Bros., that's how I'd want to bring him in. Take that story from Dark Victory and stretch it across a feature film, exploring that it isn't simply Bruce Wayne finding an orphan like him and raising him, but it's for his sanity. The only issue is Dark Victory ties it into Bruce almost revealing his identity to Two-Face, and wondering if it could have made a difference. There are ways to work around that, replacing Harvey Dent with other characters such as Victor Fries or something so you don't have to repeat the Two-Face origin, but it seems to start being a bit much to throw into one film.

In any event, I just like that Dark Victory introduced it as a sort of symbiosis. That Batman needs Robin for more than just a helping hand, but as a way to continue his REAL Legacy, and a way to keep sane with his secret instead of having to work alone.

Lord Slithor said...

Good article, though there's one detail I feel I have to address:

The correct pronunciation of Ra's al Ghul is "Raysh," not "Raas." The Animated Series and all subsequent shows pronounce it this way, it's pronounced that way in the Arkham City game, and that Paul Dini has written for both, and has been deeply involved in the Batman mythology, I'm inclined to go with that.

Also add to the fact that Dennis O'Neil, who created the character, has said on record that the correct pronunciation is "Raysh," helps to confirm this.

Only Christopher Nolan, whom you've pointed out normally has contempt for the source material, insists on pronouncing it "Raas." But considering that better authorities than he say that it's actually "Raysh," I'd say he's in the wrong.

But yeah, otherwise good. The most revealing thing I took away from it was that kid sidekicks were not created for the kid readers to identify with as has been popularly assumed, but to actually help make the superheroes into surrogate father figures. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this episode Bob. My Robin knowledge suffered from an episode of "Who's Tim Drake? There were 4 Robins?" during a conversation with friends recently.

Created several years ago, for those of you who haven't seen it, the fan film Grayson is the Robin story I want to see. Check it out: